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The Office of the Chief of State or Chief of State's Office, consisted of various aides, staff, and government organizations directly subordinate to the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance. In this capacity, the Office served as the executive branch of the Galactic Alliance. The term was also used, though rarely so, as a description for the position and institution of the Chief of State.

The Office of the Chief of State was lead by the Chief of State with the Chief of Staff serving as an administrative assistant. Up until the Swarm War the Office was lead by the High Council under the direction of the Chief of State. However, after the conclusion of the war the High Council was discontinued and the Galactic Alliance Advisory Council became the chief advising organ of the Chief of State's Office. The Office included the Galactic Alliance bureaucracy such as the Department of Justice and the Galactic Alliance Treasury, as well as military and security forces such as the Galactic Alliance Defense Force and Galactic Alliance Security.



The Office of the Chief of State was headed by the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance.[1] The Chief of Staff served as an administrative assistant to the Chief of State.[5]

The leaders of several other organizations reported directly to the Chief of State.

The Jedi Grand Master and Jedi High Council served in an advisory position to the Chief of State.[3]


Ministries, departments, the military, and other organizations were organized under the Office of Chief of State.

Other organizations[]

  • The New Jedi Order served in an advisory capacity to the Office of the Chief of State[3]
  • The Court of Justice, while a separate branch of the government, its judges could be assigned and dismissed by the Chief of State. Specifically, the Chief could establish various courts including the Court of Jedi Affairs.[14]
  • Various councils of the Galactic Alliance Senate, while not answerable to the Chief of State, served in advisory capacities.[1]


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