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"What shall I do with the Sunstar? Make a necklace? Destroy a planet? Ah, the possibilities…"

The Odra crisis was a conflict on the forest moon of Endor concerning the theft of the Season scepter. Duchess Odra of Sleet used her influence over the Snow King to convince him to steal the scepter from its current owner, the Sun King. The theft, executed by the Icehead royal guard, brought the powerful artifact into the possession of the Snow King, who used it to plunge the forest moon into a perpetual winter. The Snow King's siblings, the Leaf Queen, the Flower Queen, and the Sun King, formed an alliance to stop the Snow King, and secure the scepter from him. Hoping to destroy the influence that Odra had on their brother, the siblings contacted Logray, the shaman of Bright Tree Village, requesting that he use the power of the Sunstar to make the Snow King see reason.

However, the message was received not by Logray, but by the young Ewoks, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Wicket Wystri Warrick, Teebo, and Latara. The group decided to visit the alliance at their headquarters, the Sun Palace, to see if they could help. After arriving at the palace, and discovering the dire situation, the young Ewoks set off for the Snow King's home, planning to steal the scepter away from him. Using deception and trickery, the Ewoks were able to remove the artifact from the Snow King's clutches. With the scepter in their possession, the Ewoks defeated Odra, and destroyed the influence that the Frost Sprite had exerted over the Snow King. With the Snow King returned to his senses, he handed the Season scepter back to the Sun King, who stopped the icy weather, returning Endor to the summer season.



Odra: "You're not getting warmhearted on me are you? We can't have that if you're to freeze the Ewoks and take their Sunstar."
Snow King: "Anything for you Odra, my dear Duchess of Sleet."
―The Snow King and Odra talk about their plans[src]

At some point before the Battle of Endor, four siblings, the Snow King, the Sun King, the Leaf Queen, and the Flower Queen, had taken up residence on the forest moon of Endor. Using the Season scepter, a powerful artifact that could control the weather, the siblings regulated the changing of the seasons. The group passed the scepter to one another during the transition between seasons. Accordingly, the Flower Queen controlled the scepter during spring, the Sun King during the summer, the Leaf Queen during autumn, and the Snow King during the winter. The siblings had a cordial relationship with one another, and they exchanged the scepter freely. Unfortunately for the group, this system was about to break down.

Odra, the Duchess of Sleet, seduced the Snow King, freezing his heart, and turning his will to her own. Odra desired the Sunstar, a magical stone owned by the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village. Odra hoped to use the Snow King's power over the Season scepter to take the Sunstar from the Ewoks, and she used her influence over him to accomplish her goals. Odra convinced the Snow King to steal the Season scepter from its current owner, the Sun King, and use its power to plunge Endor into a perpetual winter. When every creature on Endor had been frozen, Odra and her paramour would be free to take the Sunstar for themselves.


"Oh brilliant! Stealing the Season scepter, my dear Snow King."

Enacting their plan, the Snow King sent his forces, the Iceheads, to capture the Season scepter. While the Sun King was resting outside his Sun Palace, the Iceheads arrived and grabbed the scepter, using it to immediately change the weather. With the scepter's powers, the iceheads froze the lake outside the Sun King's palace, and attacked the Sun King, before departing with the valuable artifact. The Sun King was bewildered over the turn of events, unsure of what had happened. The cold weather began to get worse, with the Snow King in possession of the scepter, and soon flurries of snow covered the forest moon.

To stop the Snow King and his mistress from freezing the planet, the other siblings formed an alliance to stop their brother. With the Leaf Queen as their head, the group decided to contact the Ewok Shaman Logray at Bright Tree Village. The group hoped that Logray's use of the Sunstar might destroy the influence that Odra held over their brother, and return him to his senses. Using her powers, the Leaf Queen was able to transmit a message through the Sunstar at Bright Tree Village. With her face and voice transmitting through the magical stone, the Leaf Queen pleaded for Logray to save them from the terrible snows, requesting that he come quickly to the siblings headquarters at the Sun Palace.

Ewok interferenceEdit

"We must grab them, before they reach your brother, the Sun King."

However, the message was intercepted not by Logray, but by the young Ewoks, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Wicket Wystri Warrick, Teebo, and Latara, who had also been searching for Logray, trying to find an explanation for the large snowfall. Upon hearing the message, young Wicket decided to answer the Leaf Queen's call for help, due to Logray's unexplained absence. The Leaf Queen had sent a flying leaf to shuttle Logray to the Sun Palace, and the four Ewoks boarded the craft, which began to carry them back to the siblings' headquarters.

