"Offworld is one of the oldest and richest mining companies in the galaxy. And they didn't get that way by letting others compete with them. Miners who get in their way tend to die."
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Offworld Mining Corporation was a large mining company led by a group of Hutts, Xanatos, the Dark Jedi, and later Xanatos' son, Granta Omega. Its fronts were numerous and included the Telos company known as UniFy. They often stripped planets of their resources for the purposes of their own greed and wealth. Some of Offworld's major terrestrial operations included those on Telos and Bandomeer and the company controlled the ore mining of a good many of the Outer Rim worlds.


Offworld was founded by Xanatos after stealing the treasury of the planet Telos. Using the stolen fortune and his Jedi abilities, along with some unscrupulous business practices, Xanatos transformed it into one of the galaxy's largest mining concerns. This resulted in Xanatos becoming one of the most powerful men in the galaxy.

Offworld eventually ran into some unspecified financial difficulties due to the fact that Xanatos made some poor investments. Xanatos attempted to refinance his operation by robbing the Jedi Knighthood. After this failed, Xanatos inflicted unimaginable environmental and economic damage on his home planet Telos by strip mining it and running rigged lottery contests.

The company passed to Xanatos' son Granta Omega after his death and was continued as an unscrupulous business concern underneath him. Following the death of Granta Omega, the stock price of the Offworld Mining corporation actually began to increase, going from 10,000 credits/share to 15,000/share within 1 year's time.


The Offworld Mining Corporation came to control much of the ore and mineral extraction performed in the Outer Rim Territories, some twelve years prior to the Battle of Naboo. The employees of Offworld wore a triangular black patch emblazoned with a red planet encircled by a silver starship. The planet and starship combined to give the impression of a blood-red eye. Offworld Mining was one of the newest and richest companies in the galaxy, and it was not averse to eliminating its competition at all costs. Leadership of Offworld was often ambiguous and down-right mysterious, although Hutts were often used as operational managers while Whiphids were hired as bodyguards and enforcers. The actual mining was performed by slave labor acquired from all over the Outer Rim. Offworld's hold on the planet Bandomeer was broken after Xanatos infiltrated its leadership structure and took control after the death of Jemba the Hutt. It was part of a plan Xanatos had created to exact revenge on his former teacher, Qui-Gon Jinn, but the plan failed and control of Bandomeer was turned over to the Home Planet Party and Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation.

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The logo of Offworld Corporation is shown in Jedi Apprentice: The Dark Rival as a double ring that has the letters O and C gathered together. However it should be noted that in the Star Wars Galaxy, the Aurebesh alphabet is generally used, not the English alphabet.

In Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force, a different logo is presented. A Hutt miner working for the corporation wears a triangular patch depicting a red planet shaped like an eye with a silver ship flying in front of the planet symbolizing the eye's iris. The text Offworld Mining is written beneath the patch.[1]



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