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Ochi, also known as Ochi of Bestoon, was a humanoid alien male who was a Sith assassin serving under the resurrected Dark Lord of the Sith and Galactic Emperor Darth Sidious during the New Republic Era. Sometime after 15 ABY, Ochi was sent to retrieve the granddaughter of Darth Sidious—Rey—from her parents. Ochi killed both of them when they refused to give him Rey's location. Sometime later, he was tracked by Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian to Pasaana, where Ochi became stranded and eventually died.


Servant of the dark sideEdit

The humanoid Ochi of Bestoon was an associate of Yupe Tashu who served the self-styled Acolytes of the Beyond.[4] A Jedi killer since the time of the Clone Wars[1]—a galaxy-wide conflict between the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance[5]—Ochi became a hunter of Sith relics during his infamous career, operating as a ruthless assassin and a devotee to the dark side of the Force.[6] Ochi eventually became a Sith loyalist under the influence of the resurrected Dark Lord of the Sith and Galactic Emperor Darth Sidious during the New Republic Era.[3] At some point in his life, Ochi acquired the services of the droid D-O from one of his victims.[4]

A member of the Sith Eternal cult devoted to following Sidious, Ochi was tasked with the retrieval of Sidious' granddaughter, Rey, from her mother and father, the son of the Sith Lord himself. Wielding a dagger, Ochi eventually tracked down his master's son and daughter-in-law only to discover they had anticipated this scenario and had hidden her. Rey was apparently left with junk boss Unkar Plutt on the planet Jakku as a part of this contingency. After refusing to surrender their daughter's location, Ochi used his dagger to murder them both[3] aboard the Bestoon Legacy, his ship.[7]


Sometime after killing Rey's parents, Ochi attracted the attention of Jedi Luke Skywalker, who was searching for the Sith world of Exegol, site of Sidious's secret Sith base and home to his devotees. Skywalker was seeking a rumored "key" to Exegol and, alongside General Lando Calrissian, tracked Ochi to the desert world of Pasaana.[3] Ochi had come to their attention after bragging in a cantina about having a clue to the location of the Emperor's wayfinder, saying he had the coordinates inscribed.[1] The two pursued the Jedi Hunter hoping to gain information, but before they could arrive on Pasaana, Ochi was trapped in sinking sands of the Shifting Mires, dying in the deep caverns below. The trail went cold. When Skywalker and Calrissian found the Bestoon Legacy, they found it abandoned, with no trace of Ochi himself or clues of the wayfinder.[3] Ochi's bones were picked clean by gouge-beetles.[4]


Ochis skull TROSVD

Ochi's skull

In 35 ABY, Darth Sidious announced his revived intentions to dominate the galaxy, triggering the Resistance to renew their search for Exegol. On Pasaana, Rey, along with Finn, Poe Dameron, Chewbacca, C-3PO and BB-8, found themselves in the same predicament as Ochi once did, after hoping to explore his derelict ship, only to be caught in the sands and to sink underground. While in the caves, Rey found Ochi's remains, as well as his Sith dagger, which she learned was the missing key that Luke Skywalker had searched for. Unlike Ochi, however, Rey and the others escaped the caves, and Rey got justice for her parents when she vanquished Sidious for a final time.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Ochi of Bestoon was obsessed with ancient Sith arcana. While not Force-sensitive himself,[4] the relic hunter[6] believed that the dark side of the Force propelled him and shaped his actions. He considered his murders to be in the service of the greater darkness beyond the veil.[4]


Bestoon Legacy

Ochi of Bestoon flew the Bestoon Legacy as a personal craft

Ochi of Bestoon possessed a personal knife used to commit acts of murder.[8] The assassin also captained a ship named the Bestoon Legacy,[9] which was left with D-O on Pasaana after the Sith assassin's demise there.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ochi of Bestoon was played by creature performer and puppeteer Liam Cook[10] in the 2019 film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, the third and final installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.[3] Ochi's design came from a piece of concept art made for Boolio.[11]



Notes and referencesEdit

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