"Blasted rotten buildings! Who let this place go to ruin?"

An isolated planet in the Outer Rim Noonian sector, Odryn was the chief colony world of the warlike Feeorin species. Known as a world of climatic extremes, Odryn was covered in jungles and mountains, into the sides of which the Feeorin built their settlements. Although commonly believed to be the Feeorin homeworld, the Feeorin's original home was lost—by the time of the Mandalorian Wars, more Feeorin lived on Odryn than anywhere else in the galaxy, and developed an extremely traditionalistic and insular society. Feeorin life on Odryn was largely tribal until the legendary warrior Feln unified the warring villages under his banner, becoming the hallowed Exalted in the process. Feln later left Odryn to train with the Jedi Order, and eventually returned to his homeworld as a Jedi Master and a member of the shadowy Jedi cabal known as the Jedi Covenant. Feln ended up earning the ire of his people by volunteering Odryn's sacred Sanctum of the Exalted for Covenant use as a storehouse for Sith artifacts, and was eventually slaughtered by his people after he destroyed the Sanctum in an effort to ensure knowledge of the Covenant's work would not leave the planet.


"The older Feeorins get, the stronger we get—but lately, only the weather's grown stronger. Nature's gone mad. Summer snow, monsoons, hail, volcanic ash—it's all we can do to maintain the Sanctum of the Exalted."

A group of Feeorin "welcome" an outsider to Odryn.

Known as the homeworld of the Feeorin species, Odryn was located in the system of the same name in the Outer Rim's Noonian sector.[1] Odryn had a rough terrain characterized by mountains and cliffs, into the sides of which the Feeorin natives built their villages, and was covered in jungles and forests. Largely isolated from galactic civilization, Odryn was known as a planet of climatic extremes—however, by 3963 BBY, the weather had grown especially unstable due to the presence of Sith artifacts in the hallowed Sanctum of the Exalted, which produced oddities such as summer snow, monsoons, volcanic ash, and a near-constant rain.[3] The world's normal climate was actually rather temperate, with an average temperature that was generally considered uncomfortably hot by Humans but was pleasing to the Feeorin. Little else was commonly known about Odryn due to the closed nature of Feeorin society, and what few outsiders returned from a visit told of a world that was well-suited for the Feeorin but no one else. Odryn had two moons, with days that lasted 41 standard hours and years that lasted 303 local days. The planet had a standard level of gravity.[2]


"Remember the Rime Feeorin! I'm unarmed. You can't fight me with those—I've been in the Sanctum!"
"There is no Sanctum. You destroyed it! Now, we're changing the rules!
―Feln and Borjak[src]

Although commonly believed to be the original homeworld of the Feeorin species, Odryn was in fact the Feeorin's largest colony world, with their original home having been lost long before most histories began.[2] Odryn was largely removed from galactic affairs until the era of the Mandalorian Wars. Much of Odryn's history was characterized by tribal warfare between Feeorin villages, a chapter which was brought to a close by the efforts of a single great warrior by the name of Feln. One of the most powerful Elders ever recorded in Odryn's history, Feln conquered and unified all neighboring villages under his rule, along the way becoming the Feeorin's hallowed Exalted: a title belonging to the oldest, and therefore strongest, of the Feeorin. Feln's prowess in battle was such that his people thought him magic, which, in a sense, he was—after he won many great victories on Odryn, a Jedi scout landed on Odryn and confirmed his Force-sensitivity. Feln soon departed Odryn to submit to Jedi training, and eventually became a Jedi Master while still maintaining the role of Exalted on his homeworld. During his time with the Jedi, Feln joined a secret Jedi organization known as the Jedi Covenant, a group of seers committed to keeping watch for the rise of the Sith. One of the Covenant's primary activities was gathering and containing potentially dangerous Sith artifacts, a purpose for which Feln volunteered Odryn's holy Sanctum of the Exalted as a storehouse. The move infuriated Feln's people, who saw Feln as flouting their ancient laws by opening their most sacred place—where the spirits of Feeorin dead were believed to reside—to outsiders, while it still remained closed to all Feeorin save the Exalted. The presence of one these Sith artifacts, the Helm of Dathka Graush, caused severe climatic disturbances in the area around the Sanctum.[3]

Feln and Zayne Carrick do battle on Odryn.

In 3963 BBY, unexpected events led the Covenant's enemies to Odryn, changing everything that was to come.[5] The year prior, the Covenant's First WatchCircle, including Feln, massacred their students on the planet Taris after misinterpreting a vision to mean that one of them would bring about the demise of the Jedi Order. The surviving Padawan, Zayne Carrick, was publicly blamed for the murders and became one of the most wanted fugitives in the Republic, and embarked on his own campaign to expose the Covenant's treachery and clear his name.[7] His quest led him to Jebble, where he encountered a Covenant agent named Celeste Morne, whom he helped seal into a life-preserving oubliette to save her from the corrupting effects of the dark artifact known as the Muur Talisman. Although ordered to kill Carrick, Morne grew to sympathize with the fugitive, and directed him to take her to Odryn and the researchers at the Sanctum of the Exalted, whom she hoped could help her from her predicament. Morne was lost when the Mandalorians bombed Jebble shortly afterward, Carrick resolved to investigate Odryn anyway.[4] By that point, the Covenant had used Odryn as their primary site to store and test Sith artifacts for a decade, making it an extremely important resource.[5]

