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Ojom was a frozen ocean planet located within the Deep Core and the homeworld of the Besalisk. Largely inhospitable, several space stations hung in orbit so as to accommodate other species less acclimated to the cold.


A Besalisk, native to Ojom

A frozen ocean world in the Deep Core, Ojom was the homeworld of the Besalisk, a four-armed species. Because of the oceanic nature of the planet, Besalisks survived by creating a commune upon the many glaciers adrift on the world's oceans. Despite the several separate communities, the planet was sparsely populated. Many space stations orbited the world, and the populations on these stations actually exceeded that of those communities planetside. The stations filled the role of starports for the planet, and accommodations were much more hospitable than those on Ojom.[4]


Discovered by the galactic community following the Ruusan Reformation of the Galactic Republic, Ojom had no standing government outside of the communal arbiters which governed each community. As such, Ojom could not petition for representation in the Senate of the Galactic Republic, something which the Besalisks had no interest in doing in any case.[5] Content to let galactic affairs continue without their involvement, Ojom avoided Imperial occupation by means of the Besalisks' underworld contacts with the Hutts, though these bargains ended with Ojom becoming woefully indebted. Indeed, many Besalisks ended up enslaved to the Hutt Cartel as they struggled to pay the terrible price of their planet remaining free of the Empire's control. To this end, the planet became infested with criminal elements during the Galactic Civil War, typically due to offworlders committing crimes against each other.[4]

After his defeat during the Post–Zsinj campaigns around 8 ABY, High Admiral Treuten Teradoc fled in the Deep Core where he created his small empire. Ojom was one of the planets controlled by the warlord. Like the other Deep Core systems, the Ojom system was abandoned by the Imperial Remnant after the Imperial Reunification in 12 ABY.[5]


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