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An Octucor attacking a group of rebels.

The Octucor was an eight-tentacled predator native to the forest moon of Endor. They could grow up to four meters tall, and eight meters long including their three-meter-long tentacles. It prowled the forest floor, reaching into the lower tree branches in search of Ewoks and other tender morsels. It was surprisingly quick for a creature of its size, moving with stealth and silence. It practically glided along on its serpentine body, undulating across the forest floor like a gargantuan snake. If it found prey in a tree, it would bash its limbs against the trunk while reaching for the prey in order to dislodge them. Four of its tentacles were located on each side of its body, and it would attack as many targets as it could at once. If it injured a being enough to incapacitate them, it would drag the being into its maw and consume them. A group of Rebels were attacked by one such creature at the time of the Battle of Endor.


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