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"This is not over. You will see. Mon Cala will rise again. Somehow. Someday."
―Lee-Char, in the aftermath of the occupation[src]

The occupation of Mon Cala began when Darth Vader and the Inquisitorius undertook a mission on Mon Cala to investigate a possible Jedi on Mon Cala. Shortly after his arrival, an Imperial Ambassador was assassinated by the Jedi and his superiors sent forces down to invade Mon Cala. War broke out across the surface and oceans of the planet and the first wave of Imperial forces were wiped out by a tsunami created by a school of large fish-like creatures.

As the second wave slowly chipped away at the Mon Calamari defenses underwater, Gial Ackbar was able to behead the forces lead by Colonel Bergon while Raddus created mobile fortress out of an assortment of Mon Calamari merchant ships with their shields connected. Vader pursued the Jedi Ferren Barr to Bel City, but was led elsewhere by Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. While Barr dealt with the Inquisitors, Vader went to capture King Lee-Char and was soon confronted by Barr. The two fought and Barr revealed he kick-started the war, causing Lee-Char to panic and order a cease-fire. Vader then killed Barr and arrested Lee-Char. Raddus, though, escaped with a handful of his merchant ships.

After the war had ended, the Empire began subjugating Mon Cala. However, the peaceful Mon Calamari, having learned harsh and costly lessons during the Clone Wars, were ready. The Imperial occupation heralded a mass exodus, triggering a launch of spaceworthy structures that the Empire mistook for city buildings, which disappeared into hyperspace. In retaliation, the Mon Calamari became one of the key species of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, supplying capital ships to the Alliance Fleet, despite its limited effectiveness against the occupation, which were converted for war by rebels in deep-space facilities located in the remote Telaris system, far from Imperial naval patrols.


"There is only one voice. Mine. It is time for the galaxy to understand this."
―The Emperor plans to make an example of Mon Cala[src]

At the end of the Clone Wars, the Jedi were almost wiped out by the clones of the Grand Army of the Republic. Coinciding with their destruction came the reorganisation of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire by the new Emperor, Sheev Palpatine.[11] Palpatine wished to ensure that all of the Jedi were dead and founded the Inquisitorius, a group of former Jedi who were tasked with hunting their former brethren. At the head of the group was Darth Vader, a Sith and apprentice to Palpatine.[12]


Ferren Barr recruits a force-sensitive girl named Verla

Among the few Jedi survivors was the Iktotchi Padawan Ferren Barr. Barr began investigating the reason for the swift defeat of the Jedi and learnt of the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker's involvement and the conspiracy of Order 66. Angered by this, he decided to take action against the Empire.[9] Barr began recruiting his own disciples, forming a group of them, including Nipaltoo, Orvek, Rebb Stell, Daren[8] and Verla—a force-sensitive who Barr swore to teach. Barr took the six of them to Mon Cala, where he conspired with the King, Lee-Char.[4]

Barr began influencing the negotiations between the Mon Cala and the Empire. This caught the attention of Palpatine, who suspected the negotiating to be of Jedi technique. Being just one year into the Empire's reign, Palpatine wanted to show the galaxy his iron fist and decided that Mon Cala's defiance would make it a great example for this. Palpatine told Darth Vader to investigate the possible Jedi presence on Mon Cala and left the military aspects to Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, who parked his Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Sovereign, above Mon Cala.[3]

Vader arrived at Dac City with three Inquisitors—the Sixth Brother, Ninth Sister and Tenth Brother—and fourteen Purge Troopers to support him. Upon their arrival, Lee-Char's Chief of Security, Gial Ackbar, confronted them, asking of their business. While they conversed, Ambassador Telvar was leaving from another unsuccessful negotiation with the king. Barr sabotaged his shuttle and it exploded in front of Vader and Ackbar, killing Telvar and the rest of his crew.[3]

The OccupationEdit

Battle of Dac CityEdit

"This attack is completely unwarranted and in clear violation of our treaty with the Empire!"
"Unwarranted, your majesty? Nonsense. An Imperial envoy was assassinated while under your protection. Either your people killed him, or you are not in control of your population."
―Lee-Char tries to negotiate a cease-fire with Moff Tarkin[src]
DV 14 Battle of Dac City

