"My appearance, admittedly, is not one to inspire confidence or awe. So I had to build a mystique around myself, assume a new identity, and use my appearance to catch opponents off guard."

Odumin was the real name of a Tynnan who disguised himself as a skip tracer for Interstellar Collections Limited named Spray. Like all Tynnans, Odumin was a short, furry biped. His skip tracer persona was a mask for his true identity as a powerful territorial sector manager for the Corporate Sector Authority.


During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Tynnan Odumin started out as a skip tracer before attaining the powerful post of Territorial Administrator in the Corporate Sector Authority. He received his promotion after an undercover mission in which he saved the life of High Inquisitor Laddinare Torbin from an attack by the religious cult known as the Church of the First Frequency. Following his promotion, he kept his identity as a Tynnan a secret, and so was able to continue on undercover missions. In this role, he cracked numerous slaving and criminal operations in the Corporate Sector, such as the Xiochi slaver gang. On one notable undercover mission, he posed as a debt collector named Spray. Working alongside Han Solo, he managed to stop a highly placed slaver ring.[1] Odumin later released his memoirs,[2] and was regarded as a hero on his homeworld.[1] Many Tynnans were encouraged by his success to take more active roles in the galaxy.[3]

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Odumin was, in general, a kind-hearted being who wanted to do the right thing. He was also, however, incredibly shrewd and intelligent, working his way up the ranks of the Corporate Sector Authority with few knowing his species or appearance. He was also brave, facing down Chewbacca after he was caught attempting to break into the Millennium Falcon though the Wookiee outweighed him three to one.



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