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*''[[Alliance Intelligence Reports]]''
*''[[Alliance Intelligence Reports]]''
*''[[The Essential Atlas]]'' {{C|As Ocsin}}
*''[[The Essential Atlas]]'' {{C|As Ocsin}}
*{{FFG|Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG Core Rulebook}} {{C|As Ocsin}}
*{{FFG|Star Wars: Edge of the Empire: Core Rulebook}} {{C|As Ocsin}}
==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==

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The Ocsinin,[2] also known as Ocsin,[1] were a Near-Human species from planet Farana, near the Corporate Sector. Due to this proximity, Ocsin's history was always related with this sector.[1]

Biology and appearance

Ocsinins were identified by their black pupil-less eyes; white, translucent skin and complexion, and being too slender for Humans.[2]


Ocsinins were cunning and bold explorers. Their information about Wild Space and in particular hyperlanes were very prized by the Corporate Sector Authority.[1]

The Farana sector was the Wild Space region ruled by the Ocsinin and named after the name of their Homeworld. Out of this sector, Ocsinin had several dozen colonies in the galaxy, including Saclas and Ocsin in the Corporate Sector and some planets in the Morellian Commonwealth.[1]


Notes and references

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