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"I would not discount Omega's insight. A state of heightened awareness is not unusual for an enhanced clone such as herself."
―Tech, in regards to Omega[1]

Omega was an unmodified, yet enhanced human female clone created from the genetic template of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett who lived in the years following the Clone Wars. Originally created as a pure genetic replication of Fett, she was a medical assistant to Nala Se and spent her days working in Tipoca City on the clone homeworld of Kamino. When the war ended in 19 BBY, she took an interest in Clone Force 99, a squad of clone commandos who had genetic mutations. Led by Hunter, the squad, consisting of Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo, had returned to Kamino from a battle on Kaller and encountered the newly-created Galactic Empire in the aftermath of Order 66. Later, when Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin arrived on Kamino to assess the clone troopers, Clone Force 99 rejected the Empire's new orders. Omega would join Clone Force 99 and escape Kamino, although Crosshair chose to stay behind and serve the new regime.

Omega accompanied Clone Force 99 on their subsequent visit to the Lawquane's Farm on Saleucami, which was her first time away from Kamino. There, she made friends with the Lawquane children, Shaeeah and Jek, and helped secure the family's escape by delivering forged chain codes to them so they could board a transport. Although Hunter wanted her to go along with the family on the transport, Omega insisted on remaining with Clone Force 99.

After Omega drew the attention of the bounty hunter Fennec Shand during the Bad Batch's supply run on the moon Pantora, the group made their way to an informant named Ciddarin Scaleback, whom Echo knew that the Jedi trusted during the war. Omega was given a comlink and the group pulled off a job on Ord Mantell in exchange for information on Shand as well as credits. The Bad Batch would begin working for Cid, with the group pulling a job on Corellia shortly after their first successful work.

Omega would soon meet Captain Rex, a former soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic and associate of the Bad Batch. When Rex realized that the group still had their inhibitor chips, he implored them to get them removed. Omega and the others would join him on Bracca so the rest of the group could undergo a procedure inside a downed Venator-class Star Destroyer and get the chips removed. After Rex departed, the group would soon be discovered by the Empire. After being pursued by Crosshair and his forces, Omega was eventually kidnapped by a third party: the bounty hunter Cad Bane. She would eventually escape Bane when he landed at a facility on Bora Vio to collect his payment, and after evading Bane and the recently arrived Shand, she was rescued by the other members of the Bad Batch.

When Hunter was captured by the Empire on a mission on Daro, Omega and the others returned to Kamino to rescue him. Omega assisted in freeing him from Crosshair and his squad, but when the Batch tried to flee, Imperial Star Destroyers bombarded Tipoca City, sending it sinking to the ocean floor. The group, along with AZI-3 and Crosshair, followed Omega through the Kamino tube system back to the ship, but when the elevator was broken, the group floated to the surface in cloning pods, guided through the debris by AZI-3. When the droid sacrificed the last of his power to save Omega, she dived into the water after him and rescued him thanks to Crosshair saving them both. When the Batch offered Crosshair a place among them once again, he declined. Omega thanked him for saving her and reminded him that he was still their brother, and hers, before leaving Kamino with her squad.

She would go on to become a skilled user of the Zygerrian energy bow and would accompany the Bad Batch on many jobs and adventures, including on Serenno, Safa Toma, Skara Nal, and Kashyyyk. She and the squad would also visit Coruscant when Rex asked them to help Senator Riyo Chuchi, who was fighting for the rights of all clone troopers in the Galactic Senate. With their help, Chuchi was able to expose the destruction of Tipoca City, but it only amounted to the Emperor manipulating the Senate into allowing for new military measures that did not benefit the clones. Furthermore, Echo departed from the squad, joining Rex's Clone Underground. Omega tearfully said goodbye to Echo, although he promised he would not be gone forever. Omega struggled with Echo's absence, and when the Marauder was hijacked and stolen on Ipsidon, the squad's tight-knit togetherness was further threatened. Omega grew frustrated with her brothers and their willingness to move on and accept change, although after an important conversation with Tech, she realized that they were all dealing with it in their own way.

Having cut ties with Cid, the Bad Batch would work with the friendly pirate Phee Genoa, and Omega took an interest in her outlandish tales of adventure. They would eventually visit the remote paradise of Pabu, an island community that lay peacefully off the Empire's radar. Although Hunter wanted to stay on the island permanently and give Omega a peaceful life, they would learn that Crosshair had become an Imperial prisoner following Echo returning and presenting them with Imperial information as well as the group receiving a transmission from Crosshair, who had momentarily escaped and warned them that the Empire was still hunting them. In fact, Omega specifically was still a person of interest to Imperial researcher Doctor Royce Hemlock, who wanted to capture her to force Kaminoan cloning specialist Nala Se into working for the Empire's secret cloning project on Mount Tantiss.

The Batch made a plan to rescue Crosshair, traveling to Eriadu to locate Hemlock there and use him to find Crosshair. However, the mission proved disastrous, as they only escaped Imperial capture when Tech sacrificed himself and fell to his death. The whole squad was heartbroken, and Omega was devastated. Their return to Ord Mantell was equally calamitous, as Cid had sold them out to the Empire. Omega would be captured and taken to Mount Tantiss where she would meet another female clone named Emerie Karr. On Mount Tantiss, Omega would be imprisoned and forced to be a lab assistant to Karr and Nala Se. Although Nala Se tried to protect Omega from involvement in her research by destroying her blood samples, eventually, her blood was tested, causing the Kaminoan to facilitate Omega's escape. With the help of Nala Se's datapad, Omega rescued Crosshair, who had also been imprisoned and tested on, and together, the two narrowly made it off the planet.

Omega was overjoyed to be reunited with the Bad Batch, and while Crosshair's return initially caused some friction, he was welcomed back as well. Soon after her return, Omega learned from intel gathered by Rex's Clone Underground that she was still one of the Empire's highest-priority M-count targets and was being pursued by Clone X troopers. Omega was forced to lay low on Pabu while the others gathered information on why the Empire was so determined to find her. After Hunter and Wrecker did a mission with Fennec Shand in exchange for information about M-count, the former Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress found them on Pabu to pass along the information they had sought, which was that M-count targets were potentially strong with the Force. Despite the rest of the squad being distrustful of the former Separatist agent, Omega wanted to trust her and underwent several tests to see if she was in tune with the Force, as Ventress had suggested.

After Ventress left Pabu, Hunter decided that Omega and the squad should leave the island, not wanting the Empire to also discover them there. However, it was too late. As they prepared to leave, an Imperial division arrived, destroying the Marauder and ransacking the town from the top down. As Omega and the others hid, Omega decided that she would have to turn herself over to the Empire to prevent any more harm to the civilians of Pabu. She surrendered to CX-2, with Crosshair being tasked with planting a tracker on the assassin's ship. However, he failed to do so, and Omega was brought back to Tantiss without knowing that her brothers had no way to find her. Back at Tantiss, Doctor Hemlock introduced her to the other subjects in their experiment, several Force-sensitive children who were being kept in the Tantiss vault. At the same time that her brothers began an attack on Tantiss in an effort to free her, Omega plotted her own escape alongside her fellow children. After aiding in the escape of the children and other imprisoned clones, Omega was briefly recaptured by Hemlock, though he was killed as Hunter and Crosshair rescued her. After the escape from Tantiss, Omega and the rest of Clone Force 99 returned to Pabu, where they continued to live. At some point, Omega set out to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a pilot.


Creation and the Clone Wars


Omega's homeworld was the watery world of Kamino.

Created in the private laboratory of Kaminoan scientist Nala Se on the[6] extragalactic planet Kamino in the star system of the same name,[7] Omega was an unmodified clone with enhancements created from the genetic template of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett.[2] Although she was unlike Fett in that she was a female,[1] she was one of only two clones that were pure genetic copies of the original Fett template—the other being Boba Fett (Alpha)—though Omega was unaware of this until later on in her childhood.[2] Omega worked as a medical assistant to Nala Se,[1] enabling her to be present for the creation of Clone Force 99 in Se's private laboratory. Although she was present to see their mutations enhanced, the clone commandos were soon sent to be with the other clone troopers the Kaminoans had made, leaving Omega alone once more.[6]

During the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Clone Force 99—who took to calling themselves "the Bad Batch"—and the other clone troopers were sent across the galaxy to fight the Confederacy of Independent Systems,[8] while Omega remained on Kamino. Nevertheless, she remembered the name of each member of the Bad Batch, even coming to learn that they had been joined by CT-1409 "Echo,"[1] a cyborg Clone Corporal who joined the squad after the Battle of Anaxes.[9] However, she was never able to meet the Bad Batch throughout the course of the war. Stuck on Kamino, she did not feel like she fit in with the standard clone troopers who were stationed there.[1]

Rise of the Empire

Meeting the Bad Batch

"I like you. You don't fit in around here either."
―Omega, to the Bad Batch[1]
Bad batch trailer highlights

Omega meets Clone Force 99.

Omega finally had a chance to meet with the Bad Batch[1] in 19 BBY,[10] when they returned to Kamino after the Conquest of Kaller, a conflict that had been suddenly ended by the execution of Order 66 and the end of the Clone Wars. During the Proclamation of the New Order, Omega stood by Nala Se's side and briefly made eye contact with the Bad Batch's leader, Hunter, only to vanish once he was distracted. Following the assembly, Omega approached the Bad Batch and introduced herself, addressing each member of the squad by name. When they asked what she was doing on Kamino, Nala Se appeared and explained Omega's position as her medical assistant with a tendency to wander before leading her away.[1]


Omega demands an apology for the Bad Batch.

Determined to grow closer to the Bad Batch, Omega decided to sit with them in the mess hall, which Tech noted was something that had never happened before. Unaware of her true nature as a clone, Hunter asked where her parents were. Omega barely had time to respond when another clone trooper made a passing remark, taunting the group by referring to them as the "Sad Batch." Taking offense, Omega threw food at the clone and demanded he apologize. Hunter tried to de-escalate the situation, but Wrecker threw an entire tray of food at the clone trooper and started a brawl. Omega later tried to claim responsibility for the incident when the Bad Batch were called in for punishment, but Hunter refused, giving her a warning to stay away from their squad to avoid getting herself into trouble.[1]

Omega later stood by Nala Se's side as she and the Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su attempted to convince Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin to consider the Bad Batch as an asset to the new Galactic Empire. However, Tarkin was more concerned about the squad's tendencies to disregard orders, especially since they had failed to comply with Order 66. Though she failed to comprehend most of what she overheard, Omega got the impression that Tarkin did not trust clones. She tried to warn Hunter of this as the Bad Batch was about to depart on a mission to the[1] planet[11] Onderon, but he dismissed her concerns. Nonetheless, she insisted on joining them, suspecting that it was no longer safe on Kamino. Hunter replied that change took time to get used to before departing with his squad.[1]


Omega is caught snooping in the Bad Batch's barracks

While the squad was gone, Omega was instructed by Nala Se to stay in the medical wing. However, she decided to ignore these instructions and instead, accompanied by her medical droid companion AZI-3, made her way to the squad's barracks. Omega looked around in awe at their gear, and although AZI-3 said that it was mostly worthless trinkets and scrap, Omega took interest it. AZI-3 reminded her that they should not have left the medical wing, but Omega told him that it was a research assignment, which excited the droid. She took a special interest in a photograph of the squad, but was eventually discovered by a force of clone shock troopers that had come to confiscate the squad's gear. She was incarcerated and given the designation Prisoner 0219 while being held in a prison cell.[1] She would later be joined in the custody by the Bad Batch, who were imprisoned following their refusal to act on Admiral Tarkin's orders to take out Saw Gerrera's rebel cell on Onderon.[1]

Escape from Kamino


Omega helping the Bad Batch fight Crosshair

As the group formulated an escape plan, Omega was tasked with sneaking out to deactivate the ray shield after Wrecker damaged a wall panel to allow her to escape the cell. The troopers eventually noticed that Omega was missing from the cell, but she then dropped down on them from the ceiling, recovering quickly to deactivate the ray shield and free the others, who incapacitated the troopers. As the group planned their next move, she told Hunter that their gear had been confiscated and was likely in the hangar, which they were able to recover. After the force geared up, one of their own, Crosshair, who had just been outfitted with new armor and had his inhibitor chip effects magnified, came to stop his former companions from leaving. After a fight that involved Omega firing a blaster for the first time and shooting Crosshair's weapon, the group escaped on the Bad Batch's ship, the Marauder.[1]

As the group discussed their next move, Omega gave Wrecker his tooka doll, Lula, which she had rescued during the battle, which greatly pleased him. She then made her way to the cockpit to look out at space for the first time. Eventually, the others moved to the cockpit as well, where Hunter let her sit, telling her to strap in as they made the jump to hyperspace en route to the Suolriep sector.[1] Omega's escape proved problematic for the Kaminoans, who desired access to her unaltered genetic template.[2]

The galaxy awaits

"What is this?"
"That would be dirt."
"It's amazing."
―Omega and Tech[12]

Omega experiences dirt for the first time.

Safely in hyperspace, Omega was amazed by the ship and explored every corner of it before falling asleep on the floor along with Wrecker. Deciding to visit an old ally, the group headed for[12] the planet[13] Saleucami to visit Cut Lawquane,[12] a clone who had long since deserted the Republic Army.[14] The Marauder landed a short distance away from Lawquane's Farm and the Bad Batch began to walk towards their homestead. When Omega walked out into the sun, she took her first steps into the rest of the galaxy beyond Kamino. She was in awe, having never experienced any environment besides the perpetual overcast of Kamino. She was fascinated with her new surroundings, using her hand to scoop up some up dirt, which she had never seen before, and laughing. As the group marched on, Omega continued to marvel at her surroundings, gazing in wonder at the plants and butterflies. When they reached the homestead, Hunter introduced Omega to Cut, his wife Suu, and his adopted children Shaeeah and Jek, who took her outside to play while the others talked inside.[12]


Omega unknowingly put herself in great danger.