The Empire invades Dac City

As a response to Telvar's assassination, Moff Tarkin sent his forces down to Mon Cala to invade Dac City and the other surface settlements.[9] Lee-Char warned Barr of this. When he described Vader, Barr immediately called him by his real name, Anakin Skywalker.[3] Vader and his group turned on the Mon Calamari and began fighting them on the landing pad, soon liberating it from the defending Mon Calamari and Quarren. The Ninth Sister asked Vader where they were going next and Vader directed the three towards the palace. Inside the palace, Lee-Char assigned Ackbar and Raddus to the defence of each hemisphere and they left the king to do their duties. Lee-Char then attempted to negotiate a ceasefire with Tarkin but the man refused, stating that the fact an Imperial asset had been killed in the hands of the Mon Calamari meant that Lee-Char had to stand down first.[9]

At the same time, Barr announced the arrival of Anakin Skywalker to his disciples. Barr claimed he was at the center of Order 66, the Chosen One. Barr had his R1-series astromech droid Endee show a file on Skywalker and showed his disciples what he knew of the man, eventually presenting the image of Skywalker leading the attack on the Jedi Temple. Barr told the disciples that Skywalker was a pivotal aspect of Order 66, being responsible for the deaths of many young Jedi. Furthermore, Barr explained that Skywalker now took the name Darth Vader and how he hunted the surviving Jedi with the Inquisitors. After this, Barr contacted Lee-Char, who asked him of whether they should give in to Tarkin's demands. Barr claimed the Empire would never leave and told him to take drastic action.[9]

Vader and the Inquisitors arrived inside the palace and the Ninth Sister began interrogating Lee-Char for the location of Barr. But Lee-Char had already organized for a school of large creatures to wreck havoc on the Imperial forces. The creatures did so and generated waves so large, they wiped the Imperial forces off the surface of Mon Cala as well as the surface settlements they were attacking. Although the Ninth Sister managed to obtain the location of Barr from Lee-Char, she, Vader and the others were swept away as well. Tarkin was surprised of this and ordered his subordinate, Commander Jordo to investigate the Mon Calamari's tactic. He then left the next wave of assaults to Colonel Bergon as her predecessor, Major Rantu was presumed lost from the waves.[9]

The second waveEdit

"Do not underestimate Raddus. He is a skilled tactician. While his movements seem purely defensive, he undoubtedly has a counterattack in mind."
―Wilhuff Tarkin warns Bergon about Raddus[src]

Vader awoke to find himself in the Great Ungeness Trench under Mon Cala's vast oceans. There he saved himself from the ocean by making himself an air bubble with the force. Vader was then attacked by a squid-like creature which he killed by using the force. Vader was then picked up by the Inquisitors in an Imperial submarine. All but two Purge troopers in Vader's group had all survived the waves, and Ninth Sister told Vader of Barr's location, to which they traveled towards. Lee-Char was rescued by his subordinates and tended to at a hospital bed.[7]

Dark Lord 15 Unidentified Mon Cala craft

Ackbar leads an attack on Colonel Bergon's sky-base

Colonel Bergon began fighting above Mon Cala on her sky-base. Her campaign was however cut short when Ackbar attacked her base with over half a dozen aquatic vehicles. They emerged from under Bergon's sky-base and fired their missiles at it. Before Bergon could respond, she was incinerated as her sky-base exploded. By this time, the Sovereign had been joined by two more Star Destroyers above Mon Cala. Tarkin was soon informed of Bergon's demise and was unhappy with Commander Jordo for not alerting them to the Mon Calamaris' vehicles. He had Jordo put into stormtrooper armor and sent down to Mon Cala.[7]

Ensuing conflictEdit

"Reports from the surface suggest the additional forces we have brought to bear are having the desired effect Governor Tarkin. We are winning every engagement."
"Yes lieutenant. That is clear. But there are too many engagements"
―A lieutenant and Moff Tarkin discuss the engagements on Mon Cala[src]
Dark Lord 16 Imperial sub

