Old High Trammic, also known simply as High Trammic, was a language that was widespread throughout the region that would one day become the Centrality, in the days before Basic was introduced there, and was still spoken in some circles after Basic's introduction.

The exact origin of Old High Trammic was unknown, though some believed it to have been invented by the Sharu before they became the Toka people, as all of the Toka's chants were in a variant of the language. Regardless of its origin, it took its name from the planet Trammis III in the Trammis system.

In approximately 6 BBY, Lando Calrissian visited Trammis III and learned Old High Trammic. Although the Toka's variant was different enough that he could not consciously translate it when he heard it two years later, he knew it sounded familiar somehow. As he spent a night in a jail on Rafa IV, the Toka chanted outside the walls all night, and his brain deciphered it as he slept.



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