Traveling in the starship Moomo Williwaw, Carrick and several friends made the trip to Odryn to explore the Sanctum, managing to get around the one outsider quota by having Carrick and partner Marn Hierogryph hide within their luggage. The outsiders entered the Sanctum to find hundreds of Sith artifacts, which Carrick believed could be the break he needed in exposing the Covenant. After spending over a day cataloging what they found, Carrick and Hierogryph were captured trying to leave, and delivered into a vengeful Feln's hands.[3] Feln wanted to eliminate Carrick right away to prevent knowledge of what was happening on Odryn from reaching the public, but his hand was stayed by the objections of his main lieutenant, Borjak, who protested that since Carrick had been inside the Sanctum, Feeorin tradition mandated that he could only be challenged to unarmed combat. Once freed, Carrick resorted to fighting dirty and running away, although Feln eventually managed to overtake him. Before he could strike the killing blow, however, Feln was informed that the Moomo Williwaw had been detected at the edge of the system. Fearing that Carrick's friends had returned to raid the Sanctum, Feln felt forced to go to the last resort: destroying the Sanctum with pre-set explosives. The ensuing explosion, bolstered by the dark power of the artifacts contained within, laid waste to much of the surrounding area, and led Feln's tribesmen to turn on and kill him. Borjak thus became Odryn's new Exalted, and led his people to rebuild away from the remnants of the Sanctum.[5]

During the Galactic War several centuries later, the Feeorin people were disturbed by troubling omens, which caused the superstitious natives a considerable amount of panic. However, an investigation by an offworld agent revealed that the disturbing signs were the result of enemy operatives attempting to influence the Feeorin, and the exposure of this information caused those plans to backfire.[8] Some time later, a Republic corporation set up shop on Odryn to launch a trade in prefabricated goods. Odryn proved a fruitful ground, as the company was able to replicate existing tools at one-hundredth of their price, causing some artisans to go out of business.[6]


"We didn't know when we had it good. At least then, the outsiders were Feeorin."

Feln riding one of Odryn's native khadaroks.

Odryn was the home of the Feeorin, a warlike humanoid sentient species that had a relatively primitive, tribal society centered around the simple, wooden villages built into the sides of Odryn's cliffs and mountains. Feeorin society was highly traditionalistic and centered around veneration of elders—according to both Feeorin tradition and Feeorin biology, the eldest Feeorin were the strongest, and thus occupied the most important and prominent roles on Odryn. The eldest Feeorin, known as the Exalted, was seen as the leader of Feeorin society, and he alone was allowed to enter the hallowed Sanctum of the Exalted, where the spirits of dead Feeorin were believed to reside.[3]

The Feeorin society on Odryn was very closed off to outsiders, contributing to the lack of common knowledge of Odryn. Very few Feeorin were known to ever leave Odryn, and those that did typically sought contact only with other Feeorin. The Feeorin of Odryn were not totally bereft of contact without the greater galaxy, however: they occasionally imported luxury items and technology from offworld, which their security force used to carefully monitor any off-world visitors and space traffic around the planet. This security force was believed to be responsible for the disappearances of several ships and their crews who landed on Odryn. Although the planet was populated almost entirely by Feeorin, there was a very small minority of non-Feeorin that lived on Odryn.[2] A lush world, Odryn was populated by many different kinds of fauna, most notably the Khadarok, a type of furry pack animal used as mounts by the Feeorin.[5]


"None may enter alive, save the eldest Feeorin—that's the Exalted—and the offworlder scum he has invited. That's you."
―Borjak to "Celeste Morne"[src]

Odryn's sacred Sanctum of the Exalted.

By the time of the Mandalorian Wars, Odryn was still relatively uninhabited—although the planet was home to the largest number of Feeorin in the galaxy, there were no major cities on the planet and settlements were scattered few and far between.[2] Feeorin settlements were largely primitive, ramshackle villages comprised of wooden houses built into the sides of mountains and cliffs. One of these, the home village of the legendary Feeorin warrior Feln, was built next to the grand structure called the Sanctum of the Exalted, a sprawling mountain complex that was the holiest site of the Feeorin people. The natives believed that the spirits of dead Feeorin elders continued to live on in the Sanctum, shaping Odryn's seasons. Only the Exalted was allowed to set foot inside the Sanctum, although Feln broke this rule when he allowed agents from the Jedi Covenant to use the structure as a storehouse for Sith artifacts. The Sanctum was destroyed during Feln's battle with Zayne Carrick in 3963 BBY, causing changes in Feeorin tradition and in the role of the exalted.[5]

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The planet Odryn first appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Exalted, a story arc of the Knights of the Old Republic comic series, written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2008.[3] Although the Feeorin species was already extant in the Star Wars canon at the time, Odryn was the creation of Miller.[9] In Exalted, Odryn was illustrated by Bong Dazo.[3][5]



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