Shaeeah and Jek showed Omega how to play catch with a ball, but Omega accidentally threw the ball beyond the fence. The two children told her not to worry about it and left the ball, going inside to pack, as the family was looking to leave Saleucami due to the growing Imperial presence. However, Omega decided to retrieve the ball herself, and, after traveling outside the perimeter fence, she drew the attention of a predatory nexu. Hunter and Suu came out to rescue her, chasing off the creature. When Hunter began to berate her for being irresponsible, Cut stepped in. As Omega tearfully apologized, Cut hugged her and told her she was safe, carrying her back inside. Eventually, Omega sat in the gunner's nest of the Marauder in sadness. Meanwhile, Hunter and Suu discussed the incident, with Suu telling Hunter that children always had a way of getting into trouble and that they needed help staying safe. When Cut joined them, Hunter asked if the Lawquanes would be willing to take Omega with them, saying that she needed a peaceful life and not one of risk and danger.[12]

Meanwhile, Echo and Tech worked on forging chain codes for the Lawquanes so they could leave Saleucami in safety. Omega overheard Tech and Echo discussing how they were going to get the data for the codes as well as the disks, and Tech decided that if they allowed the Marauder to be impounded at the spaceport, they would be able to sneak in and access the what they needed. However, they decided to go about the plan without telling Hunter first, only alerting the squad leader once the impound vessel was already taking the Marauder away. When Tech did communicate to Hunter about the plan, Omega listened to Hunter's angry reaction, telling Tech that turning in their ship was not his idea of a good plan. Tech replied that he had the situation under control, but when Hunter told him that Omega was on the ship, Tech and Echo were both surprised and concerned. Omega waved at the two aghast clones and smiled, telling Tech that she thought it was a good plan.[12]

As the Marauder was placed in the impound dock, a pair of clones boarded the vessel and searched it. Omega waited with Tech and Echo in a small space above the main cabin until they left. As Tech helped Omega down, Omega told them that the plan was working so far and asked how she could help. She was disappointed when Echo told her that she had experienced enough action so far and that they could handle it. She and Tech stayed together in the ship while Echo snuck in and stole chain codes for Tech to forge. When clone forces amassed near the ship, preventing Echo or Tech from passing the codes to Hunter, Wrecker, and the family, who had entered the spaceport and planned to pick them up before boarding the last shuttle, Omega grabbed the codes and snuck out herself to deliver them, succeeding in bringing them to the group.[12]

Choosing family

"I know I made a mistake, and I have a lot to learn, but you don't have to get rid of me. I left Kamino with you. This is where I wanna be."
―Omega, to Hunter[12]

Omega did not want to leave the Bad Batch

However, when Omega noted that Tech had made an extra one, Hunter pulled her aside and told her that she would be going along with the family. Omega was shocked and asked if she had done something wrong, but Hunter just said that they could give her a happy and peaceful life that he and his squad could not. Omega protested that she wanted to stay with them, but Hunter told her it was for her own good before going to rendezvous with the rest of the Bad Batch, who had been discovered and were battling clone troopers in the impound dock. In sorrow, Omega went along through the gate with Cut and his family, whose forged passes were approved. As they were about to enter the spaceport, Omega stared longingly at the Bad Batch, who were battling Imperial forces as Echo attempted to free the Marauder from the magnetic boot, which was preventing them from taking off. Suu gently asked if Omega was ready to go, but Omega then decided to disobey Hunter and follow the Bad Batch, returning to the ship on her own.[12]


Hunter and Omega after the skirmish

As Echo removed the magnetic clamps from the Marauder, the squad prepared for takeoff. Wrecker asked Hunter where Omega was, unaware that Hunter had intended for her to go with the Lawquanes, but before he could explain, Omega shouted for them to wait as she scrambled towards the ship. She made it back onboard just in time and the squad lifted off and escaped. After the harrowing adventure, Omega approached Hunter on the ship and apologized for disobeying him, but also to reaffirm her desire to be among them. She said that she knew she had made a mistake when she had gone beyond the fence and put herself in danger, but said that one mistake did not mean that they had to get rid of her. Hunter replied that if it was what she wanted, then they would be glad to have her even if he still had much to learn about taking care of her.[12]

Fitting in

"I'll go with you."
"No, that thing could be dangerous."
"I'm part of this squad now too, right?"
―Omega convinces Hunter to let her come with him to reclaim their capacitor[15]

After their escape from Saleucami, the group stayed on the move. They began to ration food as their supplies ran low. At one point, Omega was sitting on the floor looking at a datapad when Hunter passed out ration bars. Omega offered hers to Wrecker when the bigger clone expressed his disappointment at the rationing, but Hunter reminded Wrecker that Omega did not even have a proper place to sleep. Just then, the Marauder dropped out of hyperspace, with Tech stating that the ship was suffering from damage sustained on Saleucami. Wrecker helped Omega strap in as the shuttle crashed on the Ordo Moon.[15]

Omega remained in the cockpit as Echo and Tech went outside to replace the ship's capacitor. When they returned, they reported that the hull was being damaged by something outside. Omega saw a creature outside, and she yelled for the others to look. Tech deduced that the creature was an Ordo Moon Dragon, which fed on raw energy, and Echo checked the diagnostics and confirmed that the capacitor had been stolen. As Hunter prepared to go retrieve the device, Omega volunteered to come with him. Although he initially declined Omega's offer to join him, he relented and the pair donned breath masks and set off after the creature.[15]


Omega on the Ordo Moon.

Omega followed Hunter as he used his enhanced senses to track the creature. He eventually located it, but as he tried to grab the part, the dragon attacked him and knocked off his breath mask. Omega grabbed his mask for him and put it back on his face, but not before Hunter fell unconscious. Omega contacted the others with a comlink, but then decided to take Hunter's blaster pistol and flashlight and set off down the tunnels where the dragon disappeared. After some crawling, she located its den and the capacitor. When she returned to the surface, Hunter was worried for her safety, but Omega proudly displayed the part and reassured him that she was fine and said that she had completed their mission. Back onboard the ship, Wrecker showed Omega her new room he had set up for her in the gunner's nest. Omega expressed excitement and gratitude to Wrecker, telling the squad she had never had her own room before. Hunter then told her that she was now part of the squad.[15]

Pursued by dangerous foes

Exploring Pantora

As the Bad Batch discussed their next move, Omega was puzzled as to why Hunter suggested they go to the uninhabited Idaflor, saying that they should explore and reminding them that she has never seen the galaxy like they had. After the group remembered they were out of rations and low on fuel, Echo noted that he had overheard comm chatter that had their ship on the wanted list. The group decided to stop at the planet Pantora to resupply, which Omega was happy to visit and explore.[16]

Shand and Omega

Omega initially trusted the deceitful Shand

Upon landing, Wrecker and Tech stayed behind to scramble the ship's signature and refuel, while Omega joined Hunter and Echo on a quick supply run. As they made their way around Ro Station, Omega was again fascinated by a great variety of things she had never seen before. Noticing the citizens celebrating, she asked what they were doing, and Hunter said that they were celebrating the end of the war. As Hunter bartered with a trader, Omega looked at a clone trooper doll in the store. After she knocked over a container of them and was reprimanded by the merchant, she picked one up and showed it to Echo. When Hunter called Echo over to discuss selling him to the trader, who thought Echo was a droid due to his disguise, Omega noticed several voorpaks being transported along the street. She ran over to them, but as she was petting them, one of them grabbed the doll out of her hands with its mouth, causing Omega to chase after them. However, she quickly became lost, and in a very unfamiliar environment, was frightened until a woman approached her. Unaware that the newcomer was a bounty hunter named Fennec Shand,[16] who had been hired by Nala Se to capture her and bring her back to Kamino,[2] Omega gratefully accepted her help as Shand feigned compassion and promised to help her find her friends.[16]

As they walked, Shand asked Omega if she was hungry. Omega said that she was, and Shand proceeded to swipe two fruits from a nearby stand. Omega pointed out that she had not paid for the fruit, but Shand smiled and said that it was alright to break the rules sometimes. Omega, noticing that her new companion was armed, asked if Shand was a soldier, but Shand merely said that the galaxy was a dangerous place to be alone in. Omega agreed, saying that she was glad to have her squad to help look after her.[16]

Hunter, having deceived the merchant and made 3,000 credits by selling Echo, eventually realized Omega was missing and after searching, located her walking with Shand. Sensing danger, he engaged Shand, telling Omega to run before he was head-butted and stunned. Shand gave chase, and as Omega made it into the maintenance tunnels, she ran in to Wrecker, whom Hunter had dispatched to locate her. When Shand caught up, Omega climbed a ladder to the surface as Wrecker fought Shand. However, Wrecker was quickly defeated, and as Omega found herself on a tower next to heavy speeder traffic, Shand had her cornered. As Omega ended up hanging off of the tower, Tech directed Hunter, who was riding a stolen speeder bike, towards her. Shand caught Omega as she fell and dropped her onto a transport before jumping on herself. After a fight with Hunter, the speeder Shand had commandeered was destroyed by Hunter's pyro denton explosive, and Hunter grabbed Omega before the group met up back at the ship and left Pantora. Identifying Shand as a bounty hunter, the Bad Batch realized someone had hired Shand to capture Omega.[16]

Searching for answers


The Bad Batch meet Cid

In the aftermath of their ordeal with the bounty hunter, Echo suggested they go to an old informant trusted by the Jedi, Cid, to find out information on their pursuer. Onboard the Marauder, Omega was given a comlink and taught how to use it. Omega initially playfully used it to communicate to the squad despite being right next to each other, but by the time they arrived on[17] the planet[18] Ord Mantell to find Cid, she had become more serious, reciting the rules she had been given: don't wander off, pay attention to her surroundings, and use the comlink to contact them if she got into trouble. The group walked through Ord Mantell City and soon entered a run-down parlor in search of Cid, and while the squad was initially told to get lost by a Trandoshan woman, Omega deduced that the woman was actually Cid while the others discussed, an observation that Cid noticed and complemented.[17]

Hunter quickly agreed to carry out a mission to rescue a child named Muchi from a group of Zygerrian slavers on the other side of the planet. As they traveled there, Omega asked Echo about slavery. As Echo told her what it was, she frowned and said that she did not feel like that was right, to which Echo voiced his agreement. When they landed outside of Old Ord Mantell City, where the slavers were based, Omega was excited for their new mission, and was thus dejected when Hunter told her to stay with the ship as the squad moved in. Omega sat in the ship's cockpit and played with her doll, coloring it to resemble the Bad Batch's armor. As she showed her work to Gonky, she heard voices outside. She grabbed a backpack and escaped the ship as a pair of Zygerrians searched inside. Looking through a pair of macrobinoculars, she realized that her companions had been captured.[17]


Omega had to rescue her squad from the Zygerrians

Omega snuck around the Zygerrian's camp and quickly made a plan, unlocking a cage that housed a rancor. Although she was captured, she successfully set the beast loose, which caused havoc and gave Wrecker time to free the squad. Omega joined Echo in escorting the Zygerrians' three other prisoners, two Falleen and a human, away while Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech went after the rancor, whom they had realized was Muchi. As they helped the others escape, Omega claimed a Zygerrian energy bow off of the ground. Their mission successful, the team left to return to Cid, with Omega riding on top of Muchi. Once the rancor was taken away by[17] majordomo[19] Bib Fortuna, who was representing Muchi's owner,[17] the Hutt crime lord[20] Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Cid paid Hunter what she owed the squad and informed him about Shand, understanding that there had to be a reason a bounty hunter like her was chasing them.[17]

First job for Cid

"Take it easy, kid. I don't wanna hurt you, but I can't have you getting in the way."
"You're the one in my way."
―Rafa Martez and Omega[21]

After their successful mission, Omega practiced shooting with her new bow in Cid's Parlor. Omega was proud to hit three out of twelve shots, which Echo said was just luck and that she needed to keep practicing. Omega was not strong enough to aim accurately on a consistent basis, and her efforts were not benefitted by two other patrons, Ketch and Bolo, who began gambling on her success. After missing two more times, Cid arrived, and after booting the two other aliens out of the parlor, briefed the group on their first mission for her: stealing a tactical droid head on[21] the planet[22] Corellia, which had valuable information for Cid to sell.[21]

Omega and Rafa

Omega stops Rafa Martez from escaping with the tactical droid head.

The group landed and infiltrated a facility that was scrapping battle droids. Once they snuck past the police droids and got inside, Hunter stationed Omega and Wrecker as lookouts while he, Echo, and Tech moved in. Echo accessed a computer to discover that there was only one tactical droid inside, which Omega was able to spot on the conveyor belt. However, another individual disguised as a worker went in and stole the head. Omega alerted the others of this development before she found herself face-to-face with another person, Rafa Martez. Omega quickly drew her bow, causing Rafa to freeze and put her hands up. However, Rafa convinced her to lower the bow and talk it out, and when Omega did, Rafa knocked the bow out of her hands. The bow managed to discharge a single bolt that ruptured a steam pipe, alerting the facility workers to their presence. Rafa communicated with her sister Trace, who had the droid head, and as she went to meet up with her, Omega gave chase and told Hunter she was in pursuit. Meanwhile, the rest of the Bad Batch fought back against the police droids that began advancing on them.[21]


Omega with Hunter and their new allies

Omega followed Rafa, who eventually got the head from Trace, but ended up losing it onto another conveyor belt. Omega and Trace raced for it, with Omega taking an alternate route that allowed her to reach it first. As she fled from Trace, Echo shut down the power and caused the conveyor belt to stop, which made Omega trip and lose the head. As she became pinned underneath debris, Trace swooped in and reclaimed the head. However, as Omega remained trapped and neared the edge of the conveyor that would tip her into a fire, Trace and Hunter came to save her.[21]

The two groups decided to join forces and attempt to escape the growing number of police droids together, with Trace and Tech using the tactical droid head to command the other droids that were going to be scrapped into an army to battle the police droids. Omega used her energy bow to fire on the droids, also using her comm to contact Wrecker to help them. However, as the group fled the building, the tactical droid head was destroyed. The groups parted ways, with Omega waving goodbye and telling the sisters that they could visit them on Ord Mantell.[21]

Meeting Rex

"I've met many clones in my time, but never one like you."
―Rex, upon meeting Omega[23]

The Bad Batch continued doing missions for Cid and earned enough credits to get by. Omega and Wrecker formed a tradition of purchasing and eating Mantell Mix after their missions. After a mission stealing a lizard from the Rhokai gang, the pair went out for Mantell Mix as per usual, but when they returned, the former Clone Captain Rex was seated with the others at the bar. Omega curiously took a close look at Rex when introduced, recognizing that he was a first generation clone and telling him as much. Rex was confused on how she knew that, and Omega responded that she could tell by the lines on his face.[23]

As the group continued talking, Wrecker asked Tech for treatment for his headache, a problem that had been ailing him for some time. When Rex learned that the squad had not had their inhibitor chips removed, he quickly stood up and backed away, placing Omega behind him and putting his hand on his blaster. Omega was distressed when Rex said that the four clones were a danger to themselves and to her. Hunter eventually got Rex to calm down and agreed to Rex's plan to remove their chips. Omega and the others met Rex on the planet Bracca. As they overlooked a downed Venator-class Star Destroyer, Rex explained his plan to find the ship's medical bay and remove their inhibitor chips there.[23]


Omega tries to hide from Wrecker

Omega followed as Rex led the group inside the ship, avoiding the patrols of the local group in power, the Scrapper Guild. They eventually located the medbay, but as Wrecker prepared to be the first to be treated, his chip activated. After knocking out Tech, he chased Rex, Echo, and Hunter out of the room, with Omega staying as instructed to look after Tech. However, Omega decided to grab Wrecker's blaster and fire at him. As Wrecker had incapacitated the other three, he chased after Omega. She slipped underneath a door, but Wrecker forced the door open with ease. Omega tried to hide, but she was discovered. However, she was saved by Rex, who stunned Wrecker just as she was discovered.[23]


Omega and Wrecker continue their tradition

As Wrecker was prepared for the chip removal once again, the procedure finished, but Wrecker did not immediately wake up. Rex suggested Hunter take Omega topside to get some air, but Omega firmly said that she would stay with Wrecker. The group sat around waiting, with Omega falling asleep, but she was wakened by Wrecker's gentle hand on her head. Omega excitedly welcomed him back, and as the others prepared to have their chips removed, Wrecker pulled Omega aside and apologized for what he had done, feeling bad that he was unable to control himself against the chip's effects. Omega told him that she didn't blame him, and pulled out some leftover Mantell Mix, telling Wrecker that their mission was a success and that they could not break their tradition. Rex departed that evening.[23]

The next morning, Omega would join Echo and Wrecker back on the surface, where Wrecker began to teach her how to disarm bombs. Omega initially felt good about her ability to do so, but when Wrecker handed her a pair of cutters and told her to disarm the bomb that he had just activated and would detonate in the next ten seconds, Omega panicked and failed to do so, running before it exploded. However, it turned out to only be a smoke bomb. The pair met up with Echo to return to the group, but Echo noticed that they were being watched by the Scrapper Guild. He and Wrecker attacked the trio of scavengers, eventually stunning all three of them. When the Batch met up, Echo suggested they leave, but Tech and Hunter decided that the group would go to salvage weapons from the armory and data from the bridge that would settle their debt with Cid. Omega asked what to do with their three prisoners, but Hunter promised that they would be in and out before they even woke up.[24]

In the artillery bay, Omega found a chest of explosives while Wrecker found several proton torpedoes. Omega asked if he would teach her how to arm one of the torpedoes, but Wrecker smiled and said that they were all his. Then, Tech, who was on the bridge, commed Omega to come to him, and she arrived to help Tech copy the master drive. As Omega looked out the viewport at the wreckage of several Republic ships, she asked Tech what the war was like. When Tech gave a straightforward technical answer, Omega asked him what the war was really like. Tech did not elaborate, but when Omega asked why a button was blinking, Tech got up and told her it was the proximity sensor. While Tech guessed it was a malfunction, a trio of Imperial shuttles flew by and landed. Tech warned Hunter, who joined them on the bridge. Seeing Crosshair, Omega followed Hunter and Tech back down to Echo and Wrecker as they worked out a plan to escape.[24]



