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"They are devious and deceitful and most importantly, stupid."
―Count Dooku[2]

The Ohnaka Gang was a gang of pirates led by Hondo Ohnaka that was based on the planet Florrum during the Clone Wars, being comprised mostly of Weequay, but also included Nikto, Bith, Jawa, and Ishi Tib pirates.


Foundation by Ohnaka[]

Five members of Ohnaka's gang.

Hondo began the pirate gang after he and several servants of Porla the Hutt fled from Boonta on Porla's skiff and took with them several Ubrikkian tanks and Starhawk speeder bikes.[1] Ohnaka eventually managed to accumulate much wealth using an unknown method.[2]

The pirates were known to use swoops, tanks, Flarestar-class attack shuttles and a Surronian cruiser in combat. Their main choice of weapons consisted mainly of Weequay blaster lances and blaster pistols. The gang itself was made up of Weequays and Kajain'sa'Nikto, as well as some Bith, Ishi Tib, and Jawas. The organization's base of operations was located on the Outer Rim world of Florrum.[2]

Capture of Count Dooku[]

"Well, well. What do we have here?"
"Who are you?"
"More importantly, my friend, who are you?"
―Hondo Ohnaka and Count Dooku[2]

While on Vanqor for unknown reasons, the pirates discovered the Sith Lord Count Dooku, fresh from a battle against Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and his heavily damaged solar sailer. Ohnaka offered him passage to Florrum, a planet six parsecs away. When they arrived at Ohnaka's base, the pirate revealed his true intention of offering Dooku for ransom to the Republic at 1,000,000 credits in spice.[2] Chancellor Palpatine sent Kenobi and Skywalker to confirm the capture of Dooku and negotiate with the pirates, but they too were captured by the pirates, because Ohnaka greedily desired to triple the spice ransom.[2]

One of the pirates' ships which transported Count Dooku from Vanqor.

Turk Falso, Ohnaka's lieutenant, and Barb Mentir, a fellow pirate, conspired together in betraying the gang and stealing the spice for themselves. Mentir managed to shoot down the Republic shuttle carrying the spice ransom with a Flarestar-class Weequay ship, killing the pilots as well as Senator Kharrus. Jar Jar Binks, Commander Stone and the remaining clone troopers were then attacked by Falso and half a dozen pirates, utilizing swoop bikes. They stole the spice from the shuttle, but the Republic forces chased the pirates by riding on skalders and managed to retrieve the spice.[3]

A group of pirates inside their base.

Falso returned back to the base and, in Ohnaka's presence, claimed that the Republic hadn't sent the spice, but instead, an army. The deceived leader gave Falso permission to send pirate tanks to wipe out the army. The plan failed and the power line to the base was destroyed. During the chaos that followed in the now darkened outpost, the hostages managed to escape. Dooku killed a guard, Mentir, and Falso, stealing a saucer craft and escaping Florrum. The Jedi held Ohnaka with a lightsaber to the throat, while the Republic forces arrived in two stolen tanks. Skywalker released Ohnaka once the Jedi felt that Dooku had left Florrum. The wise leader ordered his men to stand down and allowed the Republic forces leave in the Twilight, in awe at the honorable Jedi.[3]

Attack on Felucia[]

Gwarm and another pirate prepare to retreat as countless bodies lay behind them.

Sometime after the capture of Count Dooku, Ohnaka and the band attacked a small Nysillin farmer settlement on the planet Felucia. If the villagers would not give him a portion of their crop every harvest, he threatened to destroy them and their homes. Seeking protection for themselves and their crops, they hired a band of bounty hunters consisting of Sugi, Seripas, Embo, and Rumi Paramita, who drove a far more reasonable bargain than the pirates. The hunters were further reinforced when Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Skywalker's Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, crashed onto the planet and realized the villagers were being wronged. A fierce battle later ensued, where Ohnaka's gang was driven close to defeat. Noticing this, Ohnaka opened fire on the village using his WLO-5 speeder tank, killing Rumi and injuring Embo. The feared pirate dueled Skywalker with an Electrostaff, but was defeated. Using resourceful cunning, the clever, albeit sly, pirate was able to escape in his Corona-class ship, declaring that the operation was no longer profitable.[4]

Aurra Sing incident[]

The Ohnaka Gang watches as Ahsoka Tano chases after Aurra Sing.

