"That was quick, G7. Fastest mouse droid in the fleet. It's those new rotors I put in, I'm telling you. You know what: We should get you on a racing circuit. Would you like that?"
―Excerpt from "Of MSE-6 and Men"[src]

"Of MSE-6 and Men" is a short story in the anthology From a Certain Point of View. The story, written by Glen Weldon, focuses on the point of view of MSE-6-G735Y, an MSE-6 series repair droid aboard the Death Star.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

At 08:00, the MSE-6 series repair droid MSE-6-G735Y exits sleep mode and is dispatched to the Maintenance Unit in Sector AA-345 of the Death Star. Traveling there, he meets the stormtrooper TK-421, who sends him to deliver a scanner servo to stormtrooper TK-450 at Docking Bay 228. At Docking Bay 228, TK-450 received G7 and asks what took the "guys" down there so long since he has to endure demanding Imperial officers like General Cassio Tagge, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, and Darth Vader.

Arriving back at Sector AA-345, TK-421 compliments MSE-6 for being the smartest mouse droid in the fleet. TK-421 has dreams of setting up a racing business with G7 on Coruscant. TK-421 confides that he hates the sterile colors and clean lines aboard the Death Star and misses the colorful lighting that he saw while stationed on Lasan. TK-421 also mentions that he hates his rigorous stormtrooper routine including wearing a helmet, which his skin dislikes. TK-421 mentions that he has a pimple the size of a Kowakian monkey-lizard on his chin. The droid then enters standby mode.

At 13:31, TK-421 awakes G7, who is send to deliver a HypnoHypodermal Injector Needle C-7R for an IT-O Interrogator in Detention Block AA-23. There, he is opened by an unidentified Imperial officer. After processing the order, TK-421 travels back to Sector AA-345 but bumps into an Imperial officer, damaging his holorecorder matrix. The officer talks about melting the droid for scrap and disciplining the trooper who dispatched the droid in a sorry condition to another another officer named Lieutenant Blagg. The damaged G7 accidentally plays back a holo-recording of TK-421 complaining about his pimple. One of the officers remarks that TK-421 looks beautiful and requests that he play back the whole message.

Blagg asks about interrogating the prisoner but the other officer tells him that Darth Vader would handle and that all he needs to do is to install the hypodermic on the interrogator droid. The officer vows to discipline TK-421 for dispatching the willful G7 and tells Blagg to leave the handling of the trooper to him. After conversing with the droid to check he is function, the officer dispatches G7 to the officers' quarters in Sector GM1-A to enter into sleep mode.

The following day, the officer informs G7 that he has repaired the droid's systems overnight. He tells the droids that it would take a few cycles to get his holorecorder back online and that he has procured it a new set of wheel treads. He uses G7's holorecorder to record a message for TK-421 and tasks the droid with delivering an item to TK-421. The officer then invokes Imperial Protocol Alpha One, which involves shunting all those previous instructions to his personal ephemeradata-neurocloud. The officer intends to expunge those instructions from the droid's memory.

Arriving at Sector AA-345, G7 is greeted by TK-421, who is surprised to receive a holomessage and thinks that he has caught someone's eye. TK-421 describes the recipient as a graysuit and military grunt who went through the Imperial Academy. After engaging the holorecorder, TK-421 says that he will report to the officer's quarters at once and that it would be an honor for him to repair his aqualeisure unit. TK-421 also thanks the officer for repairing his MSE-6 droid before disengaging the holorecorder.

At the officers' quarters in Sector GM1-A, G7 overhears TK-421 thanking the officer for repairing his droid. At noon, the officer invites TK-421 into his quarters, which is lined with Coruscant fiberweave. He invites the trooper to sit on the chair next to the bed, which is made of veermok hide. The officer allows TK-421 to spend time in his aqualeisure unit while he prepares for a meeting with the Joint Chiefs. The officer then tells the droid to execute Imperial Protocol Alpha One, which deletes the memory of that encounter.

The following day, G7 meets TK-421 at Sector AA-345 of the Death Star. TK-421 tells the droid not to worry that his memory is choppy because the officer has a lot on his plate. He confides that the officer maintains an icy exterior but that he secretly has feelings for TK-421. The Stormtrooper then tells the droid that he has been transferred to station security up on 300 level. TK-421 has hopes of being assigned to the officer's personal detail and then Coruscant, here he hopes to enter the droid raising circuit. TK-421 then receives a orders to guard a captured light freighter, which turns out to be the Millennium Falcon.

At the officer's quarters, G7 delivers his message to TK-421's officer friend. The officer tells him to bring TK-421 here immediately. G7 finds that TK-421 is at Docking Bay 327. There, he encounters TK-421 and two other lifeforms including a Wookiee and the stormtrooper TK-710. G7 detects a biological anomaly in TK-421 and is startled when the Wookiee, who turns out to be Chewbacca, growls at him. The droid executes self-preservation flight mode and flees at top speed. The droid flees to Sector AA-345 where he enters sleep mode and loses his memory for the next two days.

Days later, G7 learns from the officer that TK-421 was murdered by "rebel scum" who stole his armor and stuffed his body into a crawlspace. The officer vows to make the rebels pay and says that the Death Star will destroy the remnants of the Rebellion in mere seconds. The officer admits that he had plans for them together. At that point, G7 receives a report of an explosion on 100 level, Sector GM1-B, Corridor L104E. G7 attempts to leave but the officer orders him to stay and claims that the attack is inconsequential because it is the final day of the Rebellion.

After another explosion is reported, the officer tells the droid to follow him to the command bridge to watch the destruction of the rebel base on Yavin 4. G7 is damaged by falling debris during the Battle of Yavin but is picked up by the officer. Before the Death Star can fire its superlaser, G7 and the officer are both consumed during the explosion that destroys the battle station.

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