Oblee were three-armed sapients indigenous to Oblis, although originally from the Unknown Regions.[2]

Each Oblee had four eyes, in two rows. The color of each row could vary, as was the case with well-known Oblee Nirama.[2] In cases of little sleep, the Oblee would show wrinkles under all of their eyes.[3]

Some members of the species found the Sith artifact known as the Darkstaff. The device eventually destroyed their homeworld, leaving the Oblee survivors adrift in the galaxy as spirit creatures that were referred to as shadow lurkers. They would sometimes try to interact with the physical world by sucking the life out of sentient beings and inhabiting their bodies.[4]

The Oblee had spread their DNA throughout the galaxy and eventually one called Nirama was born, believing that he was the only member of his species in existence.[4]

Common Oblee names included Azbedal, Flef, Kiffel, Nirama, and Ronorra.[1]

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