The Bad Batch sneak through the ship with their new supplies

Carrying the minimal supplies they had taken, the Bad Batch moved through the corridors towards the hangar. However, when Tech patched into their comm systems and realized that the Empire's plan was to push them towards the hangar, they changed course towards the artillery deck. However, there, they were nonetheless surrounded. Crosshair told his men to aim at Omega, and while she hid behind Hunter, Tech fired the cannons, destabilizing the deck and sending debris crashing down around them. The group escaped to the ion engine chamber, but they were eventually pinned down there as well, with one of Crosshair's men starting the engines while the main force trapped them inside. Tech came up with a quick plan to plant the explosives they had, and Omega reached one of the higher points on the cylinder, sending the part of the engine they were occupying crashing to the ground so they avoided being incinerated. There, Hunter and Omega were separated from the others, but Hunter told the group to meet back at the ship.[24]

Back at the ship, Omega and Hunter found a group of clone troopers had been killed. Hunter examined the bodies and determined there was someone else there, and the pair watched as the bounty hunter Cad Bane, who was interested in the reward the Kaminoans were offering for Omega, emerged from their ship. Hiding behind Hunter, Omega listened as Bane said that, after killing so many clones over the years, it had become easy for him. Omega deduced that Bane was a bounty hunter, and as Bane demanded that she be turned over, Hunter refused. After the two engaged in a standoff, Omega watched in horror as Hunter was defeated and shot in the chest. Omega tried to fight back, but she was quickly disarmed by Bane's droid companion Todo 360 and stunned by the bounty hunter before being taken.[24]

Escape on Bora Vio

Cad Bane drags Omega

Omega cuffed by Bane

Omega was placed in a cell on Bane's ship with a ray shield blocking her exit. She tried to learn who her captors were, but Bane ignored her questions and told her to be quiet and cooperate. However, she was able to escape when she tricked Todo 360 into letting her out to help him repair his leg. Omega searched for her comm device as Bane's ship landed at a facility on the planet Bora Vio, fleeing the ship after Bane went into the hold to look for Todo, who had been unresponsive. Omega contacted the Bad Batch, but she did not know where she was and the group could not pinpoint her location. Tech tried to talk her through how to help them find her, but Bane caught up to her and cuffed her, stomping on and destroying her comm device.[2]

As Omega was forcefully dragged by Bane, he spotted the corpse of Taun We, the Kaminoan who was supposed to meet him and deliver his payment. Omega recognized her and was horrified. Taking cover, Omega watched as Bane and Fennec Shand, the bounty hunter who had pursued her on Pantora, faced off. As the two fought, Omega fled, finding herself in a room with several clones in tubes. She was able to access a computer to send out a signal that her team would eventually recognize, but Shand soon caught up to her. Shand told her that she was trying to help her, but Omega pointed out that she had said the same thing on Pantora. They were interrupted by Todo, who Shand quickly smashed against one of the tubes and incapacitated. Returning to the computer, Omega caused the tube to crack and eventually spilled its contents onto Shand, giving Omega time to escape.[2]

Rescue of Omega

Omega trying to evade Bane and Shand

Omega tried to descend a ladder, but she was hampered by her handcuffs and eventually hounded by Todo. Omega ended up jumping on top of the butler droid and descending rapidly to a platform. Omega noticed several Kaminoan flight pods and used one to escape the facility. Just as the engines began to fail, the Marauder located her and picked her up, and Omega was reunited with the team. A tearful Omega hugged her companions, asking why the Kaminoans were sending so many hunters after her. Echo told Hunter that he had to tell her what they had learned about her, and he explained she was an unmodified clone, making her important to the Kaminoans. That night, Omega and Hunter sat in the cockpit. Omega said that she could not sleep because she was thinking about the Kaminoans and how they could not fight off all of the hunters that would always be after her. Hunter reassured her and promised that she would never go back to Kamino, making her smile.[2]

Part of the squad

Left out

"But th-the mission. I'm part of the squad too."
"Then following orders shouldn't be a problem."
―Omega and Hunter[25]

Omega happily returned to Ord Mantell with the rest of the Bad Batch, eating Mantell Mix while riding on Wrecker's shoulders. As they made their way back to Cid's, Tech announced that they should try to lay low since Omega had two bounty hunters after her. She offered some of the snacks to Echo while Hunter whispered to Wrecker that he thought Omega needed a break after what she had been through. Speaking with Cid, the group was offered a job to help rescue Senator Avi Singh from Imperial prison on his planet, Raxus Secundus. Hunter refused the job, saying they would not help a former Separatist, but his main rationale was that he did not want to endanger Omega's safety on an Imperial-occupied planet. Hunter begrudgingly decided to accept the job and leave Omega behind with Cid. Omega was enthusiastic about their new mission, and was saddened when Hunter notified her that she would not be coming with them. Omega pleaded her case, saying that she was a part of the squad too, but Hunter countered by saying that as a member of the squad, she should have no problem following orders. Omega groaned but complied, and as soon as the others departed on their mission, Cid put her to work cleaning her parlor.[25]

As Omega moped around the parlor, Cid eventually came over and, after telling her to stop dampening the mood, asked her what was wrong. Omega told her that she was worried about her friends before stating that it was not fair that she was not allowed to go on the mission with them. Cid responded that life was not fair and that maybe if she was not so helpless she wouldn't have been left behind in her care. Omega was hurt by her words and stalked away.[25]


Omega playing dejarik with Cid

Later, Omega watched as Cid squared off against Ketch and Bolo in a game of dejarik. Omega raised her opinion on what move Cid should play, and was promptly ignored, which allowed her opponents to capitalize. Cid groaned and asked Omega what move she should play now, and after she listened to her, pulled out the victory. Cid asked Omega how she knew what to do, and Omega responded by saying that she was good at strategy games. Cid asked if she was good enough to make her some money, offering her thirty percent of the cut, but Omega smirked and replied that she wanted sixty. Eventually, the two faced several other opponents, winning games and drawing a large crowd of various aliens to the parlor to watch. By the time Hunter, Wrecker, Echo, and Tech returned with the rescued Senator Singh and his droid, Omega had made enough money to pay off the Batch's debt to Cid. Although Hunter was not happy that Omega had drawn so much attention to herself, he was pleased by her earnings and challenged her to a game, saying that if she won, she would not be left out of any other missions. Omega excitedly took her seat, and when Hunter asked her if she was ready for it, she confidently said that he was the one who needed to make sure he was ready to face her.[25]

Helping a new friend

"Make a new friend?"
"She's kinda strange.... I like her. Did you know flying's about a feeling?"
―Hunter and Omega, regarding Hera Syndulla[26]
Omega meets Hera Syndulla

Omega meeting Hera Syndulla

Omega and the squad would soon take the Marauder to deliver weapons to a group of Twi'leks on behalf of Cid, agreeing to meet on third moon of the planet Ryloth. While the others made the deal, Omega gave the young Twi'lek girl Hera Syndulla a tour of the ship. Omega showed her the cockpit, where she learned that Hera wanted to become a pilot. Omega was fascinated by her ambitions to fly, and after showing the other girl her room in the gunner's nest, Omega gave Hera their comm channel to contact them. She waved goodbye when the group of Twi'leks departed.[26]

Shortly after departing from the weapons deal, the Batch received a transmission from Hera, who told them that her parents had been captured by the Empire and she needed their help, saying she will send them coordinates. Hunter, surprised Hera had their comm channel to contact them, questioned Omega as to why she gave it to her, but Omega simply said that it was for emergencies and that they needed to help her. Hunter shook his head and said that they could not help everyone, but Omega pointed out that, in fact, that was what soldiers do. The group reluctantly decided to meet Hera on Ryloth.[27]

After hearing Hera's plan, listening to her offer to pay them, and scouting out the enemy forces, Hunter decided that he did not want to go about helping her. Omega was angered by Hunter's choice, saying that they needed to help her. Hunter said that he was being strategic and that he was not going to risk the squad, but Omega pleaded with him, saying that Hera was just trying to protect her family, just as she would do for any of them. As Hunter pondered, Omega consulted Hera, telling her that Hunter meant well and would come around. Hera asked why she trusted him, to which Omega said that he, as well as the others, were all her brothers. Finally, Omega said that if Hera could use her local knowledge to form a plan, they might be able to convince Hunter to help her. Omega and Hera concocted a strategy and introduced it to the squad: they proposed they split up to attack the refinery to draw away Imperial reinforcements away while the others infiltrated the city to rescue Hera's parents. Hunter decided to follow Hera's lead, ordering Tech and Wrecker to mount the attack on the refinery while he and Echo snuck into the city.[27]


Omega and Hera getting in position at the refinery

Omega and Hera arrived at the refinery and ordered Chopper to shut down the control console that was controlling its cannons. However, Chopper was captured by two clone troopers, resulting in Omega and Hera stealing a shuttle to destroy the control console. Thus, the two managed to shut down the cannons, giving Tech and Wrecker the chance to destroy them. Meanwhile, Hunter and Echo snuck into the capital and rescued Cham Syndulla, his wife, and several others. The group made it back to Cham's old outpost, where Hera said goodbye to Omega and thanked her for helping rescue her parents. She also told her to look after her brothers, believing they needed her.[27]

Sabotaging Roland's deal

A little while later, the Bad Batch completed a mission for Cid that involved a nest of gundarks at the drop zone. Upon returning to Cid's parlor, the Batch noticed far more people inside than usual. They attempted to enter Cid's office, forcing their way past a guard. In Cid's place sat a Devaronian named Roland Durand, the owner of Ruby, the creature the Batch had obtained on a previous mission. Roland explained to the group that he had taken the parlor and that Cid was "out." He offered them work, but Hunter only told him that they'd think about it before leaving the parlor. Outside, the group planned to leave Ord Mantell, but Omega was worried about Cid. Cid, who had gone to the Marauder with Bolo and Ketch, overheard Omega's pleas to help her and offered the Batch a new mission. Cid explained that Durand was part of a crime family, and she planned to get her parlor back with the Batch's help. After hearing Omega's reasoning, Hunter decided to help Cid.[28]


Omega used her energy bow to help fend off swarming irlings

Cid planned to sabotage Durand's deal with the Pyke Syndicate by stealing his sansanna spice from her office using the mines underneath Ord Mantell City. They found the rail system and took the carts to get to Cid's parlor, but Cid prevented them from using the cart's motors, as any loud noise would awaken a large hive of irlings, nocturnal ptero-creatures with a sensitivity to thermal registers. Making it to the parlor, and Cid contacted Bolo and Ketch to distract Durand by stealing Ruby. The distraction worked, and the Batch successfully recovered every crate of spice. Durand returned after having found Ruby, but noticed the missing spice. He found the sewer that led to the mine and ordered his guards to go after the thieves. The guards discovered the Batch and chased them through the tunnel. The blaster shots exchanged by both parties awakened the irling hive, which attacked the intruders. The Batch defeated the guards and escaped the irlings, but lost the spice.[28]

The group returned to the parlor to find Pykes with a captured Durand. The Pykes demanded the return on the spice and requested Omega as a hostage until it could be found. Reluctant but unwilling to start something with the large crime syndicate, the Batch handed her over and left for the tunnel to secure the spices. Omega was tied up with Durand and thought to use a discarded blaster to escape, but Durand told her not to try it. They both chastised each other, with Roland telling Omega not to mess with other people's business and Omega reminding him that he had done exactly that when he stole Cid's parlor. As Durand further lamented their situation, Omega comforted Ruby and told her it would be alright. Meanwhile, the Batch succeeded in their mission and returned the spice. The Pykes released Omega, but stated that their business with Durand hadn't ended. Omega pleaded for the Pykes not to kill him, but they still sliced off one of his horns before telling him that their business together was over. Omega gave Ruby back to Durand, who told the group that he would be leaving. Hunter asked Omega why she had stood up for him, and Omega explained that if Ruby liked him, he couldn't be all bad. The group then headed back to the parlor for a free round of drinks from Cid.[28]

Extraction on Daro

While on another mission for Cid, the Batch were contacted by Captain Rex, who asked for their help in rescuing an imprisoned clone on the planet Daro. The Batch were torn, as Hunter and Tech believed the mission was too risky, but Echo and Omega believed that they needed to help. After hearing everyone's side, Hunter decided that they would rescue the clone. The group arrived on Daro, and after using his senses to track the clone, Hunter ordered Wrecker and Omega back to the ship. Omega was disappointed, but followed Hunter's order and went back with Wrecker. The two returned to the Marauder and played a game on top of Gonky to pass the time. Later, they received a message from Hunter telling them that about a facility that housed clone commandos and new units of Imperial troopers. Omega was eager to help, but was once again told to stay in the ship as backup.[29]


Omega flying the Marauder

Later, Omega, holding Lula, was worried about the lack of communication from Hunter, Tech, and Echo. She questioned why Wrecker was so relaxed in the cockpit, and he replied by stating he was "charging up" to "charge in," reassuring her that the others had everything under control. Soon after, while Omega waited outside the ship, a message came in from Hunter, telling them that they had found their target—a clone commando named Gregor—and that they needed a pickup. Omega and Wrecker took the Marauder and flew to their coordinates. Omega hovered the Marauder near the others while Wrecker helped Tech and Gregor get aboard. However, several V-wing starfighters attacked the shuttle, forcing them to fly off and evade them. The shuttle's shields failed under fire, but Omega, who had been working on Gonky for some time, plugged him in the ship and restored the shields. They shot down the remaining V-wings and flew back to pick up Echo and Hunter. Echo got aboard, but several more V-wings arrived and prevented Hunter from jumping on the ship. Hunter fell down the mountain, but survived and ordered the group to leave without him. Omega protested against the command and told Hunter to order the Batch to pick him up. Hunter declined, and as he was surrounded by Imperial forces, and Omega and the others jumped into hyperspace without their leader.[29]

Saving her family

A homecoming

After arriving back on Ord Mantell, the Bad Batch dropped Gregor off at Cid's while they repaired the Marauder. While Echo fixed the outer hull, Omega assisted him but began to become worried, telling him that she couldn't focus due to Hunter being captured. Echo reassured her that they would rescue him, but they needed the ship to be fixed before they could do anything about it. After fixing the hull, they met up with Tech who was fixing the ship's systems and Wrecker, who reported Cid's feeling on leaving Gregor in her parlor. Tech finished his work, but then received a transmission from Hunter's comm, learning that he was not on Daro, but on Kamino. Omega, who had previously expressed that she never wanted to return to Kamino, was nervous but determined to rescue Hunter.[6]


The Bad Batch use the tube system

As the Batch traveled through hyperspace, Tech told them that the Empire was trying to lure them in with Hunter's comm, but Wrecker told him that there no going back and that they had to try to save Hunter regardless. Tech asked Omega about the specific coordinates she gave him and she explained that they led to a secret landing platform that they could use to get into Tipoca City without being spotted. They soon arrived on the planet and Tech flew them toward the coordinates that took them to the middle of the ocean. Omega explained that they had to fly lower to activate the platform, and they were soon able to land on an underwater platform. Omega led them to the underwater tunnel system that took them to Nala Se's secret underwater facility, a facility that Omega explained as a private research laboratory that was kept secret from most people on Kamino. Sensing Omega's anxiousness, Echo asked if she was alright, but Omega stated that her feelings did not matter, only saving Hunter.[6]

