Olag Greck was a partner of Baron Pitareeze.


Greck was a partner of Baron Pitareeze, when the Baron was trying to get his shipbuilding business off the ground. He betrayed the Baron, stealing his plans for the Pitareeze Cruiser while the Baron slept, and produced cheaper versions of it. He sold these claiming that they were his own original designs. When key components of Greck's ships failed, however, he begged for the Baron's help in fixing the flaws, but Pitareeze refused. Olag Greck then kidnapped the Baron's grandson, Nak Pitareeze and forced him to fix his ships. Greck's plan was foiled before the ships were fixed. C-3PO and R2-D2, who had come into the possession of the Pitareeze, helped stop several of his schemes. An angered Greck blamed the ship's failure on the Baron's intervention.

Greck ran a series of illegal operations on or around Hosk Station. One such operation was the droid arena, where combat droids were pitted against one another. Earlier, he had foolishly had IG-88B brought to the station to fight in the arena. IG-88B humiliated Greck, stealing a ship and escaping from Hosk. Greck also reprogrammed C-3PX to work for him, though the droid was ultimately defeated by R2-D2.

He was finally caught on Hosk, attempting to steal a load of ash ore. He planned to destroy the station to cover his escape. Unit Zed, along with C-3PO, R2-D2, and several other droids managed to prevent the detonation, but Greck still escaped. Unit Zed, C-3PO, and R2-D2 followed him to Nar Shaddaa, where he was going to meet with his acquaintance, Movo Brattakin. Damaged by Zed, Greck's ship crashed into the hangar where Brattakin was waiting, fatally injuring him. Brattakin's head of security and Greck's former associate Jace Forno threw Greck in jail for killing Brattakin. Grek escaped and went to Boonda's Palace to make a deal with the Hutt. It was here that C-3PO and R2-D2 caught up with him again, though little did they know that all that was transpiring was part of Movo Brattakin's plan. Brattakin's faithful droid, B-9D7, had extracted his master's brain from his dying body and transplanted it into his own cranium. He appeared at the palace, threatening to destroy it if anyone moved. It was then that Jace Forno arrived, and unfortunately for Brattakin, Forno betrayed him, decapitating his droid body with a blaster bolt. Greck tried to continue with his business with Boonda, but instead became Boonda's captive. Greck later escaped, and went underground for several years before he turned up again on Corellia, where he earned a reputation as a disreputable businessbeing.

He was the leader of the Greck, which was a gang that consisted of thugs hired by him to carry out dirty jobs.[1]



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