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"Does anyone have any oil? I'm a little stiff..."
―A B1 battle droid[src]

Oil was a slippery substance used as a lubricant for mechanical devices as well as for medicine, nourishment, and cooking. Droids were often given oil baths to remove contaminants from their mechanical parts. At times, oil could get clogged in a droid's photoreceptors. When C-3PO was treated to an oil bath that used this particular type of oil, he remarked that his olfactory sensors were strangely affected by it.[source?] Petroleum was a type of oil that was used in the processing of plastics.

On Drexel, Governor Quarg's band of marooned pirates procured oil by extracting it from the planet's native fish population. On Maridun, the Lurmen colonists extracted oils from enormous seedpods for use as nourishment and medicine.[3]

Types of oils used in cooking included Aola, Foyvè oil, Groundnut oil, Levsh oil, Pepper oil, and Zaffa oil.

Passel Argente, Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance, possessed an orange cloak in 19 BBY that was covered in some type of oil.

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