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Ogana Major, or Ogana, was a huge blue planet in the Kessil system. It was orbited by five moons, including the Fourth Moon of Ogana.

It was the homeworld of The Starkiller, and was destroyed by the Galactic Empire before Luke Starkiller could reach it.

It was a desert world, above which Princess Leia was captured by the Empire.

Behind the scenes[]

  • "Ogana" replaced Utapau in the first draft.
  • Ogana Major was the name for what would become the planet Alderaan in the second draft of the Star Wars script.
  • It became known as "Organa" in the synopsis of "The Adventures of Luke Starkiller" and again stood in for the future Tatooine before becoming Leia's surname in the third draft.
  • The name Ogana or Organa is perhaps derived from the word "organic," symbolizing life, in contrast to the technological Galactic Empire.