At some point after the skirmish on Felucia, Aurra Sing, Ohnaka's former girlfriend, landed on Florrum requesting help. Ohnaka welcomed her but asserted his group's neutrality, stating it was her affair and that he would neither help nor hinder her. The Jedi Plo Koon and Ahsoka Tano later arrived, on the trail of Sing, and Ohnaka led them into the bounty hunter's trap—while informing them about it, in order to prove his neutrality. After the negotiation went south, Sing escaped, betraying Boba Fett by leaving him to be captured, and stealing one of the gang's speeder bikes. Watching Tano chase after, Ohnaka ordered his men to stand down. Koon then attempted to find out the location of a group of Republic soldiers Sing had taken captive. He brought Fett to Ohnaka, who convinced him by telling him it was the honorable thing to do and that it was what his father would have done. This eventually convinced Fett, who gave up the location of the soldiers. Meanwhile, Sing attempted to escape in Slave I but crashed due to Tano cutting of part of its port wing and causing various other damage. Sing was believed to be deceased by the Republic, though Ohnaka later rescued Sing from the wreckage.[5]

Battle of Florrum[]

"You bring unwanted attention to our little world here, bounty hunter."
"Hondo! Extend a neighborly hand to a Weequay in need, would you?"
"Oh, but of course! We will offer our hospitality. And determine who wants you so badly, and for how much!"
―Shahan Alama asks Hondo Ohnaka for help[6]

Ohnaka and his gang meets with Shahan Alama.

At some point subsequent to this, Weequay bounty hunter Shahan Alama crash-landed onto the planet in his Flarestar-class ship, after being shot down by a Republic gunship. Over the planet, a fleet consisting of a Munificent-class frigate and dozens of droid starfighters under the command of a Neimoidian captain, drawn out by Alama, mistaking him for a member of the Ohnaka Gang, battled Republic forces. Ohnaka, who spotted Alama crash down, traveled to where he had seen the bounty hunter crash. Alama claimed he was seeking aid, though Hondo revealed his intentions to sell him to the highest bidder.[6]

Raid on the Crucible[]

"Hondo, the Jedi Council will not take kindly to this attack."
―Ahsoka Tano to Hondo Ohnaka[7]

In 20 BBY, the Ohnaka Gang set their sights on the Jedi training cruiser Crucible, which was transporting a class of Jedi Initiates back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, for its supply of lightsaber crystals from Ilum. Ohnaka yearned to convert the younglings' crystals into easy profit on the black market, and prepared a boarding party.[7]

The pirate saucer pelted the Crucible with missile strikes aimed at the cruiser's hyperdrive. This resulted in the ship losing power, allowing Ohnaka to lead multiple pirates aboard the Crucible.[7]

The pirates surround a group of young Jedi.

The Jedi present on the Crucible hid in the ventilation shaft, though they were eventually found, and forced to fight the pirates. After attempting to make a daring escape, the Jedi were nearly stopped by a large force of pirates until Ahsoka Tano was able to render all uninvited guests unconscious. Tano dueled Ohnaka to provide enough time for the other Jedi to pilot the ship into hyperspace, while a pirate gaining consciousness was soon dazed a second time as the Jedi escaped. Eventually the pirates were roughly thrown back into their ship, though they managed to captured a rebellious Tano whom they hoped to turn into profit.[7]

Rescue on Florrum[]

The Jedi who had not been captured later managed to infiltrate the pirate base without being noticed, and briefly freed Tano. After at least one pirate was killed, a brief chase ensued, in which the Jedi were once again captured.[8]

Second battle of Florrum[]

As the captured Jedi were being brought back by two pirates, Ohnaka's base was attacked by General Grievous, seeking revenge for the ill treatment Count Dooku had previously received. A least five pirates were killed, and the rest were imprisoned. Noticing this, the pirates holding the Jedi captive struck a deal with their captives, with both sides agreeing to fight together against a common enemy. The plan worked, though another pirate was killed. Upon meeting with Republic forces, Ohnaka and the surviving pirates claimed they were graciously staging a rescue for the Jedi, and that a bill would be sent to compensate for the Ohnaka Gang's losses.[9]

Maul's Machinations[]

A large group of traitorous pirates charge toward their fellow Weequay.

Much later, Sith Lord Darth Maul and his newly-appointed apprentice Savage Opress bribed several lieutenants within the Ohnaka Gang into joining them, followed by a deadly offensive against Ohnaka and the members of his gang that remained loyal to him. The skirmish was joined by Obi-Wan and Jedi Master Adi Gallia, who had been able to track the Sith. The Jedi engaged Maul and Opress in a lightsaber duel where Gallia was however defeated and killed by Savage. Obi-Wan retreated further into the camp with Ohnaka and the few surviving pirates, where they staged a trap to divide the Sith Lords from their pirate forces. Separated from their troops, Obi-Wan was able to sever Savage's arm and forced the brothers to retreat while their forces surrendered to their former leader. The gang members on both sides were soon united once again, and Ohnaka ordered his men to recover the credits from the Siths' freighter, shooting down the ship as it took off. Maul and Opress however, managed to escape. Despite that fact, the pirates ended up with much wealth and weaponry, delighting Ohnaka.[10]


A pair of WLO-5 speeder tanks belonging to Ohnaka's gang

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