"You couldn't take it anyway—we've got a full squad of combat droids ready to cut you to mulch if you try."
―Oenti, to a thief[src]

Oenti was a male human cargo inspector who worked on the Outer Rim planet Batuu in 19 BBY. He worked with the Separatist Alliance, who shipped supplies through a cantina at Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. He was also in on a scheme where Janott, the owner of the cantina, fed information to a ring of thieves who stole from the Separatist shipments.

However, when a handmaiden of senator Padmé Amidala was discovered investigating Separatist activity on Batuu, Oenti's comrades began searching for thieves and his superior, Duke Solha learned of the ring of thieves. Oenti and four of his Separatist thugs went to a shop near the cantina, where Janott was guarded by five of his thief allies. While Oenti and his men listened in on the thieves, they were ambushed by the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and the Chiss Commander Thrawn who killed or neutralized Oenti's thugs.

After questioning the cargo inspector, Skywalker and Thrawn then took him into the shop and confronted Janott and the thieves, revealing what they knew about their theft scheme. When Skywalker and Thrawn expressed their interest in leaving in the Separatist's freighter on Batuu, Oenti attacked Skywalker and the thieves opened fire. In the ensuing skirmish, Oenti was Force pushed across the room and then shot dead when he drew a blaster on Skywalker.


Separatist operationsEdit

"So Duja is dead. What one of you did that."
"I wasn't there. I was in the Larker's hold, trying to figure out what she was trying to steal."
―Anakin Skywalker and Oenti[src]

Oenti was a human male who worked as a cargo inspector at Black Spire Outpost on the Outer Rim planet Batuu during the Clone Wars.[2] In 19 BBY,[1] he worked with the Duke Solha of the Separatist Alliance, who was using a cantina at Black Spire as a transfer point to ship supplies to a secret factory on the planet Mokivj. Oenti and his Separatist colleagues on Batuu used a freighter named the Larkrer for their operations. Simultaneously, Oenti was in league with the cantina's owner, Janott, who was giving information on the Separatists shipments to a ring of thieves for them to steal from these.[2]

However, Duja, a handmaiden of senator Padmé Amidala traveled to Batuu and learned of the Separatist activity there, being able to report it to Amidala. Oenti's Separatist comrades discovered Duja and assumed she was a thief, leading them to start searching for more possible thieves. While Oenti investigated the Larkrer's hold to find out what Duja had been trying to steal, the handmaiden was killed his comrades. Furthermore, Amidala went to Batuu in search of Duja and found her body outside the cantina. Oenti was aware of her arrival and eventual departure shortly thereafter. In the meantime, Oenti's Separatist comrades were able to link the thefts to the ring of thieves he and Janott were working with, putting the thieves on Solha's list.[2]


"You're not a warrior."
"I'm… no, I'm…"
"Your name?"
"Oenti. I'm an inspector. Just an inspector. A cargo inspector."
―Thrawn and Oenti[src]

Sometime after, Janott was involved in a skirmish with two individuals who had arrived in search of Amidala and Duja. Five of Janott's thieves took his unconscious body to a nearby shop. Shortly after, Oenti and four more Separatist thugs arrived outside the shop listened to the conversation inside while eating small hand meals purchased from a street vendor. Anakin and Thrawn, though, soon arrived nearby and observed Oenti and his four thugs. When Janott regained consciousness, the five threw away their meals and readied themselves to draw their blasters. One of thugs then noticed two individuals watching them from a landspeeder around fifty meters away. Oenti and the rest of his men began looking towards the landspeeder when it drove rapidly towards them. The Separatist thugs scrambled to dodge the speeder, which sent two of them flying backwards.[2]

One of the adversaries, the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, leapt out of the landspeeder and used his lightsaber to cut Oenti's blaster in half as he raised it in defense. As the other adversary, the Chiss commander Thrawn, tried another ramming maneuver on one of the remaining two thugs, Skywalker cut their hand in half and killed the other by deflecting their own blaster shot. With his thugs either dead or neutralized, Oenti was confronted by Skywalker and Thrawn. Thrawn remarked that Oenti was not a warrior, which the cargo inspector acknowledged, and the Chiss then asked for his name. Oenti revealed his name and occupation.[2]


"We know that the Separatists are bringing in supplies for a base on Mokivj through Janott's cantina. We know this ring of thieves was stealing from those shipments. And we know now that Cargo Inspector Oenti was in on the scheme."
―Skywalker summarizes the theft scheme Oenti was a part of, shortly following Oenti's death[src]

Oenti's captors took him inside the shop, where they were met by two of Janott's thief allies. Skywalker and Thrawn negotiated with the pair of thieves and brought Oenti into the next room where Janott was guarded the other three thieves. Oenti argued with Janott, warning him that his the thieves were on Duke Solha's list, while Janott denied any involvement in front of Oenti's captors. Thrawn interluded, revealing what he had learned about both parties. The Chiss summarized the Separatist supply operation Oenti was involved in, the thefts committed by the smugglers with Janott's help, and Duja's discovery of the operation whcih led Oenti to investigate the thefts. Thrawn added that Janott and his friends had attempted to escape, but had been stopped when Amidala parked her starship in their parking spot.[2]

Skywalker asked of what had happened to the senator, and Oenti explained how she had arrived and then left. Janott mentioned that she had wrote a poem for a deceased lady, which led Skywalker and Thrawn to deduce that Duja had died. Skywalker asked Oenti, Janott and the smugglers who had killed the handmaiden. Oenti explained that he had been in the Larkrer at the time, and Janott made his own excuse. After Skywalker concluded they were telling the truth, he and Thrawn revealed that they were taking the Larkrer to the Separatist factory. Oenti protested it, and Janott and his friends expressed their own interest it taking for themselves.[2]

When one of the thieves offered to pay for the freighter, Oenti interrupted, warning both parties of security droids which he kept aboard the Larkrer. Skywalker corrected him, saying that there had been three droids which he had dealt with already. In the moments that followed, Oenti attempted to strangle Skywalker, only to be Force pushed by the Jedi. Skywalker and Thrawn then engaged the thieves and Oenti raised himself up by his elbow and grabbed a blaster to try and shoot the Jedi. However, a blaster shot from behind Skywalker hit Oenti, killing him. By the time the fighting was over, only Janott lived and Thrawn and Skywalker told him to stay out of sight for a while. The pair then took the Larkrer and flew it to Mokivj to investigate the base.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Your friends are on the Duke's list, you know. The whole gang is. You realize I'd have been shot if he figured out what you were doing?"
―Oenti, to Janott[src]

Oenti worked with the Separatists to move supplies to their base on Mokivj. However, he chose to allow Janott and the ring of thieves he worked with to steal from these shipments. When Oenti and his four Separatist thugs were listening into a conversation between the thieves guarding Janott, Oenti was more relaxed and used his dominant hand to eat his food while his thugs kept theirs ready to grab their blasters. While being confronted by Anakin Skywalker and Thrawn, Oenti stuttered when answering them and repeated in stating that he was a cargo inspector. Upon seeing Janott again, he threatened the bartender, citing Duke Solha's knowledge on the thefts committed by the bartender's friends. Oenti also threatened Skywalker, Thrawn, Janott and his thief allies when they expressed all interest in taking the Larkrer, even lying about the level of security the freighter had.[2]


Oenti used a blaster, which he kept in a holster. He eventually lost this blaster during a skirmish with Anakin Skywalker.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Oenti first appeared in the 2018 novel Thrawn: Alliances, written by Timothy Zahn.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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