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The Old Man was a male Human Force-sensitive who lived sometime after the Battle of Yavin during the Galactic Civil War, a galaxy-wide conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During this time, he visited a Force-sensitive spacer and asked the traveler if they ever considered the possibility that they were Force-sensitive, which the spacer had. The old man gave the spacer a Force crystal which he said would help them find out for sure. The spacer was eventually attacked by two Sith Shadows who had come looking for the crystal. The spacer killed them and looted a datapad from their bodies. The datapad led the spacer to a Sith Shadow camp on the planet Dathomir. When the spacer arrived at the camp, they were attacked by more Sith Shadows but the spacer managed to kill them as well. The spacer looted another datapad from one of them which had coordinates to a village on Dathomir known as Aurilia. The spacer traveled to the village and discovered it to be a commune for Force-sensitive individuals. The villagers confirmed the spacer's Force sensitivity and welcomed them to their village.


The first time he visited this person, he granted them access to the village of Aurilia on Dathomir. There, he gave the individual a Force crystal to protect. This crystal attracted the attention of two Sith Shadows whom the individual had to defeat. After 24 hours, the man once again visited the Force-sensitive, this time tasking them with killing Mellichae.

An unknown period of time later, after Aurilia had prospered from a small village into a township, the Old Man was seen again on the remote Forest Moon of Endor. He was imprisoned in a small base, closely guarded by several Dark Jedi in the Desert of Salma.

Behind the scenes[]

The Old Man visited players in Star Wars Galaxies when the player character became Force-sensitive. On his first visit he gave players a quest that allowed access to the village of Aurilia. After the player had completed the necessary quests in Aurilia, the Old Man once again visited him and gave him the quest to kill Mellichae.

When the game was changed in November 2005 and Jedi became a starter profession, the Old Man was no longer seen. After Chapter 7 (November 2007), the Old Man was discovered in a prison-like camp on Endor.



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