Arriving at Nala Se's laboratory, Wrecker questioned why the lab was so special, and Omega stated that she was created in the lab, adding that Experimental Unit 99's mutations were enhanced in this room and that she was there to witness it before the Bad Batch left to join the other clones. The group heard movement, and Omega spotted her friend AZI-3, who had been hiding. He told them about soldiers deactivating droids and forcing key Kaminoan medical personnel onto transports, with those who resisted being eliminated. He explained that all clone troopers were being reassigned and transported offworld with the exception of Crosshair. Tech managed to track Hunter's comm and they left to find him.[6]


Omega is discovered by ES-02

The group made it underneath the Tipoca City Training Facility and realized that Hunter's signal was above them. Tech, Wrecker, and Echo decided to go through the lift instead of the main entrance to catch Crosshair by surprise. Echo ordered Omega to return to the lab and contact Rex. When the three clones ascended to the top and were surrounded by Crosshair and his squad, Echo contacted Omega to let her know the situation. However, Omega was determined to help and decided to activate several training droids. However, just as she did so, she was spotted by ES-02. Fortunately, AZI-3 activated a control panel that struck ES-02 and knocked her out. Meanwhile, Crosshair, in an effort to prove his loyalty to the Bad Batch, eliminated his own squad. He attempted to convince Hunter to let go of Omega and that Clone Force 99's true purpose was to use their gifts to serve the Empire. Hunter replied that Crosshair did not know who they really were, causing Crosshair to state that he should not make the same mistake twice. Suddenly, the training droids Omega turned on were unleashed on the group, causing them to work together to fight them off. After defeating the training droids, Hunter pulled a blaster on Crosshair and told him that the inhibitor chip was causing him to act loyal to the Empire and that they could help him. Crosshair responded that he was wrong and that he had removed his chip a long time ago, stating this was who he was. Before Crosshair could fire, he was stunned by Hunter.[6]

Omega embraced Hunter, who apologized about bringing her back to Kamino after he had promised she would never return there. However, Omega smiled and said that he would have done the same for her. Tech explained to the group that Star Destroyers were descending on Tipoca City, telling them they needed to leave quickly. Hunter, after pondering, decided to take Crosshair with them, which earned him an approving nod from Omega. The group attempted to run out of the empty facility, but Imperial ships began to fire upon the city. They tried to make their way outside, but were forced back inside after seeing a large bombardment destroying the facility.[6]

Leaving Kamino


Omega rescuing Crosshair

The Bad Batch made their way back inside and ran down the halls of Tipoca City as the city was being bombarded. However, a nearby explosion caused the main facility to start to sink below the waves, forcing the group to slide downward. Omega, AZI-3, and Crosshair became separated from the group as a nearby door malfunctioned and closed and trapped them in a room. Omega fell unconscious but was reawakened by AZI-3. The droid told Omega that they needed to leave as the room began to flood. She spotted Crosshair trapped underneath the wreckage and tried to get him out with little success. She then contacted the Batch and told them about her predicament, causing them to try and get the door open. Meanwhile, with the room still flooding, Omega ordered AZI-3 to use his boosters to lift the wreckage while she used her bow to break it apart. The two managed to get Crosshair free and, with help from Wrecker, were able to escape the flooding room. A now awakened Crosshair asked Hunter what he did, and Hunter informed him about the Empire opening fire on Tipoca City. He went on to state that if he wanted to stay and die, that was up to him, before leading the squad out of the room. Crosshair reluctantly decided to follow them.[30]

The group ran down a hallway and Omega observed the many empty cloning pods being consumed by the ocean, becoming grief-stricken. Wrecker told Omega that they needed to keep moving. However, the main facility started to tilt as it sunk further beneath the water, causing the group to start to fall. Hunter ordered the group to grab onto something, holding onto pieces of the destroyed hallway. AZI-3, who got hit by debris and shut off, fell down but was caught by Omega. The main facility finally reached the bottom of the ocean and Tech led them to a safe location. The group followed Tech except for Crosshair, who was still hesitant on joining them. Omega stopped and sadly looked at Crosshair before going after the others. Crosshair, although conflicted, followed the group as they made for a more secure location. Tech led the team to their old barracks, stating that this was one of the most secure places for now. Wrecker was shocked about the emptiness of the room but was glad that their scoreboard was still up. Crosshair questioned the point of all their missions together due to Hunter abandoning the Empire. Hunter and Crosshair got into a debate with Hunter stating that blindly following orders made someone a pawn and that a real leader looked after their squad. Crosshair countered by stating that his squad was going to die due to his poor leadership. Omega interjected, saying that they weren't going to die and could escape using the tube system. Having no other ideas, the group agreed to her plan.[30]


Running away from a saberjowl

The group walked through the tube system but noticed it being vulnerable and fragile. Crosshair suggested to go back, but AZI-3 told him that this was the only way out. Wrecker became annoyed with Crosshair and stated that he never went looking for them and that they would have welcomed him back to the squad. Tech replied that it was Crosshair's nature to be strict and harsh and that no one could change that. The group continued on and came face-to-face with a sea monster. AZI-3 went to turn on the power to scare the creature off and managed to overload the electricity. The group eventually made it to Nala Se's lab, but discovered that the tube system was broken, preventing them from escaping. Crosshair angrily responded that trusting Omega had been a terrible plan, wounding Omega and angering her squad-mates. Hunter replied that she had saved his life, unlike the Empire that had almost killed him. Crosshair told Hunter that he made the wrong choice and that he wanted to be a part of something bigger. He went off to sit alone and Omega followed him. She told him that she was alone on Kamino before the Batch came along and knew she had to be with them. Crosshair coldly told her that she'll never be one of them and Omega responded that she thought the inhibitor chip made him a bad person, but that she was wrong.[30]

The group decided to use the pods in the laboratory to get to the surface despite not being able to control their ascent once they got in the water. Crosshair suggested using AZI-3 to guide them and the droid agreed to his plan despite his power running low. The group planted bombs along the glass wall and got inside the tubes. Then, Omega pushed the button to detonate the explosives. The group rushed out and AZI-3 guided them toward the surface. However, Omega's tube was caught by debris and sunk downward, causing AZI-3 to break the tube apart to rescue her. He managed to do so and pushed her pod upward, but ran out of energy and shut off, sinking towards the bottom. Omega, heartbroken, decided to go after AZI-3 despite the unlikelihood to being able to rescue the droid. Omega grabbed AZI-3 and tried to swim up, but was not strong enough.[30]

Crosshair's choice

"You're still their brother Crosshair... You're my brother too."
―Omega, to Crosshair[30]

As Omega began to black out, the rest of her squad stared desperately into the water. It was Crosshair who was able to act, grabbing his sniper and firing a grappling hook through the water, which connected with AZI-3's body and allowed Omega and the droid to be pulled up to safety. Omega coughed up water as the squad sat amongst the flaming wreckage of Tipoca City.[30]


Omega and her brothers look out at the smoking remains of Tipoca City

The clones made it back to the Marauder by morning and gazed out at the remains of Tipoca City, now illuminated by daylight. The group then told Crosshair that he could choose to come with them, but he declined, stating that their efforts to rescue him changed nothing, insisting that he would stay and wait for the Empire to recover him. The squad reluctantly returned to the ship, but Omega stopped and turned back to Crosshair. She thanked him for saving AZI-3's life, to which Crosshair stated that they were now even. Omega then told him that he was still their brother, as well as hers, despite everything that he had done. She then departed with the Batch and they flew away from Kamino, leaving Crosshair behind for the second time.[30]

Continued work for Cid

Fun at the beach

"Why is Omega hanging off the ship?"
"It is an unscheduled study break."
―Hunter and Tech[31]

Several months after Tipoca City's fall, Omega and the Bad Batch were still working as mercenaries for Ciddarin Scaleback. At one point, the squad traveled to[31] the planet[32] Aynaboni to recover cargo. While Hunter, Echo, and Wrecker traveled into the tropical jungle, Omega and Tech remained with the ship, with Tech making Omega continue studying Imperial ships on a datapad. Omega sat outside on the boarding ramp above the water, eventually deciding to put the datapad down and lay on her back. When she heard splashing below, she looked down into the water to spot the creatures. Tech walked outside and handed her the datapad, asking if her unscheduled study break meant that she was fully versed in every Imperial ship. Omega groaned that she did not want to study while they were on a mission, but Tech said that did not give her a pass. Omega rolled her eyes and resumed studying.[31]


Omega was attacked by several crabs during the mission.

Just then, Hunter contacted Tech, saying that they had secured the package needed firepower, as they were being chased by Aggrocrabs. Omega, excited for the action and happy to stop studying, followed Tech inside the cockpit to grab her helmet and her bow, then ran back out to the open hatch. Realizing the line that had been deployed for fishing was being pulled, Omega told Tech that they had caught something big. Tech said to release the line because they did not have time to reel in. However, they soon realized that the ship was also being attacked by Aggrocrabs, who leaped onto the cockpit window and pulled on the line. Tech lifted off and turned the Marauder, trying to shake the crabs, but instead only caused Omega to fall. She grabbed the line as a crab snapped its pincers at her. Slipping down toward the crabs, Omega decided to slide all the way down the line and leaped over their pincers onto the ground, bouncing to her feet and drew her energy bow. She then shot two crabs off the ship's cockpit, allowing Tech to control the ship. She quickly glanced behind to see more crabs scuttling out of the jungle, fleeing down the beach as the Marauder followed in the air. Tech called for her to grab the line that was still dangling off of the Marauder's hatch, and, as she blasted a crab with her bow, leaped off its shell, and grabbed the line. She clipped it to her belt and started firing down at the creatures. Elsewhere, the others ran along the shore. The Marauder swooped around the corner, blasting away the crabs. Hunter asked Tech why Omega was hanging off the ship, to which he answered that it was an unscheduled study break. Omega reached the platform and lay down covering fire. Omega lowered the line, and Wrecker hooked it to the crate. As the crabs swarmed around them, they hopped onto the crate and were lifted to the hovering ship. The crate and crew safely aboard, the Marauder swooped out over the ocean. Hunter said he appreciated the backup, but she should stay inside the ship next time. Omega said she would try. She took off her helmet and grinned at Hunter, and said it was still pretty fun.[31]

A treasure hunt


Omega and the Bad Batch receiving a new mission

After their mission, the Marauder flew back to Ord Mantell. The squad entered Cid's Parlor, with Wrecker carrying the crate. AZI-3, who was now working for Scaleback, greeted them. They entered Cid's office, and the Trandoshan turned to them, angry that the squad was late. The clones noticed a human female sitting on Cid's seat. Hunter asked who she was, and the woman rose and strutted over to them. Asking if they were Cid's top team, Hunter was concerned that Cid had told the newcomer about their past, but Cid said not to worry, introducing the woman as her friend Phee Genoa. Genoa c told Wrecker to grab the package and follow her, reminding Cid that the intel was not free and that she expected a cut if the squad was successful. When the Batch demanded to know what the mission was, Omega learned about Count Dooku, the deceased Separatist leader whose entire war chest remained at his palace on the planet Serenno. Cid told them that the Empire was gathering it up, but that they would go and steal what they could. However, Hunter refused the mission, saying they could not risk going to an Imperial-occupied planet.[31]

In the parlor, Omega was quizzed on various Imperial shuttle classes by Hunter. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad had decided that they wanted to go after the war chest despite the danger. Hunter was eventually convinced by the opportunity to potentially use the treasure as funds to start a new life, without having to take risky jobs with Cid, whose operation would eventually be put to rest by inevitable Imperial encroachment. En route to Serenno, Omega was in her room when she overheard Echo tell Hunter that they should use the treasure to do more than hide. Hunter said that Omega deserved a better life than fighting against the Empire, but Echo pointed out that they were living on the run because of Omega.[31]


Omega searching through the war-chest

Landing on Serenno, the group hiked across the mountains to reach the palace. Omega witnessed the ruins of Serenno City, which Echo said had been orbitally bombarded. Reaching the palace, they saw that the Empire was already transporting the contents of the war-chest offworld, and that there were over forty troopers guarding three class four container transports. As the first ship launched, Hunter circled around while the others approached the perimeter. As the second ship launched, Omega followed the others onto the last ship to grab what they could, with Wrecker giving her a boost up. Wrecker also stunned a trooper that was patrolling, which Tech pointed out would mean they would be discovered once the trooper did not report in. Vowing to be quick, Wrecker stood guard as Omega marveled at the war-chest. Echo and Tech told her to grab the high-value items, instructing her to look for shiny or heavy items. Omega opened a chest of jewels, and was astonished that so much wealth could belong to one person. Tech remarked that Dooku's wealth likely came from all the planets he exploited during the war, and Echo added that that was what corrupt people did. Omega wondered if that's what they were doing, but Echo told her that it depended on how they used it.[31]

When the stunned trooper's comm asked him to report in, Echo told Hunter that they were about to have company and that they could use a diversion. Hunter, who had been placing charges on the starfighters, triggered the explosions, causing the patrols to run to the landing deck. Meanwhile, Wrecker grabbed the first container of treasure and disembarked, but before Omega and the others could follow, the doors shut, trapping them inside. As the ship began to launch, Omega told Hunter that they were trapped. He and Wrecker decided to abandon stealth and fight their way through the perimeter of troopers, stunning several of them and grabbing onto the outside of the ship as it launched. As the ship rose and they had no way to get inside, they dropped off onto the palace. Tech said that they would try to trigger and escape pod, with Hunter and Wrecker saying they could recover them after they escaped the troopers.[31]


Omega, Tech, and Echo battle troopers

Tech opened the door to their container and Omega led the way through the corridors towards the escape pod, with Echo and Tech carrying a container of treasure. However, they were soon discovered, and the crew launched the escape pods so as to trap them onboard. Echo asked if they had any ideas on how to escape other than overtaking the ship, and Omega, realizing that they were onboard a class four transport, remembered that the containers themselves had reentry thrusters. They hurried back to their container, battling troopers along the way and eventually ejecting the cargo.[31] As they fell, the thrusters eventually activated, although they could not steer or control where they landed. They crashed on a cliff in the upper forest region. Tech alerted Hunter to their position, but as they tried to exit, the container slid off the cliff. In the crash, a crate landed on Tech's left leg, fracturing his femur. Since the container was now laying vertically, Echo climbed up and back towards the top of the cliff. Securing a rope, Omega tied it around Tech before climbing up herself and then helping Echo pull Tech up after them. As Echo helped Tech limp into the forest, Omega said that they had to recover the war-chest, but Echo said that they did not have time, as the Empire would be searching for them.[33]

As they walked, Hunter communicated Plan Double Zero to Tech, and explained to Omega that it meant radio silence. Omega noticed someone watching them and raised her energy bow at him, telling him to freeze and asking who he was. The man identified himself as Romar Adell and said that he lived nearby. Echo suspected he was working for the Empire and told him to tell them where there was nearby shelter. Adell said there was no shelter, but Tech identified the heat signature of his home nearby, and Echo demanded he take them there. As they walked, they realized that Adell was not an Imperial and just a local, so they explained that they were on the run from the Empire. As night fell, they reached his home, and Omega asked why he lived in the middle of nowhere. Adell explained that he and the other survivors from the now-destroyed Serenno City lived in hiding. Omega grabbed Echo's hand and told him that the two of them could go recover the war-chest now that Tech was safe, saying that they had to complete the mission. Echo said that it was too dangerous, and Adell said they he recommended that they stay away from the war-chest, calling it cursed. Omega said that it wasn't cursed, it was just stolen from other planets, but Adell said that Dooku had stolen from the Serennian people too. Omega suggested that they could help them get it back and share the spoils, but Adell said that he wanted none of it. Omega again protested with Echo to go recover the treasure, but Echo refused and told her to keep an eye on Adell, who had gone into his basement to work.[33]


Omega, Tech, and Echo at Romar's home

Adell puttered about his workshop, asking Omega if she was just going to stand there. Omega said she was keeping an eye on him. Adell gave her kaleidoscope and told her to look through it. Amazed by it, Omega asked if there were jewels inside, and Adell explained that it was only reflected glass. Omega asked if it was treasure, and Adell rolled his eyes and said it was just a toy, just something to make you happy. Returning up the ladder to the main room, Omega watched as Tech and Echo argued about the war-chest, once again hearing Echo say that they needed to be doing more against the Empire. Echo angrily left, and as Omega asked where he was going, he said he was going to check for patrols. As Tech helped Adell with something, Omega decided to go after the war-chest, taking Adell's rappelling cable.[33]

When Echo returned, the others realized Omega was missing. Adell noticed his cable was missing, and they deduced she went after the war-chest. Echo ran ahead as Tech limped after him. Meanwhile, Omega reached the container and, tying one end of the cable around a tree, descended off the cliff into the container. As Echo caught up to her, so did three troopers on speeder bikes, who were searching for the container. Echo quickly descended down the cable into the container and closed the door as the troopers fired at him. Omega was excited to see him and showed him her backpack that she had filled with treasure. As the ledge holding up the container began to crumble, Echo helped Omega climb up the crates again, but Omega fell and her backpack spilled the treasure. Omega scrambled to get it back, but Echo told her to forget it. Omega tearfully insisted that she reclaim it, saying she had heard what he said about her on the ship earlier. Echo sighed regretfully and calmly insisted that she forget the treasure. Omega took a deep breath and followed Echo, jumping out of the container onto the cliffside and the container fell and crashed into the forest below.[33]


Echo comforted Omega and reaffirmed their commitment to each other

Now trapped on the cliffside, they looked up to see Tech and Adell toss down the cable. Tech had managed to defeat the troopers despite his injured state due to Adell's help. Omega scrambled up the cable with Echo following closely. Just as they were pulled to safety, the Marauder swooped in. As they boarded, Adell gave Omega his kaleidoscope and told her to keep it. As they flew away, Omega sat sullenly as Echo approached her, apologizing for losing the treasure. Echo said that they would manage without it. Omega sadly stated that she had only wanted to help make their lives better, saying she understood that they were giving up a lot for her. Echo replied by stating that he did not regret their choices and insisted that they would do it all again to help her.[33]

Double or nothing

"They're gonna hurt Cid if we do nothing."

