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"You're not a friend of that Ogre, are you?"
―A Zandor Rocker to Wicket and Teebo[src]

Ogres were a species of large sentient humanoids with stocky, well-muscled physiques. One specimen, named Gantu, had pale, warty skin, pointed ears, and unkempt black hair on his small head. That Ogre inhabited the land of Zandor on the Forest Moon of Endor, where he raided other sentient beings from his base in a large cave. The Ogre cut down the region's sunnydew flowers, which cast Zandor into permanent drought and angered the resident Zandor Rockers.

Gantu's raids were cut short when the Ewok chief, Chirpa, stole the bridge crystal that Gantu used to create the Rainbow Bridge that allowed him to cross the Gorge of Fire and enter Ewok territory. Years later, the crystal was destroyed for good in a fight with the Ewoks Teebo and Wicket W. Warrick, cutting the Ogre off from Ewok lands indefinitely.

Biology and appearanceEdit


Ogre teeth seemed to grow from their lips.

Ogres were large, sentient humanoids who stood roughly 3.5 meters tall.[1] At least one member of the species, Gantu, had pale, greenish skin[2] covered in warts.[3] Ogre bodies were stocky but well muscled.[1] Their arms were strong enough to carry large items,[2] and their legs were long enough to walk longer distances than smaller species, such as Ewoks, could.[4] The head was small in comparison to the rest of the body,[1] an effect that was magnified by the thick neck it sat upon.[3] Ogres had four fingers per hand. The Ogre Gantu wore simple clothing: a green shirt, an orange belt, red pants, and orange shoes.[1]

The Ogre face featured pointed ears,[1] close-set eyes, a small nose, and a wide mouth[3] with a red tongue.[2] Their few teeth appeared to grow from their lips rather than their gums. The Ogre Gantu had black eyebrows[3] and a few scraggly black hairs growing from the tips of his ears and the top of his head.[2]

Society and cultureEdit

"Me afraid of dark!"
Gantu cave

Gantu the Ogre lived in a large cave.

At least one Ogre lived in the Zandor region of the Forest Moon of Endor. He inhabited a large cave with a tall ceiling so that he could comfortably stand at his full height.[5] The Ogre made a living by raiding settlements of other sentients for provisions.[1]

Whether through robbery or manufacture, Endor's Ogre had access to simple items, including sleeping furs, storage pots,[5] and stone bowls.[6] He wielded a spiked wooden club in combat. Ogres were capable of learning alien languages. The Ogre Gantu, for example, spoke Ewokese, albeit with broken fluency.[2]

Ogres ate various foodstuffs, including honey. Nevertheless, they had no compunctions about eating other sentient beings, as Gantu demonstrated by chasing down Ewoks for his dinner bowl.[1] The beings had a tendency to drool, and at least one specimen suffered from nyctophobia, a strong fear of night and the darkness associated with it.[2]


"Long ago we were plagued by the evil Ogre, Gantu, who lived across the Gorge of Fire in the barren land of Zandor! Gantu would steal our supplies of honey… and when that was gone his appetite would turn to the taste of Ewok people!"
Chirpa robs Gantu

Chief Chirpa stole the bridge crystal from Gantu and prevented the Ogre from crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

The Ogre Gantu settled in the land of Zandor on the Forest Moon of Endor. His fear of darkness led him to cut down the region's sunnydew flowers,[7] the nectar of which he used to light up his cave.[6] The act also dried out the region, killed off most of its plant life, and earned Gantu the enmity of a group of sentients known as the Zandor Rockers.[7]

At some point, Gantu gained possession of the bridge crystal, a prismatic stone that, when held to the sun, created a Rainbow Bridge and allowed passage across the Gorge of Fire to Ewok lands.[5] Gantu began raiding the settlement Bright Tree Village, where he stole honey and Ewoks to eat.[1] One night, Gantu awoke to find the Ewok chief, Chirpa, in his cave. Chirpa fled Zandor, taking with him the bridge crystal and some sunnydew nectar. With no access to the Rainbow Bridge, Gantu was confined to his home territory. He swore revenge on the Ewoks.[5]

Years later, in 3 ABY,[8] Gantu once again found thieves in his cave: the Ewoks Teebo and Wicket W. Warrick and a single Zandor Rocker.[2] In the mêlée that ensued, the bridge crystal was destroyed, but Gantu became doused in sunnydew nectar. His body glowed, so he happily ran off with no fear of dark places. The permanent destruction of the bridge crystal brought his raids into Ewok territory to an end.[9]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Ogre Gantu appears in Ewoks 1: The Rainbow Bridge, the first issue of the Ewoks comic book from Marvel Comics. The story was written by Dave Manak and illustrated by Warren Kremer. It was first published in May 1985.[10]

Much of the Ogres' background remains unexplored. Nevertheless, sources imply that the species was not native to Endor. According to Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, Endor's only native species were Ewoks and Yuzzums.[11] "Castaways of Endor" makes Duloks native to the moon as well but otherwise agrees with this assessment.[12] These two sources and another, "Endor and the Moddell Sector," rationalize the large number of non-native sentients on the moon by pointing to unfavorable astronavigational conditions that existed in the region, such as a large gravity shadow and a great debris cloud around Endor.[13] However, these works do not explicitly deny that Ogres hailed from the Forest Moon, so the species cannot definitively be said to have hailed from another world.

The Coruscani ogres share a similar name to Endor's Ogres, but no relationship has been established between the two species.[14]


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