"Then the Ogemites have joined the Rebellion–? I thought you traders were all business ... no politics!"
―Luke Skywalker to Anduvil of Ogem[src]

Ogemites were a near-Human species indigenous to the planet Ogem. They had pale skin and large frills of feathery hair on their heads. They were known as traders throughout the galaxy. The Rebel operative Anduvil was an Ogemite.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Ogemites were a race of near-Humans. Though similar to Humans in most respects, Ogemites were taller and their hair resembled feathers.[3]

Society and cultureEdit

"I was lucky! Very few women become traders on Ogem!"
―Anduvil of Ogem[src]

Ogemites society was divided along gender lines, with Ogemite males carrying on a proud tradition of trading and smuggling.[3] Very few females became traders, though it sometimes occurred when a daughter inherited her father's business when there was no male heir.[4]


"The Empire's credit is overextended! The Rebellion pays in cash!"
―Anduvil of Ogem[src]

The Ogemites were native to Ogem, a planet located in the D'Aelgoth sector of the Mid Rim along the D'Aelgoth Trade Route. Ogem was located in a region of space that was primarily explored between 3000 BBY and 1000 BBY. Around 1000 BBY, wealthy Core Worlders led by Thull Vandron settled the nearby Senex-Juvex region and established a number of noble houses. A millennium later, Ogem was a bustling trade world, and Ogemite merchants were tentatively attempting to establish trade relations with several Juvex families that had a more progressive outlook than their neighbors. During the Clone Wars, Ogem was located in space held by the Galactic Republic.[5]

The Ogemite focus on business meant that they avoided siding in political activity, and thus they at first were neutral in the Galactic Civil War. However, following the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire overextended their line of credit with Ogemite traders.[4] This lead many of them to side with the Rebel Alliance,[2] as the Rebellion paid up front for the goods they bought.[4]

Ogemites in the galaxyEdit

"The Empire is transmitting data on Rebel base locations by unknown means-! Already, it's resulted in destruction of several of your outposts ... Ogem's markets!"
―Anduvil of Ogem[src]

Ogemites were widely known as apolitical traders in the galaxy.[4] Their world was a bustling trade world on the D'Aelgoth Trade Route, which connected the Senex and Juvex worlds with the worlds of the D'Aelgoth sector and, ultimately, the Corellian Trade Spine.[5] When the Empire overextended its credit with Ogemite merchants, many sided with the Rebel Alliance. Among the disaffected Ogemites was Anduvil of Ogem, daughter of an Ogemite trader who bequeathed his business to her after he died from Bledsoe's disease.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Ogemites were created by Russ Manning in the form of Anduvil of Ogem in "Tatooine Sojourn," a story arc of the Star Wars comic strip printed in 1979. "Tatooine Sojourn" was reformatted and colored by Dark Horse Comics in 1994 to become Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures 4, later reprinted as part of the trade paperback collection of The Early Adventures. The daily newspaper installments were later released online as part of's series of webstrips on Hyperspace.

Other than Anduvil, Ogemites have not appeared in any other story, though Anduvil received an entry in the Databank. Ogemites also received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia in 2008, and were briefly discussed in The Essential Atlas in 2009.



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