Darth Vader cuts off Barr's disciples

Upon waking up, Lee-Char realised Barr's location was in peril and immediately contacted him. Barr was shocked[7] and told his disciples to prepare to leave. As they all equipped underwater gear, Barr wiped Endee and set him to self-destruct. Endee blew up the refuge once they left on their aquatic machines. However, upon leaving the refuge, the disciples were cut off by Vader's submarine. Nipaltoo attacked Vader's submarine but Vader crushed his helmet, killing him. The others made towards Bel City, and Orvek turned around to slow Vader down. Eventually they made it to Bel City and Rebb decided to stay behind in order to slow Vader down even more. Stell pledged to stay with her, and Barr and his final two disciples made for a landing pad.[8]

Back on the Sovereign, Tarkin received word from his Lieutenant that the Imperial forces were succeeding in their engagements below. However Tarkin was worried that there were too many engagements. He had noticed that the Mon Calamari and Quarren defenders were either holing up in their underwater cities and forcing the Imperial forces to fight them corridor to corridor in unfamiliar territory; or were scattering to the far reaches of the oceans in order for the Imperial forces to split up to hunt them down, requiring constant resupply. As Tarkin explained this to his Lieutenant, Raddus emerged from hiding with his own strategy. Raddus had taken vessels from the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet and linked them together. With their strong shields combined, the five Star Cruisers and the many smaller ships connected to them generated a protective bubble around them able to repel the Imperial forces without receiving a single dent. Tarkin considered it a fortress.[8]

Vader and the Inquisitors reached Bel City and marched through it with the Purge troopers at their rear. Vader was then contacted by Tarkin who wanted him to capture Lee-Char and end the fighting on Mon Cala. Vader refused at first but Tarkin insisted, telling Vader that he would owe him a favor if he did so. Vader complied and left the Inquisitors to lead the hunt for Barr. Barr and his last two acolytes reach a landing pad to find it empty. As Barr stressed about their situation, the Inquisitors had already found them. Sixth Brother threw his lightsaber and cut Daren in half. They then cornered Barr and Verla. Verla attempted to confront the Inquisitors but Barr already had a plan stepped in first, dropped his lightsaber to the floor.[8]

Once a Jedi Always a Jedi DV17

The clones turn on the Inquisitors, under the influence of Ferren Barr.

In a following exchange of words, Barr used his knowledge of the Inquisitors' past to claim that they were still truly Jedi, despite their protest at this. Barr recognized the clones had not yet had their inhibitor chips activated. Using that to his advantage, Barr used a mind trick on the troopers telling them to "execute order 66".[8]

The Purge troopers' inhibitor chips forced them to comply as the Inquisitors were indeed former Jedi. The troopers opened fire, shooting down the Tenth Brother in the process. Barr and Verla took advantage of the fighting and they leapt over the firefight, landing and escaping on the other side. As the two sprinted down the hallway, Barr parted with Verla, telling her to leave Mon Cala and find another surviving Jedi. The Sixth Brother and Ninth Sister force pushed the other troopers to the side to make way for them. The Sixth Brother then cut off Ninth Sister's leg, leaving her to fend off the final troopers for him.[4]

Final actionsEdit

Lee-Char: "But billions of people are dying."
Ferren Barr: "Billions, who will inspire trillions. As was my plan."
Darth Vader: "You are no Jedi."
Ferren Barr: "Perhaps not. Not anymore. Makes two of us, eh? But I made my choices. And I might not be a Jedi…but I still beat the Sith."
―Lee-Char, Ferren Barr, and Darth Vader[src]
Barr vs Vader DV17

Barr duels with Vader

Vader arrived at Lee-Char's command bunker and quickly dispatched the Mon Calamari guards before disarming Lee-Char. Tarkin, who was in contact with Vader, then ordered him to bring Lee-Char to a window. Vader did so and Lee-Char watched as the three orbiting Star destroyers began bombarding the northern hemisphere of Mon Cala. They interrupted by Barr, who confronted Vader with the intention of fighting him. Meanwhile, Raddus had received word of the bombardment as a fifth settlement, Zeran Town, on Mon Cala's northern hemisphere had been destroyed. Raddus's commander assured him the Star Destroyers were not yet targeting the southern hemisphere and Raddus told him they were to keep fighting.[4]