Whilst Hunter and Echo were away transporting nerf nuggets, Cid gave Omega, Tech, and Wrecker a mission to accompany her as a security crew to the city of Safa Toma[34] on the planet Serolonis.[35] Omega was interested in the mission, thinking it could be fun. When they arrived at the Safa Toma Speedway, Omega looked in amazement at the Riot Racing taking place. Cid introduced the three clones to TAY-0, who was a droid racer that Cid claimed made her a lot of money.[34]


Omega on Safa Toma

Later, the Dowutin gangster Grini Millegi paid a visit to the group in their pit. He looked at Omega and the others and laughed, asking Cid to introduce her new crew. Millegi made a bet with Cid regarding the winner of the next race. During the race, Omega asked Cid why TAY-0 was not supposed to take the left tunnel, and Cid explained that it was a death trap. After interfering with TAY-0's vehicle on the final lap and causing him to crash, Millegi's racer Jet Venim won the race. Millegi came to collect from Cid, but when she did not have enough credits, Omega stepped in, saying they would bet in one more race, and that if her crew won they would get Cid back. Tech and Wrecker were not on board with Omega's decision, but Omega maintained that they had to help Cid. The bet went forward, but Millegi took Cid with him as collateral.[34]

Omega assisted Tech in fixing TAY-0 and his racer, but before the race began, another racer hit TAY-0. Omega and the others ran to check on TAY-0, but found he was in too poor of a condition to race in time. Omega expressed her concerns for Cid when Tech, who had been studying the races, volunteered to be the new racer.[34]

Omega watched as Tech raced, and kept track of his position. Although she warned him not to take the left tunnel, Tech requested the schematics of the tunnel. Tech dropped his weapons off at the pit, claiming they were slowing him down. As Tech came towards the left tunnel, Omega realized that part of the track was missing. Tech went down the tunnel anyway, as it was the shortest route, and managed to make it through due to his increased speed. Venim tried to sabotage Tech, just as he had done to TAY-0, but Tech avoided the attempt. Tech won the race, and Omega and Wrecker cheered and congratulated Tech on the accomplishment. The clones then visited Millegi to reclaim Cid. Before they left, Millegi warned the trio that Cid may not repay the favor they did for her, and that they should watch their backs.[34]

Further adventures

The legend of Skara Nal


After finding a compass, Omega, Clone Force 99 and Genoa went to the Kalnar Trinary system.

Whilst searching through a junkyard with Wrecker, Omega found an interesting circular object. Back in Cid's parlor, Phee Genoa confirmed the item to be a compass, saying it could lead to treasure. Omega was excited at the prospect of an adventure, and despite Hunter's skepticism, he complied with Omega's wishes to go treasure hunting. Genoa joined the squad aboard the Marauder as they flew towards the coordinates, fascinating Omega with her stories along the way. The compass lead the group to Skara Nal in the Kaldar Trinary system. Upon landing, they found the planet to be desolate and lifeless, with scorched vegetation. The compass began buzzing, and when Echo pointed south, Omega grabbed the compass and excitedly ran ahead of the group in that direction until they reached a mountain. Omega proposed that they travel around the mountain, but Genoa thought that the compass was telling them to go inside. With the help of Wrecker, Genoa managed to reveal a secret entrance, and they all wandered into the mountain.[36]

Genoa led the way inside, and identified the site as Skara Nal, which, according to legend, held the Heart of the Mountain. The group tried to figure out how to progress through the mountain, and Genoa noticed that there was a pattern of symbols on several protruding beams. They tried to align them, but it only caused them to become trapped. However, Omega looked through the compass lens and realized that they were aligning the wrong symbols, and that different ones appeared when gazing through the lens. Illuminating the lens with a lantern, they were able to see the glowing symbols and align them, opening a secret doorway. Following several more secret passages, the group encountered the Heart of the Mountain, but when Genoa grabbed it, it activated the security systems, sealing the door behind them. It activated a superweapon in the form of a giant walker, which was what the squad had been navigating through. Now trapped inside the head, the walker strode across the land and fired a massive energy beam indiscriminately. Tech suggested Genoa return the Heart of the Mountain to possibly deactivate the walker, but before they could, a creature entered the chamber and attacked. Omega fired her energy bow at it, but the creature charged them and knocked the Heart of the Mountain out of Genoa's hands. The group scattered, and as Hunter and Genoa scrambled to recover the artifact, Wrecker began to wrestle the beast. At his behest, Omega and the others shot at the windows and Wrecker was able to toss the creature out. They returned the Heart of the Mountain, which caused the walker to self destruct. Omega and the others hung on as it collapsed and emerged from the wreckage. The adventure over, Tech remarked that they had once again failed to find treasure, but Omega was satisfied with having confirmed the legend.[36]

Helping the Wookiees

A short time later, in around 18 BBY,[37] the Bad Batch was tasked to make a delivery of forged chain codes to the Vanguard Axis. Upon landing in a space station, Omega and Echo remained with the Marauder. Omega heard someone cry out in the distance, and followed the noise to find a young Wookiee in distress. Omega used her energy bow to help the Wookiee fight against his droid capturers and the two hid as more droids investigated. Omega was almost caught, but the Wookiee saved her with a stolen electrostaff. As the Wookiee searched for something, Omega asked what he was doing, and that he needed to leave before he was found. Echo came searching for Omega, and when the Wookiee expressed anger toward him Omega said that Echo was a friend. More droids came to the scene, but Omega warned them to stay back. Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker became involved, and the droids told the Batch to remove themselves from the situation. Omega refused, believing that the droids would hurt the Wookiee. The droids claimed that they would not as he was valuable to a buyer. Omega then watched in surprise as the Wookiee used The Force to pull a lightsaber from the waist of a droid. The group engaged in a fight with the droids, and escaped in their ship.[38]


Omega and Gungi fighting on Kashyyyk

On the Marauder, Omega was concerned for the Wookiee and brought him some food. When he became agitated towards the other members of the Batch, Omega asked what was wrong. Hunter and Tech explained that the Wookiee did not trust them, likely due to the involvement of clones in Order 66. Hunter tried to explain to him that they did not serve the Empire, and Omega comforted the Wookiee, saying that Hunter was telling the truth. Omega introduced herself, and asked for the name of the young Wookiee. Hunter translated the child's response, as he had spoken Shyriiwook, and learned that his name was Gungi. Gungi explained that he was trying to reach the planet Kashyyyk, and Omega suggested that they help him reach his home planet.[38]

The Batch thusly traveled to Kashyyyk, and as they arrived, Omega marveled at the planet's enormous trees. Following Gungi, they discovered that his village had been destroyed by Imperial tanks. Battling the Imperial forces that were present, Omega and the others were soon approached by several Wookiee warriors, who brought them to a nearby village. Meeting the village's leader, Yanna, and Hunter explained that they were trying to return Gungi to his tribe. Omega was happy to learn that Yanna's tribe was going to take Gungi in. That night, Omega watched as the Wookiees communed with the trees. When the Imperial forces returned and attacked the village, Gungi led the defense with his lightsaber. Omega helped take down the Imperial tanks before Gungi defeated their leader, Babwa Venomor. After their victory, the clones enjoyed a Wookiee celebration. Gungi taught Omega how to meditate. Hunter and Yanna watched them approvingly and hoped that the two young ones had futures that did not involve war.[38]

The clone conspiracy and Echo's choice

"You... you can't leave. We're... we're a squad."
"Omega, this is something I have to do. I'm going where I'm needed."
"But we need you too."
―Omega protests with Echo after she learned he was leaving them[39]

The clones met Senator Riyo Chuchi, whose goal was to reveal the truth about Tipoca City's fall.

Omega accompanied the rest of the Bad Batch on a mission to Coruscant at the request of Rex. Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi had been looking into the supposed destruction of Tipoca City at the orders of Vice Admiral Rampart and needed the squad to infiltrate the admiral's Venator-class Star Destroyer to retrieve a mission log as proof that the city was intentionally destroyed. Whilst the others undertook this assignment, Omega accompanied Chuchi into the Galactic Senate Building, using a Senate pass that Tech forged. Omega learned about Chuchi's responsibilities and was amazed to see the Galactic Senate Chamber. She was glad to learn that although the clones did not have a Senate seat, Chuchi was fighting for them to have the same rights as every galactic citizen. Later, she listened as Chuchi spoke with Halle Burtoni to request that she testify against Rampart.[39]

Following the Batch's successful mission, Omega brought the logs from Rampart's ship to Senator Bail Organa, who announced to the other members of the Senate that new evidence had been found against the Admiral. Chuchi played a hologram that showed proof of Rampart's fleet attacking and destroying Tipoca City. In response to this, Emperor Palpatine entered the discussion. Omega watched on as he manipulated the situation to his favor, suggesting that the blind loyalty of the clones involved with the city's destruction was concerning, and that the time had come to introduce a new military unit in the form of the Imperial stormtrooper.[39]

The Bad Batch rendezvoused at the ship, which was docked at a repair shop. After debriefing with Chuchi, Omega was confused to see Wrecker, Hunter, and Tech thank Echo and wish him luck before boarding the Marauder. It was then that Echo announced to Omega that he would be leaving the Bad Batch to work with Rex and his group. Omega protested that he could not leave and that they were a squad, but Echo insisted that he had to help the rest of their clone brothers. He promised her that it would not be forever and told her to keep up with her training while he was gone. Omega tearfully hugged him goodbye before running back to the ship. She sat in her room in sorrow, hugging her tooka doll as they flew away.[39]

Stranded on Ipsidon


The Bad Batch approaches the mine

After Echo's departure, the Batch resumed working for Cid, who sent them to a mine she recently purchased on Ipsidon. The Batch was instructed to extract ipsium from the mine, but found that Cid had been deceived into buying it when it was almost completely empty. Omega sullenly volunteered to guard the outside of the mine when Hunter mentioned potential poachers in the area, and she and Wrecker took their positions outside while Hunter and Tech ventured inside. As Omega dejectedly sat, Wrecker asked her what was wrong, and Omega said that everything felt weird without Echo. When Tech commed her and asked her to assist them, she entered the mine to help the extraction of the mineral, climbing to reach through a narrow opening that neither of the other clones could access. As they were preparing to leave, Benni Baro hijacked the Marauder, leaving the Batch with no way to leave the planet. The group then decided to head to a settlement that Tech had scanned upon their arrival. As they walked, Omega tried to comm Echo, but Hunter told her that it was too long distance to reach him.[40]

As they trekked through a canyon, Hunter sensed a stampede of Ipsidon bucks approaching. Trying to run, the squad eventually resorted to grappling cables to temporarily escape the herd. After the herd passed, the storm that they had witnessed upon landing caught up to them. Needing shelter, Omega followed the others into a different nearby mine shaft, although Wrecker had to drop the container of ipsium to help Tech, who had been knocked over by the storm. Although they were safe in the mine, the four watched helplessly as the container of volatile ipsium was picked up by the storm and flew towards them, exploding and causing the entrance to collapse, trapping them inside. Omega sadly watched as Tech and Wrecker began to argue about the circumstances of their misfortune while Hunter tried to get them to focus on digging their way out. Omega tried to track the Marauder while the others got to work, and became upset when Tech asserted that they would likely never recover the ship. Omega said that they had to find the Marauder, since it was their home, but Tech said they could always get another one, which upset Omega. She said that they had already lost Echo and could not afford to lose their home, but Tech insisted that they had not lost Echo and asked Omega what her issue was. Omega was hurt by this, and stalked away into the mine, saying she wanted to be alone.[40]

As she walked, she began to explore the mine, and eventually found a large ipsium vein. She began to extract it, thinking they could use it to blow their way out and escape. A short time later, Tech, who was searching for ipsium for similar reasons, approached her. Tech asked her if she knew that she was surrounded by enough ipsium to blow the entire cavern, and Omega retorted that he had better not distract her in that case. Finishing filling a vial, she tried to pass it to Tech, although he was too busy looking at his datapad. Omega narrowed her eyes and sternly told Tech to help her, and he grabbed the vial from her, telling her to extract as much as she could. Omega sarcastically asked if he trusted her to do the job, to which Tech blankly stated that he knew she could. He relayed her several vials, but after he passed her the last one, Omega slipped trying to reach a vein of ipsium, and fell into the cavern. She landed in water, dragged through the current towards a waterfall and funneled into a lower cavern. Tech, who had dived in after her, followed quickly, and the two splashed out of the water onto dry land. Assessing their new surroundings, Omega noticed a crack in the cave wall with sunlight gleaming through it.[40]


Omega and Tech had a discussion about handling change.

