"The place is deserted."
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Olankur was a region on the planet Mandalore,[1] the Mandalorians' cultural homeworld in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy.[2] Located on the southwest coast of the planet's northern continent, Olankur was a significant distance from Mandalore's capital city of Keldabe.[1] Like most of Mandalore's northern hemisphere, Olankur possessed an abundance of veshok trees.[3]

A hunting lodge was built in Olankur, and later abandoned at a point in time prior to 19 BBY. That year, Mand'alor Fenn Shysa met with the Mandalorian soldier Kal Skirata at the Olankur lodge to discuss issues pertaining to the future of Mandalore.[1]

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The region of Olankur first appeared in Star Wars canon in the 2009 novel, Imperial Commando: 501st by author Karen Traviss.

Olankur's name appears to be derived from the Mando'a language, specifically the words olan, meaning "hundred", and kurshi, meaning "tree".[4]

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