The Office of Student Outcomes was a department of the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant. It was responsible for overseeing student performance and devising methods for instructors to provide maximum improvement for their students. The Office did not like students from the same homeworlds to have close ties to each other since it challenged their loyalty to the Galactic Empire. They were also known to favor the children of generals and other senior Imperial officers for promotion.[1]

On one occasion, the Office planted evidence that the Jelucan cadet Thane Kyrell had sabotaged a laser cannon and framed fellow Jelucan cadet Ciena Ree for the deed. This had the effect of straining the two cadets' friendship until a fellow cadet named Ved Foslo revealed the truth while drunk during a ball at the Imperial Palace two and a half years later. As a result, the two reaffirmed their friendship.[1]



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