Barr and Vader fought each other while Barr taunted Vader with his success over the Inquisitors and his assassination of Telvar to start the war on Mon Cala. Lee-Char heard Barr's words and realized that the Jedi had caused the fighting on Mon Cala. Without hesitation, Lee-Char ordered a planet-wide ceasefire of all Mon Cala forces. Lee-Char then contacted Tarkin saying he was ready to talk terms if Tarkin stopped the bombardment. Tarkin accepted the surrender but continued the bombardment. The Star Destroyers now began hitting targets in the southern hemisphere, forcing Raddus to take action and order his vessels to launch.[4]

Barr Prophecy DV17

Raddus's starships detach their shields and set course for the blockade

Vader and Barr continued to fight and Barr began laughing. Lee-Char recalled one of Barr's prophesies in shame. Barr told Lee-Char that he wasn't wrong about that and explained that the Mon Calamari vessels would be at the forefront of a great rebellion. At the same time, Raddus's ships disconnected their shields and charged for the blockade over Mon Cala. As they flew past the three Star Destroyers, two of the MC80 cruisers were destroyed. Tarkin let the final three go assuming they would be found eventually.[4]

Vader eventually defeated and slew Barr in front of Lee-Char, leaving him sprawled face down on the floor as the clones arrived to arrest Lee-Char. Lee-Char told Vader that Mon Cala would rise again before he was taken away. Vader told Lee-Char that there was no Mon Cala and he escorted Lee-Char back into the shuttle where they left Mon Cala.[4]


"Raddus left to rebel. Those who have stayed behind have felt Imperial fists for twenty years. They took our king. They still have him."
―Regent Urtya[src]
Profundity SWA

The Profundity was among the Mon Calamari cruisers that joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic

Lee-Char was imprisoned on Strokill Prime following his arrest.[13] As the Empire subjugated their world, the Mon Calamari launched a mass exodus by converting their buildings into city-ships. Before long, many of these ships escaped Mon Cala and were converted for war by rebels in deep-space facilities located in the remote Telaris system, far from Imperial naval patrols. These city-ships, including the Profundity and Aspiration, eventually became part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[6] the great rebellion that Barr forsaw.[4]

Raddus and Ackbar became Admirals in the Alliance's fleet.[6][14] Raddus eventually led the Alliance fleet's first victory at Scarif, where he was killed.[15] Ackbar tried to convince Mon Cala's regent, Urtya, help the Alliance. Urtya refused, fearing the safety of the Mon Calamari.[14] Ackbar's operatives took matters into their own hands and tried to break Lee-Char out of prison.[16] They found him barely alive and on life support.[13] They recorded a message from him to his people and stormtroopers intervened, killing Lee-Char. After his death, Lee-Char's message was broadcasted to the Mercentile fleet and they orchestrated a mass mutiny. These ships made it to the Alliance to be converted to war.[17]

Ackbar eventually led the Alliance fleet into a battle that saw not only a victory but the deaths of Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader and the beginning of the end for the Empire. At least thirteen Mon Calamari vessels participated in the battle, leading the charge[18] as Barr also forsaw.[4] The Empire fell a year later and the galaxy became free under the rule of the New Republic.[19]

Behind the scenesEdit

The occupation of Mon Cala was first mentioned, albeit unidentified, in the new Star Wars canon in the Mon Calamari's entry in the now-discontinued Encyclopedia on,[20] which was carried over to its replacement, the Databank.[21] It was first identified in the novelization of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, written by Alexander Freed[22] and released on December 16, 2016.[23] The event was originally created for The Star Wars Sourcebook, a Star Wars Legends sourcebook written by Bill Slavicsek and Curtis Smith for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game[24] and released on October 1, 1987.[25]



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