"That's what I said. Clear out the thruster compartment, there's a radiation leak we have to lock down in there!"

Olum was a Chief engineer in the Imperial military during the Galactic Civil War. He served aboard Blackguard, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer commanded by Grand Admiral Andal Sait. He was involved in the schemes of a Rodian smuggler Ubis Reendorr.



Chief Engineer Olum aboard the Blackguard.

At some point Olum was contacted by Reendorr, who needed to smuggle a Rebel agent aboard Blackguard. Olum found the Rebel, smuggled aboard inside a cargo container with a shipment of bacta, and provided him with Imperial uniforms and a datapad with the ship's layout. The Rebel got himself into a firefight with Imperials, but was able to get what he came for. Olum covered his escape by pointing him the way to a nearby shuttle and adjusting the ship's transponder, which allowed the agent to escape the Star Destroyer.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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