Communicating their whereabouts to Hunter and Wrecker, Tech instructed them to follow the way they came. He reassured Omega that they would be escaping very soon, although Omega reminded him that they still didn't have their ship or a way to contact Echo. Tech reassured her that they did not need help and would figure out a plan like they always did, causing Omega to once again become angry. She shouted at Tech, asking why he did not care that everything was changing. Tech was confused and simply said that change was a part of life. Omega angrily asked why Echo's absence didn't bother him, and Tech explained that they had to adapt and move on like soldiers. Omega retorted that they were not just soldiers, and that they were family. Tech admitted that she was right, but Omega told him that he did not act like it. Tech finished explaining that while he did not process moments like Echo or Crosshair leaving them like Omega did, he still felt their implications. Omega softened, understanding, and perked up as Wrecker and Hunter arrived, with Wrecker yelling as he splashed down the waterfall.[40]

The team then positioned the ipsium near the opening and blew it open, emerging back into the sun. They identified the nearby settlement and resumed their journey towards it. As night fell, they reached the settlement, finding a transmission array. While they were able to contact Cid, she refused to help, claiming that she was busy. After Omega pleaded with the Trandoshan, and Tech reminded Cid of the times they helped her in the past, Cid said that she would assist the Batch, but that she needed a few days. Hunter tried to explain that they did not have rations to last them that long, but Cid cut off the transmission before he could finish his sentence. Despite their dire situation, Omega remained positive, echoing Tech's words and saying that they would figure something out as they always did.[40]

Retrieving the Marauder


Omega cleverly found a way to track the Marauder via Gonky

After the unproductive chat with Cid, Omega managed to track the stolen ship through Gonky, who was still on board. After scanning his binary reference code, Omega discovered that Gonky was still on Ipsidon. The group followed the signal on a speeder bike until they reached Mokkotown. The Batch encountered Baro and Gonky in Mokkotown, and they demanded the location of their ship.[41]

The Batch forced Baro to help them enter Mokko's ipsium mine and retrieve their ship. Baro and the Batch entered through the top of a refinery stack. Baro brought them to their ship, however, the hyperdrive was disconnected. Baro stated his deal was done, and began to leave, but Omega pointed out that they still needed to deactivate the ray shield in order to leave. Baro agreed to enter the central tower with her to deactivate the shield, and he gave her his jacket so she could blend in more easily with the miners. Baro informed Omega that they needed an access card from a member of Mokko's inner circle to access the tower. They entered a mess hall area and Baro pickpocketed an access card from Drake, an inner circle member. Omega witnessed Mokko's cruelty when he forced the rest of the miners to fight over a single bowl of soup. As she followed Baro to the central tower, she expressed her distaste for having to compete for food, although Baro did not seemed bothered by it.[41]

Inside the control room, Omega notified Hunter, who told her to get the shield code and return swiftly. As she began the upload, Baro noted how her companions treated her as one of them. Omega, noting Mokko did not seem to care about any of them, asked why he did not leave. Baro said that he could not leave, because working in the mines was all he knew. Omega empathetically said that she understood, and that they were fighting hard to get their ship back for the same reason. Baro apologized for stealing their ship. Omega kindly offered him her rations, which Baro was confused by, although he accepted. Omega also revealed that the ipsium was not actually being degraded. However, before she could find the shield codes, Mokko arrived and Omega learned that Baro had sold her out.[41]


Omega was glad to recover the Marauder and help the young miners

Mokko's droids took Omega to a bridge over the molten chasm. Tech and Wrecker emerged and confronted Mokko, but Mokko threatened to have Omega thrown into the mine if they did not lay down their arms. Baro, emerging from the tower, shouted to his fellow miners about the ipsium not being degraded. With the proof Omega had found while searching for the shield codes, the miners turned on Mokko. When the droid tried to toss Omega over, she fought with it until Hunter fired his grapple hook, and as Omega fell, Hunter grabbed her hand and pulled them both to safety. As the miners closed in on Mokko, he attempted to defend himself before falling into the abyss. As the Bad Batch had their ship and equipment returned to them, Omega asked Baro what he and the other miners would do. He responded that they would keep mining the ipsium but share the profits. Saying their goodbyes, Omega remarked to Tech that the Empire was not the only evil in the galaxy, to which Tech responded that there was a lot of good as well.[41]

Scavenging a ship

"It's their cloning technology, but this configuration is different than anything I saw in Tipoca City."
―Omega recognizes Kaminoan technology aboard the ship[42]

The Batch were in contact with Cid after the ordeal on Ipsidon, but were displeased with the lack of assistance she was willing to provide them. Cid informed them of a crashed vessel that they could investigate, and the Batch negotiated that they get 50% of the profits from the mission. Tech suggested that completing the mission would be a diplomatic way of ending their relations with Cid, rather than suddenly cutting her off. The group made their way to the location of the crash site, the planet Silla,[43] and explored the downed ship. Although there were no signs of survivors, Omega suggested they search inside for anyone still on board.[42]

Inside the ship, the Batch discovered various scratches across the walls, which they concluded were not created by humans. Tech split from the others to restore power to the vessel, brushing off concerns from Omega that he would be going alone. The others continued on until they came across a cold laboratory within the ship. Omega was able to identify Kaminoan cloning technology in the room, though it was different to anything she had seen on Tipoca City. The group found a slimy substance on the walls, and looked up to see a drooling creature. The three clones backed away slowly until the beast began prowling towards them. It let out a loud roar, and the group began firing, but found that their blasters were ineffective on the creature. Once the power was restored it fled out of the lab, and Omega and the others followed it to a power supply that it had started feeding on. The clones took cover as Tech shot the power supply, but still the creature survived the blast unharmed, and wandered out towards a nearby village. Tech theorized that the crew on the ship was likely eaten by the creature, an idea that troubled Omega.[42]

Whilst Hunter and Wrecker followed the beast, Omega and Tech went back inside the downed ship to find out what species they were dealing with. Omega noted technology that could extract and manipulate genetic material, and Tech plugged into it to search for answers. Omega said that she had heard rumors of other Kaminoan experiments that she assumed happened off-world, but that Nala Se had kept such data away from her. Tech then discovered that the creature's scales were being used for modified armor plating, and that it fed on raw energy to propel its rapid growth. Having revealed the true identity of the creature, they informed Hunter that they were dealing with a Zillo Beast, a creature that had previously attacked Coruscant during the Clone Wars.[42]

The Empire soon arrived to capture the beast and destroy any evidence of it. As Imperial fighters targeted the crash site, Omega and Tech fled before the ship was demolished. The Zillo Beast was knocked out by an ion cannon and taken back by the Imperials, while citizens of the village were detained to maintain the secrecy of the operation. Omega and Tech were picked up by Hunter, and the squad avoided several V-wing starfighters before jumping to hyperspace. As Tech informed them all on his findings regarding the crashed vessel, Omega sat in her room holding Lula.[42]

Life on Pabu

An island sanctuary

"I have not heard her laugh like that in some time."
―Tech notes Omega's amusement on Pabu[44]

Despite their deteriorated relationship with Cid, Omega and the Batch continued to work with Phee Genoa. The group met with Lanse Crowder in a cantina to purchase an artifact, but when Crowder tried to kill Genoa and take the money, the Batch stepped in as Genoa's muscle. The group escaped with the artifact and their credits. On the Marauder, the Batch received an transmission from Cid. In the message, Cid complained about how the absence of the clones had cost her. She then reminded them of their mutually beneficial arrangements and how she knew their secrets. Genoa remarked on the Batch cutting ties with Cid, and gave them a new destination.[44]

TBB on Pabu

After they cut ties with Scaleback, Genoa brought the clones to Pabu.

The Batch arrived at the tropical planet Pabu, flying over its oceans and landing at the top of a small island. Genoa introduced the squad to the new world and to the mayor Shep Hazard and his daughter Lyana. Lyana told Omega that Genoa never brought friends to the island before, and that she must really like them. The group then wandered down the island for a feast. As they walked, Omega marveled at the view of Lower Pabu below. At the banquet table, Omega saw some moon-yos, and laughed as she let the creatures climb across her. Lyana explained that the elders claimed the moon-yos inhabited the island before the people who settled there. As the two girls had fun, Tech mentioned that he had not heard Omega laugh like she was in some time. Genoa urged Hunter to consider staying on the island permanently, pointing out how much Omega seemed to be enjoying herself.[44]


Pabu's tranquility and Lyana's new perspective caused Omega to reflect

After the meal, Lyana asked Omega if she wanted to take a boat out to sea and watch the sunset. Omega asked Hunter if they could go, and Hunter happily agreed. The girls went down to the dock and rode the boat away from the island. Omega told Lyana that she had spent most of her life surrounded by the ocean, but that it was very different compared to Pabu. Lyana asked why she left her previous home, and Omega answered that the Empire forced her to leave. Lyana said that it was safe on Pabu, and that they could stay there as long as they wanted. Omega responded that the squad never stayed in one place for long, and Lyana questioned if that ever caused Omega to feel lonely. Omega said that she had never thought about it before.[44]

As the girls sat in their boat, a tremor caused their vessel to rock. Lyana told Omega that it was not a big deal, as it happened all the time, but the two decided to head back to shore just in case. Hunter contacted Omega to check that they were safe, and she told him that they were returning to the island. As the tremors got stronger, the tide pulled back, taking the boat with it. The girls jumped out of the boat to avoid colliding with some rocks positioned in the water. As they got to their feet, they saw an enormous wave heading towards the island. Omega told Hunter that they were in trouble, and Hunter instructed them to head to shore, and that he would pick them up. Omega helped Lyana up after falling, and the two continued running from the wave. Hunter arrived in the Marauder and the girls grabbed onto a cable. After everyone on the island had made it safely to Upper Pabu, Omega, Lyana, and Wrecker slept beneath a tree atop the island, while Hunter and Tech discussed staying to help rebuild with Genoa and Shep.[44]

Echo's return

"We've missed you!"
"It hasn't been that long."
"Feels like it has."
―Omega and Echo[45]

Omega learns piloting skills from Tech

During their time on Pabu, Tech gave Omega flying lessons on the Marauder. Omega was pleased with her progress, pointing out how the collision alarms had not gone off. Tech informed her that the alarm system had in fact shorted out in their last lesson, but acknowledged that she was indeed improving. Omega was then instructed to make a sharp turn back to the island, a move that she called the Tech Turn.[45]

After acquiring some encrypted data on a mission, Echo returned to the Batch for Tech's expertise. As he arrived on Pabu, Echo saw Omega flying and was impressed with her keeping up with her training. He then said he would race her back to the landing zone. Back on the island, Omega was thrilled to see her brother again, and ran to greet him with a hug. Echo presented Tech with a data rod to be decrypted. Later, Tech had finished decrypting the data and revealed to the squad that Echo had hijacked a transport assigned to the Advanced Science Division. Tech could not uncover anything on the division besides the name of its chief scientist, Doctor Royce Hemlock, and a list of clone prisoners that included Crosshair. Tech also informed the Batch of a recent distress signal sent by Crosshair, warning them that they were being targeted by the Empire.[45]

Imperial entanglements

Operation on Eriadu

Mission to Ravens Peak TBBS2

Omega and her brothers infiltrated the Raven's Peak to locate Crosshair.

After discovering of Crosshair's predicament, the Batch decided they had to attempt to rescue him. One of Echo's contacts had informed him of an Imperial summit that Hemlock would be attending, and Echo suggested they sneak into Wilhuff Tarkin's compound in order to plant a homing beacon on Hemlock's ship and thusly discover the whereabouts of Crosshair. Hunter was hesitant due to the risks of their planned mission, but Omega said that they had to take the chance to get Crosshair back. Before they left Pabu, Omega said goodbye to Genoa.[46]

The Batch arrived at Eriadu and managed to bypass Imperial security using a clearance code Echo had acquired from another contact. They landed the Marauder in a safe location away from the compound and made their way towards a rail line. After Tech briefly disabled the sensors, the squad was able to ride on the side of a railcar up to the base undetected. Once inside, Omega and Wrecker stayed in the hangar ready to plant the homing beacon whilst the others moved to the control room to identify Hemlock's ship. Tech informed Omega that they had found the ship, and Omega was tasked with planting the beacon as there was not enough cover for Wrecker to do so unnoticed As Wrecker kept watch, Omega stealthily made her way to the ship and attached the device. To avoid detection on her way back, Omega had help from Echo who caused a distraction using a crane in the hangar. Omega's presence was almost revealed by a MSE-6 series repair droid, but Wrecker crushed the droid before it could alert anyone.[46]

The sacrifice


Tech sacrificed himself for the rest of the squad

Eventually, security in the compound became aware of a group of insurgents lead by Saw Gerrera that had also infiltrated the base, which lead to the discovery of the clones as well. The Batch escaped via a railcar, but an explosion caused by Gerrera's attack destroyed the homing beacon and disabled power to the rail line. Omega and the others were then stranded inside the railcar midway across the rail line. Tech made his way on top of the track to access a terminal and reroute power back to the line. Tech was successful in restoring the power, however V-wing starfighters dispatched by Imperial forces caused the car to detach from the line and resulted in Tech hanging off of the railcar from a cable. With no other options, Tech decided to sacrifice himself to the rest of the Batch, severing the railcar in two, sacrificing himself but allowing the others to continue to the end of the track. Omega screamed to go back for Tech as the railcar descended before crashing through a wall at the end of the rail line. Injured, Omega called for Tech before collapsing. The remaining members of the Batch got her back to the Marauder and the squad made their way back to Ord Mantell.[46]

Captured by Hemlock

On Ord Mantell, Omega was treated by AZI-3, who comforted her by saying they would all make a full recovery. Hunter asked Omega how she was feeling, when suddenly she remembered about Tech. Hunter told her that Tech didn't make it, and Omega struggled to come to terms with what had happened, demanding they go back for him. Hunter tried to console Omega, and told her that they were planning on putting their life as soldiers behind them and going back to Pabu.[47]


Scaleback betrayed Clone Force 99, leading to Omega's capture.

After being sold out to the Empire by Cid, Hunter and Wrecker were captured by clone commandos. Omega was initially ordered by Hunter to sneak away through the mining tunnels, but re-emerged to save her brothers. She pulled her bow on Hemlock and the commandos, saying she wouldn't let them take Hunter and Wrecker. Hemlock tried to negotiate with Omega, saying he would spare them if she came with him. Omega refused, stating that she didn't believe him, but was stunned by Scorch and captured as well. Omega was taken aboard Hemlock's ship, and although Echo helped free Hunter and Wrecker, the three of them were unable to save Omega. Hunter vowed that they would not stop searching for Omega until they found her.[47]

Omega was taken to Mount Tantiss, where she was reunited with Nala Se. The young clone asked why she had been taken to the base, but Se stood silently as Omega was taken inside. Hemlock told Se that she was to work on the Emperor's project, or else Omega would suffer the consequences. Inside, Omega saw Crosshair tied to an operating bed, however he was unresponsive. Doctor Emerie Karr then entered the room, and Omega questioned her on what happened to Crosshair. Karr told her that he was recovering, but Omega requested she talk to Nala Se. Karr noted the irony of Omega's trust for the Kaminoan but not her, before revealing that the two were sisters, which shocked Omega.[47]

Imperial confinement

Return to lab work

"Good morning, Omega. How are you feeling?
Like a prisoner.
―Emerie Karr and Omega[48]

Omega became imprisoned at Mount Tantiss, living in a room with nothing but a cot, a sink, and a barred window. Her only possession was her lunch pail. She was made to help as Karr's lab assistant, collecting blood samples from the imprisoned clones. When Karr told Omega that she had to give a blood sample as well, she reluctantly cooperated. Omega asked why she had never seen Karr on Kamino, and Karr responded that she had been elsewhere until Hemlock took her in. Omega noted that it would have been nice to have a sister around. Karr then told Omega to bring the blood samples to Nala Se in her laboratory to be tested in the centrifuge machine. Omega learned that Nala Se was still protecting her, as the Kaminoan destroyed Omega's blood sample as a means to prevent her from being involved in their research. She also told Omega that she was present on Tantiss because it would ensure the Kaminoan's cooperation in the research. Omega noted that the research did not seem like what they had been doing on Kamino, which Nala Se said was the case.[48]


Omega was trapped in the oppressive Weyland facility

Although Omega did not have much freedom in the facility, she would visit Crosshair in his cell, sneaking around the detention block when she could. She promised to find a plan to escape and take Crosshair with her, but Crosshair did not welcome her efforts and told her that he had already tried to escape. Despite Crosshair's acceptance of their predicament, Omega insisted that she could find a way.[48]

Outside of lab work, Omega was made to do various other tasks, including feeding the lurca hounds in the base's kennels. She made a bond with one of the lurca hounds, which was designated LH-201, although she nicknamed it "Batcher." When Batcher would not eat the food given to the hounds, Omega gave the hound some of her food. While working in the pens, Omega stole hay from the pens and used it to make herself a toy, which would later be confiscated during a search of her cell. Karr reminded her that no personal effects were allowed, and even though Omega protested, she removed the toy from her possession.[48]


Omega assisted Nala Se with her work

As Omega's time in the facility wore on, her hair began to grow out. One day, she noticed that Batcher was hurt and alerted the droid in charge, K-9X1. The droid told her that the animal was injured on patrol and would be terminated if it did not recover. Omega pleaded for help but K-9X1 said that it was not a medical droid. Omega used resources from a nearby medpac to treat Batcher, cleaning her wound. While the wound would eventually heal, K-9X1 later told Omega that Batcher's domesticated disposition was a liability and that she would be terminated despite her recovery. Omega tried to stand up for Batcher, and when K-9X1 dragged her away, Omega fought the droid for its datapad. When K-9X1 drew their electrostaff, Omega dropped a crate on the droid, crushing its legs before incapacitating the droid with its own weapon. Omega then opened the door to Batcher's pen and told her to escape. Batcher continued to stare at her, and Omega told her that she could not escape with her because she had to rescue Crosshair first. Batcher eventually ran off.[48]

When Omega turned around, she found herself staring at Hemlock and Karr. Hemlock told her that releasing Batcher to fend for itself in the wild was cruel, explaining the wild beasts that were outside beyond the mountain had killed members of a crashed shuttle earlier. Omega resolutely argued that Batcher deserved a chance to live. Hemlock condescendingly told her that she had the idealism of a child and that she needed to abandon emotion and sentiment, threatening to limit her freedom in the base. Omega remained defiant, saying that she knew she was there to ensure Nala Se cooperated and that he would not hurt her. Hemlock agreed, but then threatened to hurt Crosshair, which made Omega back down. Hemlock ordered Karr to restrict Omega's access and bring her back to her room.[48]

That night, Omega sat alone on her bed. When Karr opened the door and tried to talk to her, Omega told her to go away. Although Karr left, she returned Omega her doll, which she was grateful for. As she did every night, she stared at the moon, but this time, heard Batcher out in the jungle.[48]

The status quo has changed

"Omega... ...listen carefully. If Emerie tests your sample, you will be in danger. You must flee this facility before it is too late."
―Nala Se warns Omega[49]

Nala Se instructed Omega to escape the facility.

