"The arrival of the Mon Calamari city-ships was a shocking (and perhaps, given our limited effectiveness against the occupation of Mon Cala, undeserved) boon, emphasizing the significance of winning the hearts of the galaxy's civilians above all else."
Mon Mothma, in "Short Notes on the History of the Rebel Alliance Navy"[src]

The occupation of Mon Cala was the Galactic Empire's occupation of the planet Mon Cala, which began after the invasion of Mon Cala,[1] after Mon Calamari King Lee-Char incited a war on Mon Cala.[9] During the occupation, Ardo Barodai worked as a bartender where he eavesdropped on Imperial officers and passed on intelligence to the rebellion.[10] Th occupation was thwarted when the Mon Calamari and Quarren joined together and destroyed the Imperial garrison.[1]



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