The Okonomo Tragedy was a gruesome incident that took place on the planet of Alderaan around the year 32 BBY, during the annual Grand Alderaanian Gathering. As every year, a number of Alderaanian noblemen, intellectuals, scientists, and philanthropists had been invited at the Okonomo Retreat, on the island of Okonomo, for the Grand Gathering. However, the genetics terrorist Zeta Magnus, who was the result of a freak experiment years earlier, planned to get revenge on one of his creators, an Arkanian matron who attended the gathering. Magnus managed to unleash a vicious hive virus that prompted all attendees of the Grand Gathering to devour each other's flesh and organs. The victims included Ean and Zollet Ventor, a couple of librarians who represented the House of Organa. For such a peaceful planet as Alderaan, the Okonomo Tragedy was a particularly traumatic event. The son of Ean and Zollet Ventor, the young Halagad, was deeply traumatized by the loss of his parents.[1]

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