As the Ewoks surveyed the frozen Strutter village and Mimph village, they were spied upon by Odra and the Snow King, who watched their progress through a transmitting screen in the Snow Palace. Believing that the Ewoks were bringing the Sunstar to the Leaf Queen, the Snow King sent out several Iceheads to stop the group. As the flying leaf soared over the mountains to get to the Sun Palace, several iceheads jumped from the peaks onto their craft, inciting a struggle. Two iceheads were able to capture Kneesaa, pushing her off the leaf and into the snow below. The other Ewoks were able to fight off their attackers, removing them from the flying leaf. Although Wicket tried to turn the craft around and rescue Kneesaa, the leaf eventually crash landed in the snow outside of the Sun King's palace. While the Iceheads brought their captive back to the Snow Palace, the other Ewoks entered the Snow Palace, hoping that she would help them rescue their friend.

The Leaf Queen explained the situation to the Ewoks and asked for the Sunstar, knowing that it would help them defeat Odra and redeem their brother. However, the Ewoks had left the Sunstar back at their village, and they explained that they had no idea as to the whereabouts of Logray. The three siblings were thrown into a panic over the news, as the snows on Endor were becoming increasingly worse, threatening to freeze the entire moon.

Rescue attemptEdit

Snow King: "What'll we do with the little Ewok? She doesn't have the Sunstar!"
Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka: "And you'll never get it! Not even if you freeze all of Endor!"
Snow King: "We shall see."
―Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka and the Snow King[src]

As the Leaf Queen attempted to contact Logray again, the three Ewoks decided to mount a rescue attempt on their own. Using the flying leaf once again, the Ewoks left the Sun Palace on a course for the Snow Palace. Landing covertly outside the palace entrance, the Ewoks witnessed several Iceheads in formation, on their way back to the Snow Palace. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Wicket and the other Ewoks used the snow to craft disguises, changing their appearance to look like Iceheads. The three Ewoks fell into formation and entered the Snow Palace undetected, using their disguises to sneak into the Snow King's throne room.

The Ewoks watched as the Snow King confronted Kneesaa as to the whereabouts of the Sunstar, eventually freezing her in a block of ice with the Season scepter. Odra praised the Sun King's actions, deciding that they could trade the Ewok Princess for the Sunstar. After overhearing the Snow King's plans, the three Ewoks disguised themselves as ice-on-a-stick peddlers and entered the throne room. The Ewoks succeeded in distracting the Snow King, who dropped the scepter to the ground, but they were unable to steal it from him. With their plot foiled, and the deception revealed, the Snow King used the scepter to attack the Ewoks, and he ordered his Iceheads to capture the intruders.

As a fight broke out in the palace, the Ewoks fought off the Iceheads and incapacitated Odra. In the midst of the fighting, Wicket was able to direct a pushcart at the Snow King, knocking him off his feat, and depriving him of the Season scepter. As Teebo took control of the powerful artifact, it seemed that the battle would be over. However, Teebo's control over the device was amateurish at best, and the scepter began to fire bolts of energy around the room, nearly skewering Latara in the process. As the Ewok struggled to gain control over the device, Odra and the Snow King advanced on Teebo, ready to take back the scepter. Unfortunately for the two lovers, before they could overpower Teebo, Wicket rushed to his aid, helping him to take control of the device.

A powerful blast emitted from the scepter, striking the Snow King and his mistress. Odra began to immediately shrink from the attack, and her influence on the Snow King was suddenly broken. As Odra fled from the Ewoks and the Snow Palace, the Snow King came back to his senses, distraught over the trouble he had caused.


"And now to return Endor to the sunny season."
―Snow King[src]

The Ewoks confronted the Snow King, asking him to release Kneesaa from the block of ice he had frozen her in. The Snow King apologized over his actions, unfreezing Kneesaa, and using the Season scepter to return Endor to the summer season. As the snows melted away, the Snow King's other siblings, as well as Logray and Chief Chirpa, entered the Snow Palace, delighted over the turn of events. The Snow King gave the Season scepter back to the Sun King. With the crisis averted, the Snow King gave Wicket a trophy for his Belt of Honor, an Icehead club.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Odra crisis is the primary conflict in the Ewoks episode, The Season Scepter, written by Bob Carrau. The conflict marks the last appearance of Odra, as well as the Snow King and his siblings.


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