The Ocean was a warship employed by the Galactic Alliance during the Second Galactic Civil War.


The Ocean was a fleet flagship in charge of the blockade of Corellia by the Alliance's Third and Fifth Fleets.

Newly promoted Supreme Commander Cha Niathal was onboard the vessel during the onset of the blockade, as well as Third Fleet commanding officer Admiral Makin. Rogue Squadron was assigned to the vessel.

As the war wore on, this vessel housed the highest percentage of Galactic Alliance personnel experiencing weapons malfunctions due to less than adequate supply. Biris J. Te Gaf was later assigned to this ship. It participated in the Second Battle of Fondor and the Second Battle of Roche.

Behind the scenesEdit

The class of the vessel is currently unknown, though it is described as a warship, fleet flagship, and a Destroyer.



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