The Old Ways was the main religion on Zakuul before the rise of Emperor Valkorion.


The Old Ways originated millennia before the time of Galactic War when Zakuul became one of the many worlds on which the Iokath species deployed their weapons known as the Six Gods for testing purposes. Massive titan battle droids designated Izax, Scyva, Tyth, Aivela, Esne, and Nahut, the Six Gods subjugated and destroyed entire civilizations, killing trillions. The survivors on Zakuul worshipped the weapons as Gods and over centuries their true origins were forgotten.[1] The Six were worshipped as a family, with Izax and Scyva being the parents, and the rest - their children. The pre-existing deity Zildrog based on another Iokath superweapon was also absorbed into the Old Ways, treated as an aspect of Izax. Survivors of apocalyptic destruction believed that their lives belonged to Izax and that their fate was at the whim of the Gods, with the infidels called Demons and cast out from society. Eventually, a prophecy emerged of a Demon Savior, who would topple the Old Gods and usher in a new era of prosperity. When Vitiate came to Zakuul and founded the Eternal Empire under the name Valkorion, he used the prophecy to proclaim himself Demon Savior and launched a campaign against the Old Ways.[2] It was successful and over centuries the names of the Gods remained nothing more than figures of speech. By the time Valkorion's son Arcann became Emperor, following the Old Ways became outlawed and was punishable by exile.[3]


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