Around 164 days into her time on Weyland, Omega noticed a buzz of activity around the facility. She asked Karr what was happening, but she did not know. Omega asked why Hemlock didn't tell her, but Karr insisted that if she needed to know, she would. Hemlock and Nala Se soon entered. Hemlock told Karr that they had an unexpected guest visiting, and that he and Nala Se would be indisposed. He instructed Karr to do the final blood testing in the lab. Nala Se, in an effort to protect Omega's blood from being tested, told Karr that she did not have to and that she would do it herself later, but Hemlock insisted. While Hemlock continued to speak to Karr, Nala Se told Omega that she was in grave danger and that she needed to escape. She told her to take her datapad and use it to find a shuttle to escape in.[49]

Omega followed Karr to the lab, and when Karr noticed she was acting strange, she told Omega that she could go back to her room and forgo her duties for the day. Omega took her chance to begin her escape, grabbing Nala Se's datapad and running off. Using it to enter the detention block, she found Crosshair. Telling him that today was the day that they escaped, she told him to distract the guards while she opened his cell door. Crosshair asked Omega what their plan was, and Omega admitted she was improvising, causing Crosshair to roll his eyes. However, he complied and distracted the guards, and when Omega opened the door, he incapacitated the two guards. Omega began to explain the situation, saying that Nala Se had told her she needed to escape today and that they would use a shuttle in the hangar. However, as the two hid from a patrol, they overheard that none other than Emperor Palpatine was visiting the facility. Crosshair groaned that there would be extreme levels of security and that today was not the day to escape. Omega remembered that Hemlock mentioned a crashed shuttle and told Crosshair they could reach it and contact Hunter and Wrecker. Crosshair asked how they would get outside, and Omega replied that they could escape via the animal pens.[49]

Escape plan

"I'm sorry, I thought this would work.
You got us this far. And we're not done yet.
―Omega and Crosshair[49]

Arriving in the pens, the two eliminated K-9X1. As they prepared their escape, they were confronted by Karr, who had went to check on Omega in her room and found it empty. Crosshair aimed his DC-15 at her, but Omega shouted for him to stop. Karr tried to talk them down, saying that they could return to their rooms and she could make sure that no one else found out about their escape attempt. Omega, sensing Karr was trying to be understanding, told her that she could not go back to captivity after how much of her life she had spent trapped on Kamino. She then reminded Karr that she was a clone too and asked her to help them. However, Karr alerted her superiors and Crosshair stunned her. The two then escaped out of the tunnels used to let the animals out on patrol, outrunning the ray shields that were closing in behind them.[49]


Omega and Crosshair encounter a dryax

Once outside, Crosshair asked which way the shuttle was. Omega did not know, so Crosshair followed the flight path of the Emperor's shuttle, which was departing. By nightfall they were almost at the ship when a dryax, the beast Hemlock had spoke of, emerged. However, before it could attack, the other lurca hounds that Hemlock had released to hunt them down attacked the dryax. Omega and Crosshair reached the ship, although when Omega powered it up and tried to use the comms, it did not work. As an Imperial shuttle approached their position, Omega apologized to Crosshair, saying she really thought they could have escaped. This time, Crosshair was the one to encourage her, saying that she had got them this far and that they could not give up. He asked her if the other members of the Bad Batch had taught her Plan 72, to which Omega responded yes.[49]

As the shuttle deployed the search party, Crosshair drew the attention of the troopers pursuing them. Omega snuck towards the grapple lines that the troops had landed with to rappel up to the ship. However, she was stopped by a trooper. Omega froze, but the trooper was knocked down by Batcher, and Omega then stunned them. Omega told Batcher to stay close by before rappelling up. Stunning the pilot, she used the shuttle's weaponry to scatter the Imperials. Crosshair then slipped away towards the ship, and, followed by Batcher, boarded. Crosshair took the controls and piloted the ship away as they were pursued by V-wings. As they tried to jump to hyperspace, the V-wings were called off by Hemlock, who had learned that Omega's blood was compatible with their tests and therefore must remain alive. No longer pursued, Omega, Crosshair, and Batcher successfully jumped to hyperspace.[49]

On the run

"The Empire is going to be searching for this ship and us. We have to move. I scanned a spaceport a few clicks east. We'll start there."
―Crosshair, to Omega[50]

As they hurtled through hyperspace, Omega did her best to keep the ship steady, trying to get the stabilizers online, but they had sustained too much damage. They dropped out of hyperspace and crash-landed on[50] the planet[51] Lau. Omega lamented that it would take forever to repair their ship, saying that they had to get the nav reader back online to extract the coordinates to Tantiss so they could return and help the other prisoners, but Crosshair said that they were never going back and that they had to leave because the Empire would be tracking them. He pointed them in the direction of a nearby spaceport he had noticed on the scanners before they lost power and began to march east.[50]


Omega in her disguise

Entering the town, Omega was worried by the sight of stormtroopers and asked Crosshair how they could have tracked them so quickly. Crosshair responded that it was just a standard patrol. While Omega wanted to send a message to Hunter and Wrecker, Crosshair maintained that they needed to head for the spaceport and that sending a transmission was too risky. Omega relented but suggested they acquire disguises to blend in, so the pair stole clothes that were being hung outside. At the spaceport, Omega noted that there were too many troopers around for them to sneak onboard a shuttle. Unconcerned, Crosshair said that he would be able to take out half of them before they could even retaliate, but Omega shut his idea down, wanting to avoid a shootout. She spoke to the ticketing agent, and eventually resorted to bribery once the agent denied them passes since they did not have their chain codes. Asking for 15,000 credits per ticket, Omega sullenly returned to Crosshair with the news. Crosshair pointed out that it would be easier to fight than to acquire 30,000 credits quickly, but Omega said that she had a plan.[50]

High stakes


Omega faced off against Mann in balaans

Entering a cantina, Crosshair and Batcher sat at a table while Omega began to play[50] balaans,[52] taking on an overconfident Trandoshan. She won several hands against them, and was coaxing her opponent into another hand when Crosshair cleared his throat and alerted her to an Imperial officer entering the cantina with two stormtroopers flanking him. The officer, Mann, eventually approached the table, telling the Trandoshan to leave and squaring off with Omega. The confidence that she had begun playing with vanished as the threat of the Imperial captain sat across from her. As they played, Batcher was growling at the captain, so he ordered Omega to get rid of her. Crosshair took Batcher out, which only grew Omega's anxiousness. Mann remarked to Omega that he had never seen her or her father around before, causing Omega to stiffen and respond that they were just passing through. When the captain revealed his hand, several onlookers cheered, and he condescendingly told Omega that while she was a decent player, she had underestimated him. Omega smirked before laying down the three Eastern Stars, causing her to win. Omega collected her winnings, 20,000 credits, but as she and Crosshair tried to leave, Mann stopped them and demanded that they paid a fine, as gambling was illegal. He made them return 10,000 credits before walking out of the cantina.[50]

As they prepared to leave, Crosshair asked Omega if they had enough credits, to which Omega replied they had 35,000—enough for both tickets plus a little extra. However, outside, Omega realized Batcher was missing. A local told her that they saw where the hound went, and asked for money in exchange for the information. Omega gave him 5,000 credits and the individual told her that the Imperial captain had snatched her and headed towards to the cargo docks. As Omega started off in the direction of the docks, Crosshair urged her to forget Batcher and head to the spaceport, as they still had enough money. Omega refused to leave Batcher and threw their case of credits at Crosshair and said that he was free to leave but that she would not abandon Batcher. She left without saying more, but as she examined the docks through a fence, Crosshair arrived behind her and said that they would do it her way. Boosting her over the fence, Crosshair climbed up and followed her.[50]

They snuck their way towards where Batcher was being held in a crate, noticing numerous other containers a wide variety of animals were trapped in. Omega thought they should try to free all of the animals, but Crosshair told her not to push it. They made the final approach to Batcher, but were surrounded by Captain Mann and several stormtroopers. Mann sneered that he knew they would come to rescue their hound and said that they owed him his money back for not having a license for the animal. He then smiled and said that the credits would not do them any good when Hemlock arrived, having learned that they were escaped prisoners from a scout team discovering their stolen shuttle. Omega relented, and, after tossing the credits down, told Crosshair that they could try things his way. Crosshair smiled and fired on the troopers, who were taken by surprise. Omega dived towards the control console, releasing the animals and causing a stampede across the docks. In the chaos, Omega scrambled onto the transport and fired up the engines, Batcher and Crosshair soon following. They fled to hyperspace, where Omega sent a coded transmission to Hunter and Wrecker, asking them to meet her at on of Ryloth's moons, a location they had previously done business at. Crosshair again pointed out that they would be able to be tracked and needed to abandon the vessel. Omega agreed and said that they would meet up with Hunter and Wrecker soon.[50]


Omega finally made her way back to her family

At the moon, they landed and saw the Marauder was already waiting for them. Omega hurried down the boarding ramp and saw Wrecker, running towards him and leaping into his arms. Wrecker, wiping tears off his face, said that they had crossed the galaxy four times looking for her. Omega tearfully laughed and when Hunter emerged, she ran to hug him as well. Hunter said that they had never stopped looking for her, and asked how she had found them. Omega said that she had help, and as Crosshair emerged from the ship, Omega saw Hunter and Wrecker both tense and narrow their eyes at their former comrade.[50]

Back with the Batch

Peace on Pabu

"We're finally together and you want us to split up?"
―Omega argues in favor of the whole squad joining the mission[53]

Omega and Batcher on Pabu

Omega woke up in her room, hugging her tooka doll Lula, with the sun of Pabu shining on her face. Getting up, Wrecker and Hunter smiled as she descended down into the cabin. Wrecker gave her fruit, saying it was from Shep and Lyana. Hunter said that they were very happy to have her back, but Omega noticed Crosshair was gone. Hunter said that Crosshair was having problems adjusting, and Omega said that she would go and check on him. Finding him in the cove down by the ocean practicing with his sniper, Omega went down to the shore, waving at AZI-3, who was helping Crosshair, and petting Batcher, who was also present. Omega told Crosshair that she knew he was hiding and that he had to talk to Hunter and Wrecker. Crosshair dismissed the notion and continued to practice, struggling to aim due to his hand constantly shaking. Then, the Remora appeared in the sky, signaling the return of Echo, who had been contacted and wanted to receive the intel from Tantiss Base that Omega and Crosshair could provide.[53]


Omega would not allow herself to be left out of the mission

Omega ran to hug Echo when he disembarked, who was happy to see her as well. Omega joined Hunter, Wrecker, Echo, and Crosshair at a table to discuss the intel. Omega shared all she knew and offered up Nala Se's datapad, which she had managed to hold onto during their adventures. Crosshair was less eager to join in on the conversation and remained closed off, which annoyed Hunter, but when Echo mentioned that they needed a way to pass the Imperial encryption on the datapad, Crosshair had a plan. Saying he knew of a remote Imperial outpost, he suggested using an Imperial terminal there to override the encryption. Although Hunter was still cautious of Crosshair, he accepted the plan, saying he, Crosshair, and Echo would go, telling Omega and Wrecker to stay behind. Omega did not accept the decision, saying that they were finally back together and should not be splitting up. Hunter wanted to protect her, but Omega did not relent, saying she had abandoned the other clones that were imprisoned at Tantiss and says she must help to free them. Hunter eventually was convinced, and the whole squad began to prepare for the mission.[53]

That night, they loaded up the Remora, Batcher included. As Omega watched Crosshair and Hunter stiffly avoid each other, Crosshair told her not to worry about him, saying that Hunter just wanted to protect her. Omega asked Crosshair if he thought she should stay behind too, and while Crosshair admitted she was capable, he reminded her that she was still a kid. Omega smirked and told him that she was older than him and called him "little brother." Wrecker then came up to Crosshair and gave him his old armor, saying they had saved it because it never felt right to get rid of it. The Batch then departed for Barton IV.[53]

First mission back together

As they arrived on the icy world, they found the Imperial Depot and realized it was abandoned. Omega watched as Batcher reacted to the sensor beacons that formed a perimeter around the base. Hunter continued to press Crosshair for information about the base, and after Echo had to break up the two, Hunter stalked away, followed by Wrecker and Echo. Omega sighed and told Crosshair that he needed to talk to Hunter calmly, not argue with him. Crosshair grunted that Hunter had started it, causing Omega to roll her eyes.[53]

Inside the base, Omega found a control console and activated it, noticing that everything inside the base was on low power because of the sensors. Echo suggested they redirect the power to the inside, allowing them to access the terminal. Omega obliged, and Echo connected the datapad and began to inspect the manifest. Omega sat next to him while he explained that there were even more clone prisoners on Tantiss than they had thought. When Hunter, who was watching over Echo's shoulder, noticed Crosshair going back outside, he asked where he was going. Crosshair said he was checking the perimeter, and Hunter followed him, with Batcher trailing in his wake. Omega worriedly rose to follow them, but Echo stopped her and told her to let them work it out and to help him with the data transfer.[53]


Omega watches Echo proceed with the data transfer

As the data transfer continued, a loud noise sounded from outside, and the three members of the team who had stepped out scrambled to get back inside as an ice wyrm emerged from the ground, causing the Remora to sink through the displaced snow. Bellowing, the wyrm charged the trio as Omega, Wrecker, and Echo ran to the door. As they dove inside, Wrecker shut the door, and the power flickered off as the wyrm crashed against the door. Now trapped inside, the squad had to devise a plan. Echo identified a fuse box outside the main depot that would help restore power, and as Wrecker volunteered to make the journey to it, Omega said that she would handle reactivating the defense systems at the terminal. Hunter, Crosshair, and Batcher were made to lure the beast outside the perimeter, with Echo spotting for them, so the sensors could be reactivated with the wyrm outside and away from the base.[53]

As the plan was put into motion, Hunter and Crosshair were attacked by the wyrm, and Wrecker reached the fuse box. As Omega guided Wrecker through how to restore the power, Hunter fell into the creature's tunnels. However, Crosshair was able to guide him from above the surface to get outside the sensors. When the wyrm pursued them outside the perimeter, Wrecker finished restoring the power and Omega activated the sensors just as Crosshair and Hunter dived back inside them. Their plan successful, Omega ran outside and smiled as she saw Hunter and Crosshair together with Batcher. Echo smiled as well and told Omega that they always work it out. Omega asked if the intel would help, and Echo responded that between the data transfer and Omega's account, they were getting closer to freeing the clones. Omega said that she wished she could have done more for them, but Echo encouraged her by saying she did what she should have, which was escaping. After the squad dug out the Remora, they departed Barton IV.[53]

Reunion with Rex

"When we escaped, there wasn't any time to free the other clones. We have to find a way to get them out."
"We will."
―Omega and Rex[54]

Omega and the squad were summoned by Rex.

