"It is a sprawling area whose borders are largely undefined -- and it is unclear what the present capital is, or if there even is one."
―Vannar Treece[1]

Odionate was the name given by Jedi Master Vannar Treece to one of the "successor states" to the Chagras Hegemony established in a portion of the Grumani sector following the death of its titular ruler Chagras in 1040 BBY. It was named after its ruler, the Sith Lord Odion. Odion's followers were known as Odionites. Following the Battle of Vanahame, its titular ruler was killed and the state collapsed with its territories and assets being divided up among the Calimondra family.

Politics and society[]

Odion's domain was governed according to his nihilistic beliefs which glorified death and destruction as a means of finding solace. Its name reflected a naming convention within the Sith territories in the Grumani sector of placing the suffixes "-ate" or "nate" after the Sith Lord's name. Thus, Odion's followers were known as "Odionites": which reflected another naming convention of its rulers, creating the demonym form of their realms by using the suffixes "-ite" or "-nite." Unlike the Daimanate, ruled by Odion's younger brother and rival, Daiman, the Odionate apparently lacked a proper seat of power with its capital constantly shifting to suit Odion's military campaigns. His domain was also be locked into internecine civil warfare over territory and resources against several other rival Sith Lords including his estranged brother Daiman, Malakite, and Ayanos Bactra.[1]

Due to his nihilistic worldview, Odion paid little time and resources to the Odionate's economy and his subjects' welfare. Following the annexation of the Bactranate, Odion arranged for the "voluntary deaths" of several bankers and accountants since those occupations had become redundant within his domain. Under his rule, the population was pressed into slavery within his armies and factories churning war materiel.[4] Odion also implemented a policy of incarcerating all the children in his realm within cloisters where they would be brainwashed into becoming pliable workers and warriors. By 1032 BBY, there were at least twelve such planet-sized orphanages scattered throughout his realm, including the moon Vanahame.[5] Unlike the Daimanate, the Odionate lacked any mass media, but Odion still maintained several data centers on the foundry world of Jubalene.[4]

His armed forces consisted of both Force-sensitive dark side-wielding acolytes known as the Novitiates, and regular infantry formations like the Lightning and Thunder Guards.[1] Odion's forces theoretically did not have any formal ranks, but Odion still utilized the services of experienced military commanders like the former mercenary Beld Yulan. Since his nihilistic politics rapidly drained the ranks of his armies, Odion had to use Force-sensitive recruiters known as Claimers to recruit more followers.[4] Odion also had a significant military fleet which included the a fleet of Odionate gunships, the mobile space station The Spike, and several kinetic corruptors.[1] Odion's obsession with warfare and destruction also culminated in the development of a large siege tower known as the Death Spiral which was capable of hyperspace travel and could also be used to deploy ground forces, speeders, swoop bikes, and walkers.[2]

Odion also held the belief that certain species were naturally more proficient at some tasks, and therefore used those species exclusively for those tasks. For instance, astrogation was done by Givins, engineering by Verpine, and spying by hired Bothans.[2]


The Odionate was formed following the death of Lord Chagras in 1040 BBY, ruler of the Sith state known as the Chagras Hegemony. Chagras's death sparked a second series of military contests between the Sith Calimondra family known as the Second Charge Matrica, which was both overtly and covertly abetted by the family matriarch Vilia Calimondra. Odion and his estranged younger brother were the first of these Calimondra Sith Lords to go to war with each other.[2] Over the next eight years, Odion carved up his own princedom which was centered around his own nihilistic cult. Over the next eight years, Odion was locked in a series of stalemated conflicts against rival Sith Lords particularly Daiman.[1]

In 1032 BBY, Odionate forces invaded Chelloa, a Daimanate world producing the compound baradium which was utilized in the production of munitions.[6] The campaign ended disastrously with the Odionate sustaining heavy casualties during the planetary invasion after Daiman unleashed kinetic corruptors which caused the surface to explode in flames. Odion himself was grievously wounded following a duel with the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, the last survivor of Operation Influx.[7] Following the Battle of Gazzari, Odion and Daiman would briefly join forces after Vilia Calimondra encouraged them to invade the Bactranate, a realm ruled by Lord Ayanos Bactra. The planets Jubalene and Jutrand were annexed during this campaign.[2]

During a family bequest held that year, family matriarch Vilia Calimondra granted Odion control of Jutrand but gives control of the corporation Industrial Heuristics and its subsidiary assets to Daimanate. While Odion accepted a shipment of two legions of Trandoshan slave warriors as quid pro quo, tensions would linger between the two brothers who still sought to kill each other.[2] During the Aquilaris campaign, the Odionate and other Sith states would collaborate with the Hutt lord Zodoh in his campaign to invade the Daimanate by keeping Daiman's forces preoccupied at the frontlines.[8]

Following the defeat of Zodoh at the Battle of Darkknell, Daiman retaliated against Odion's backing for Zodoh's invasion by helping the Jedi Knight Kerra to infiltrate the Odionate, where she joined the Novitiates. Following the annexation of the Bactranate, Odion had restarted Project Pandemonium, a top-secret project to find the Helm of Ieldis, an ancient Sith artifact capable of driving sentient beings into a homicidal frenzy.[4] This campaign would lead Odionate forces to invade both Skarpos and Sarrassia.[9]

During the Second Battle of Skarpos, Odion obtained the Helm for himself and used it to destroy three armies, including those of his rivals Daiman and Malakite, ruler of the Menagerie.[10] He then traveled to Vanahame where he intended to use the Helm to destroy all his opponents and gain mastery over the Grumani Sector and then the entire galaxy, by draining the negative emotions of the child captives on the planet-sized Cloister orphanage on Vanahame. However, during the Battle of Vanahame, he was thwarted by his former General Beld Yulan and Kerra who freed the child inmates, and the subsequent rush of positive or light-sided emotions caused the Helm to overload and kill Odion. Afterwards, the Odionate collapsed, and its holdings were subsequently divided between the various other members of the Calimondra family.[3]




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