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Okalin was a Bivall male assistant and advisor to King Sanjay Rash of Onderon during the Clone Wars.


Okalin became Sanjay's royal advisor at around 20 BBY, after he had taken the throne from Ramsis Dendup, the former king of Onderon. With a network of contacts spread throughout the walled city of Iziz, Okalin was able to stay abreast of the shifting tides of fears and sympathy that gripped the Onderonian citizens during the Clone Wars. Okadin though of warning Sanjay Rash of "terrorist strikes" that threatened his life, but the even-tempered advisor was careful not to provoke the ire of the king or his war leaders.

Okalin was with Rash both when he was conferring with Count Dooku and when he was threatening Ramsis Dendup by execution, who was secretly conspiring with the Onderon rebels.

Okalin was also with Rash when he was arguing with Kalani and Tandin.

After failing to end the rebel movement's gaining of the public affiliation, Okalin was present when Dooku announced to support Rash and his affiliates no longer and Kalani killed the King of Onderon. Okalin quickly raised his hands, not wanting to suffer the same fate.

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