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The Observation Ship was a patrol vehicle utilized by the Kaminoans of Tipoca City on the planet Kamino, and operated as a mobile inspection lab within the Tipoca City Military Complex during the development of the clone troopers.


An Observation Ship from below

A large, oval-shaped craft, the Observation Ship was a floating patrol vehicle powered by a repulsorlift array located on a column extending from the bottom of its central body. From this hung a smaller observation gondola, which could be detached from the ship. The ship's main section contained a windowed bridge jutting from the fore, and an observation deck[1] which ringed the craft with windows, allowing the onboard staff to gaze out at the cloning processes below.[2]


Observation Ships were used and staffed by Kaminoan scientists in the Tipoca City Military Complex, where they operated as quality-control mobile inspection labs. Their staff were quick to react to problems, and constantly sought improvements in their cloning and training processes. Observation Ships also served as patrol vehicles alongside smaller KE-8 Enforcer Ships with which they communicated. Both these communications and the vessels' activities were tracked by computer terminals and monitoring stations outside the command bridge staffed by senior Kaminoan security officials.[1]


Observation Ships were in use as of Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi's visit to Tipoca City in 22 BBY. The vehicles carried out their quality-control inspections while Prime Minister Lama Su and his aide Taun We led Kenobi on a tour of the Tipoca City Military Complex.[2]



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