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Old Jho's Pit Stop was a repair facility and cantina in the outpost Jhothal on the planet Lothal. It was named after its owner, an Ithorian named Jho. The crew of the Ghost were regulars, and would sometimes use the cantina as safe harbor.


One of the few places where Lothal's old frontier spirit still survived,[5] Old Jho's Pit Stop was a remote repair facility[6] and docking bay[7] located in the heart of a small outpost informally known as "Jhothal,"[1] both of which were named after the facility's owner, an Ithorian named Jho.[2][8] Located hours from Capital City,[5] the Pit Stop's main attraction was a[6] quaint[8] cantina where Old Jho served drinks,[6] popular with locals and travelers alike,[2] beneath which was a storeroom.[9] A holoprojector was mounted on the wall behind the bar.[6] Jho kept his antiquated hauler beneath a tarp behind the Pit Stop.[9] Although a very friendly bar owner, the Ithorian kept a hunting blaster under the counter in case of troublemakers.[8]

Many of Jho's furnishing were made from repurposed goods, such as lamps built from pit droids and an overhead fan made out of a gunship engine, as well as repurposed moisture vaporator tanks.[8] Scavenged relics from the Clone Wars were scattered around the bar to remind patrons of the galaxy's wartime history, including a Phase I clone trooper helmet[8]on a shelf behind the bar[10] and what appeared to be the nose of a Low Altitude Assault Transport known as the Crumb Bomber, which Jho claimed was authentic,[1] was mounted above its hangar bay entrance.[10] The repair facility's signage, written in a combination of Outer Rim Basic and Aurebesh, was featured on a pair of LAAT/i wings attached on either side of the gunship's nose.[11]

The Pit Stop was said to be the only place on Lothal where one could enjoy refreshments while their vehicle's power converters were being changed. Unlike some, Jho did not discriminate, and as long as one had credits to spare, he would serve whatever a customer wanted, which included humans, humanoids, and even droids, whether it was bantha milk or lubricator fluid.[6] However, Old Jho's Pit Stop was not particularly Empire-friendly, ignoring an Imperial mandate that the HoloNet News be played at all times.[2] Despite this, TIE fighter pilots and other Imperials could still be found there.[5] The Pit stop offered a discreet meeting place to smugglers, gamblers, and the occasional Imperial.[8]

Jho served simple meals and drinks[8] such as spicebrew, ice-cold fizzy,[6] and ice water,[9] as well as deserts such as space waffles with muja sauce, minced Loth-rat pie, jogan fruitcake, blue milk custard, and spiced nysillin tea.[12] After Jho was executed for aiding the Rebellion in 1 BBY, the bar was taken over by Baron Valen Rudor, who turned it into a haunt popular with Imperial personnel.[4]


In 1 BBY, Jho was executed for attempting to help suspected members of a rebel cell. His bar was seized by the Empire, and given to Baron Valen Rudor, who converted the cantina into a place that was popular among Imperial personnel. While eluding Imperial forces, Ezra Bridger along with Sabine Wren visited Jho's former cantina only to learn about Jho's execution. Before Rudor could question the visitors, an old friend Jai Kell paid for their drinks. Kell had already joined Ryder Azadi's Lothal resistance group and led the Spectres to Ryder's rendezvous point.[4]



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