"His name is Arca…he's quite alive…but suffering mightily under the crushing power of the dark side."
―King Ommin[src]

Odojinya was a Sith incantation that created a dark side web, a magic technique favored by Sith sorcerers. When used successfully this power would summon strands of dark side energy that would wrap around the target and ensnare them in an unbreakable mesh. The lattice of dark energy would then effectively sever the being's connection to the Force and continuously sap their strength as well.

This technique was employed by King Ommin of Onderon to subdue Jedi Master Arca Jeth. Sith sorcerer Thannor Keth also used a dark side web to defeat Jedi Lian Dray while they fought on the planet Vigil.

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