"There are certain people I want promoted out of Kuat. Once they're gone, they'll take their security with them. Kill the right man on Obumubo and we create a job vacancy."
―Everi Chalis[3]

Obumubo was a cold moon in the Core Worlds and the Interior regions that was covered in a sea of liquid metal. It contributed to the Galactic Empire's war effort during the Galactic Civil War. In 3 ABY, the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry attacked Obumubo as part of the Operation Ringbreaker campaign and destroyed its Imperial garrison in order to trigger an Imperial Military redeployment from the Kuat Drive Yards.


Obumubo was a cold moon located in a star system[3] in an intersecting portion of the Core Worlds[1] and the Interior regions.[2] Situated just off of the Rimma Trade Route, it was at the coordinates L-13 of the Standard Galactic Grid.[1] It was covered in a sea of icy liquid metal that was home to sea creatures.[3]


"Must we risk the whole company to destroy one man?"
"The Empire can't suspect our intentions. The military employs very smart people who are doubtless wondering about our attacks. If the possibility of our striking Kuat crosses their minds, our entire operation ends. So yes—we risk the company."
Von Geiz and Everi Chalis discuss sending the 61st Mobile Infantry to Obumubo[3]

Obumubo was targeted by the 61st Mobile Infantry (patch pictured) as part of Operation Ringbreaker.

During the Galactic Civil War,[3] Obumubo contributed resources towards the Galactic Empire's war effort[4] and was home to an Imperial garrison of troops who fended off the moon's sea creatures for months.[3] In 3 ABY,[5] the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry targeted Obumubo as part of its campaign known as Operation Ringbreaker, which was aimed at a number of ill-defended Imperial targets around the Rimma Trade Route in order to draw redeployments from the Kuat Drive Yards, the 61st's ultimate target. Everi Chalis, the ex-Imperial governor who masterminded Operation Ringbreaker, wished to eliminate an Imperial Military figure on the moon so as to create a vacancy which an individual from the Kuat Drive Yards would subsequently fill, taking their security with them.[3]

The 61st launched an attack on Obumubo's Imperial garrison. Deployed by dropships, the company took a number of casualties during its disembarking and the initial assault. After two days, however, the 61st's personnel set up siege cannons on the moon's fluid landscape and used them to destroy the garrison, completing the unit's mission. The 61st then fled Obumubo before the arrival of Imperial reinforcements, which included destroyers.[3] Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance Intelligence Service vetted Operation Ringbreaker, and Obumubo was listed in a report by General Crix Madine on the campaign's first phase. The archivist Hendri Underholt eventually acquired the report and included it in a compilation of non-electronic documents titled The Rebel Files.[4]

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Obumubo first appeared in the 2015 novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[3]



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