Following their mission, Echo and Hunter were contacted by Rex, who had urgent news for them. Echo flew the Remora to Teth, where the Clone Underground maintained a base at the B'omarr Order Monastery. They landed at the base, and Omega was happy to see Rex again. However, as Wrecker noted, the clones did not look happy to see them. Rex wore a hard expression on his face, although he did smile and nod at Omega. His companion, Howzer, notably glared at Crosshair, still upset with the other clone for his role with the Empire, as he had caused most of Howzer's squad to be killed on Ryloth. Rex settled Howzer down before inviting the Bad Batch inside. Echo, who was going to take the Remora and pick up one of the Underground's operatives, Gregor, quickly called Omega over. He gave her an energy crossbow, saying he acquired it from one of his connections. Omega was very pleased with the weapon and thanked Echo, who smiled and told her to catch up with the others, jokingly telling her to keep them in line. Omega ran to catch up, and Wrecker, who had waited for her, followed.[54]

Inside, Rex showed Hunter and Crosshair a data puck that they had recovered from the Clone X trooper CX-1, who the Underground had as a prisoner. Omega was listed as a high-priority target. Omega and Wrecker entered as Crosshair and Howzer were once again arguing, Howzer having accused him of being a double agent. Omega asked what was going on, and Crosshair told her that the Empire was still targeting her. Omega was startled by this, but Wrecker said that it was no surprise and smiled at Omega reassuringly. Rex inquired as to why Omega was so valuable to them, and Omega nervously explained that she was being used to make Nala Se cooperate with their experiments. Rex asked what the experiments were, and Omega said that while she did not know the specifics, she knew it had something to do with M-count and blood samples. She mentioned that she had been forced to give blood samples as well, distressingly recalling her imprisonment. Rex said that he had heard of M-count but was not certain what it was, and asked Omega what else she could tell them. Omega sadly explained how she had not been able to free the other clones and stated that they had to help them. Rex put a comforting hand on her shoulder and agreed that they would help their brothers. Fireball then entered with food, which excited Wrecker. Omega joined him and Batcher at a nearby table to eat while the others continued to talk.[54]

Meanwhile, the assassin CX-2, who had tracked the imprisoned CX-1 to their base, snuck inside and spotted Omega. He contacted Scorch at Mount Tantiss, who sent a Recovery Strike Team to assist in her capture. CX-2 snuck back inside and cut the comms before triggering the explosives he had planted outside. CX-2 then executed CX-1, who Rex, Howzer, Nemec, Hunter, and Crosshair had been interrogating. Omega and Wrecker dove for cover underneath the table before Wrecker laid down covering fire to allow the others to emerge from the prison cell and into attacking positions. Omega asked what they should do, and Rex said they should get to the command post. Rex covered them while Omega and the others ran to the command post, although Fireball was killed when he rushed CX-2. His flamethrower accidentally set off several thermal detonators, which caused rubble to trap them inside the command post.[54] Omega helped Rex get to his feet and began to lead them down the spire towards their leech vessel, which was ten floors below them.[55]

When they realized they were being pursued from above by CX-2 and from below by the newly arrived Imperial capture team, the group hurried towards the vessel. Although it did not have a hyperdrive, they planned to contact Echo, who could extract them. As CX-2 began to catch up, Crosshair volunteered to distract them while the others went ahead. Onboard, Omega found a backpack with several smoke grenades inside. As Nemec sat next to her, Batcher excitedly licked his face, and when the clone tried to get Batcher to get off, Omega told him that Batcher only bit about half of the time. Crosshair and Wrecker, who had waited for him, boarded last, and the ship took off. However, CX-2 shot their engines out, causing them to crash into the jungle.[55]


Omega and Crosshair

Wrecker led the way out of the ship, with Omega helping him up after Batcher jumped on his back. Omega petted Batcher while Crosshair asked if she was alright. Omega said she was fine, and after Crosshair asked if she had her crossbow and if she needed help with the supplies, Omega annoyingly said that she could. Crosshair told her to stick close and not get lost, causing Omega to narrow her eyes and say that he was worse than Hunter about overprotecting her. As they headed towards the extraction point, one of the Imperial shuttles landed ahead of them. They took cover, with Rex noting they had to fight through them to get to the extraction. Omega showed Hunter the smoke grenades, and Wrecker tossed them into the enemy before the group flanked them. Incapacitating their pursuers, Crosshair fired on the shuttle pilot, causing the ship to crash as the group prepared to continue on. However, CX-2 caught up to them, shooting and killing Nemec as the others dived for cover. Omega stayed close to Hunter, who told her to deploy another smoke grenade, but they had used them all. Crosshair once again volunteered to draw CX-2's fire, and although Omega told him via comm that she did not like that idea, Crosshair said that that was too bad. Crosshair eventually engaged CX-2 in hand-to-hand combat, where the two both fell into a river and were swept downstream towards a waterfall. Omega and the others followed and found CX-2 trying to drown their companion. Howzer stunned CX-2 and rescued Crosshair, letting CX-2 flow over the waterfall.[55]


Omega and her friends standoff with the Imperial troopers.

The group made it to the extraction point when a second Imperial shuttle deployed its troops, creating a standoff. However, Rex recognized the clone commanding the Imperial forces to be his friend Wolffe, who was surprised to see Rex, having thought he had died. Removing his helmet and telling his companions to lower their weapons, Rex told Wolffe that the Empire was their enemy, and that they were imprisoning and experimenting on their brothers. Wolffe said that the Empire would never do that, but Rex, gesturing to Omega, said that she had seen it. Omega said that it was true and that there was something going on at Tantiss. Rex said that they had to help their brothers, but Wolffe insisted he was a soldier of the Empire, causing Omega and the others to once again raise their weapons. Rex again told them to stand down and pleaded with Wolffe, saying that he had to question his orders. Wolffe insisted that they hand over Omega and said he could promise them a fair trial. Rex refused, saying that pursuing a child was not something the Wolffe he knew would do in his right mind. He told Wolffe to do the right thing, and Wolffe relented. As Echo arrived in the Remora with Gregor, Omega and the others boarded and left as Wolffe and his forces watched them go.[55]

Laying low

"We need to know more about why Hemlock's after you, and what his M-count experiments mean. Until then, you have to lay low."
―Hunter, to Omega[56]

Following their harrowing escape on Teth, the Batch returned to Pabu while Rex and Echo. They promised to contact the Bad Batch if they learned anything. The squad also enlisted Phee Genoa to find out any information she could about M-count. Omega anxiously waited to hear from them, blaming herself for the deaths of the majority of Rex's men. Crosshair reassured her that staying hidden was the best thing she could do, and Hunter agreed that she had to lay low while they learned what they could. Genoa soon contacted them, having discovered that the Empire had a select group of bounty hunters pursuing M-count targets. Although Genoa did not know what M-count targets were, she pointed out that there would be bounty hunters that would. Omega recalled their encounter with Fennec Shand and suggested that she would be a potential source of information. Genoa volunteered to locate Shand's whereabouts before disconnecting. Wrecker expressed his unease about trusting Shand around Omega, and Hunter said that he and Wrecker would go alone to meet with her. Omega began to protest, but Hunter firmly shut down her down, telling her to stay on Pabu and to stay out of trouble before instructing Crosshair to do the same. As Crosshair stalked out, Hunter put his hand on Omega's shoulder and asked her to convince Crosshair to get his hand looked at, as he was still dealing with the shaking.[56]

After Hunter and Wrecker departed, Omega convinced Crosshair to let AZI-3 examine his hand. The droid ran numerous tests but was unable to diagnose a physical injury. Crosshair coldly asked if he was implying the problem was in his head, and when AZI-3 commented that if Crosshair told him more about what he was subjected to when he was imprisoned, Crosshair angrily rose to his feet and pushed AZI-3 aside before leaving. Omega watched him leave concernedly and later found him in Lower Pabu working on target practice. Witnessing a near miss, Omega encouragingly said that he was close. Crosshair growled that close did not count, and when Omega tried to reassure him that he was still more capable than most, he sighed and sat down. Omega sat next to him and suggested that AZI might be correct about the problem being in his head, saying his experience on Tantiss might have affected him more than he realized. Crosshair did not agree, and Omega said that even if AZI could not find a specific issue, he could still heal, saying that he had to be willing to help himself. Omega suggested that he join her in meditation, which did not enthuse Crosshair. However, he agreed to do it.[56]


Omega guided Crosshair through meditation

Batcher lay beside them as they sat cross-legged on the rocky shore. Omega helped instruct Crosshair in his breathing and focus. Crosshair asked where she had learned how to meditate, and Omega told him about Gungi and their time on Kashyyyk. Crosshair was surprised that Omega had been to Kashyyyk, and when Omega told him that he had missed a lot, Crosshair sighed and agreed. Omega told Crosshair to close his eyes and keep trying, and the two proceeded to mediate in the wake of Pabu's sunset to begin Crosshair's healing process.[56]

An unexpected visitor

"Please, no one's been able to give me answers. I need to know what I am."
―Omega, to Asajj Ventress[57]

Omega encounters Asajj Ventress

Hunter and Wrecker would return from their mission having completed a deal Shand.[56] They remained on Pabu while awaiting her contact. Not long after their return, Omega played fetch on with Batcher on the beach when she noticed Batcher acting strange. Batcher seemed alarmed by the nearby cavern, and Omega tried to reassure her that there was nothing wrong, investigating the cavern with a flashlight to be sure. Having been in the cavern several times, she did not expect to find anything, but Omega would stumble across an unfamiliar starship and soon enough, Asajj Ventress. The former Sith assassin grabbed her by the arm, and as Omega protested, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair soon arrived. Ventress released Omega and, as she ran back to her brothers, Ventress commented that they were doing a poor job of laying low. Revealing that Shand had sent her, Hunter was concerned by the fact that she had found them, as he had not given Shand their coordinates. Ventress merely replied that she had her ways and told them that inquiring about M-count was a very reckless thing to do. She asked why they wanted the information about M-count, and when the others were hesitant to respond, Omega ad-libbed that they were asking because they had a friend who was being targeted by the Empire because of their role in M-count experiments. Ventress explained that high M-count individuals were more capable of wielding the Force. While the mention of the Jedi arts put Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair on edge, Omega over-excitedly asked if that meant that she was a Jedi, accidentally revealing that she was the target. Ventress narrowed her eyes and told her that having a high M-count did not make you a Jedi—the proper training did. She admitted her surprise at a clone being potentially Force-sensitive, and finished by saying that if Omega really had a high M-count, the Empire would hunt her down. She then turned to leave, saying she had delivered the intel.[57]

As Ventress walked away, Omega ran to catch up to her. Omega asked if that was really why the Empire was after her, and Ventress said that she could not know if Omega really had a high M-count or not without testing her. Omega determinedly said that she wanted to be tested, telling Ventress that she could handle it. Ventress dismissed the notion, but when Omega told her that she needed to know what she was and that no one else had been able to give her answers, Ventress agreed to help test her.[57]

Jedi steps


Omega attempted each of Ventress's tests.

Omega's first test was to balance on one leg with her arms out and while balancing a fruit on her head. Being instructed to stand on the rocks near the shore, Omega began to try but told Ventress the rocks were too slippery and asked if they could go somewhere else. When Ventress did not answer, Omega asked what standing on one leg had to do with M-count. Ventress told Omega that she was focusing on the wrong things and that she needed to let go of her conscious mind. Omega responded that she did not even knew what that meant before slipping and losing her balance. Deftly catching the fruit, Ventress tossed it back at her and told her to try again. Meanwhile, Hunter and Wrecker watched from a short distance away, with Wrecker shouting his encouragement to Omega. Ventress told the other clones to leave, but they vowed to not let either one of them out of their sight. Meanwhile, Crosshair checked Tech's old Republic files and confirmed what the older clones already suspected—that their visitor was a former Separatist agent.[57]

As Omega continued to struggle, she asked Ventress if she was a Jedi, since she knew about the tests. Ventress replied that she knew some of their ways. Omega opened her mouth to ask another question, but Ventress grabbed her face and told her to stop talking and start concentrating. Omega stayed up longer than she had been, but ultimately lost her balance again and this time fell to the ground. Ventress asked her what had happened, and Omega said that she had already told her and that the rocks were too slippery. As Ventress helped her up, Omega said that she would start over, but as the three older clones approached Ventress, she instead gave Omega a new task, telling her to retrieve a white blossom from the weeping maya tree and return with it before sundown. As it was nearly dusk, Omega protested, saying it was too far and that there was no way she could make it back in time. Ventress silenced her with a glare, and Omega sighed and decided to try her best, taking off running.[57]

As she ran, she found Batcher and enlisted her help, riding atop the hound to the top of the colony. Once at the tree, she searched amongst the many pink blossoms and eventually found a white one, plucking it and jumping back on Batcher, who took off back down towards the beach. She returned just before sundown, but she saw Ventress Force-choking Wrecker and holding her lightsaber at Hunter's throat, with a defeated Crosshair lying next to them. Omega was aghast, telling Ventress to stop and asking what was happening. Hunter told Omega that Ventress was lying to them and that she was a war criminal. Ventress coldly stated that times had changed, and that even though they had been pitted against each other, pawns on opposite sides of a galactic war, that they were not enemies. She lowered her blade and stalked away as Omega hurried over to her brothers to make sure they were alright.[57]

That night, the four clones convened on the Marauder, with Wrecker standing guard at the door. Hunter explained to Omega that Ventress had done horrible things during the war and could not be trusted. Omega pointed out that she had not killed them when she had the chance, and said that although she did not know much about the war, she knew that things were different now and that people could change. Crosshair thought she was being naive, but Omega pointed out that she had never given up on him. Omega wanted to give Ventress a chance to help her, and Hunter agreed to let her go test with Ventress unsupervised the following morning.[57]

The final test

"They must have told you all about the things I've done."
"They did. But you also stuck around instead of leaving, so I think you're trying to help me."
―Asajj Ventress and Omega[57]

Omega, ready for her final test

Finding Ventress at the dock, Omega was eager to get started. Ventress was surprised she had come with only Batcher beside her, and Omega happily told her that she was ready to try with no distractions, and Ventress had commented about earlier. She pointed out that she trusted Ventress because she had stuck around, which meant that she wanted to help her. She smiled and told Ventress that she could tell that she liked them. Ventress stared at her and said that she was an odd little clone. Omega asked what the tests had told her, and when Ventress said that she had failed the first one, Omega said that she had passed the second. For the final test, Ventress told Omega to join her on a boat. Omega said goodbye to Batcher and sat next to Ventress, who told her to stop smiling, as she found it unsettling.[57]

Once they were a long way from shore, Ventress stopped the boat and told Omega that many who wielded the Force had an affinity for nature. She instructed the young clone to reach out for everything, which Omega did not fully understand but nonetheless tried to do. After trying without success, Omega groaned and said that gave up, saying she did not feel anything and still did not know what she was supposed to be doing, declaring it a waste of time. Ventress said that she blamed her "overprotective shadows" for her lack of discipline and training. Omega said that she was trained, but Ventress told her that this was different than being a soldier, and that it required a different kind of focus. Omega frustratedly sat down, causing Ventress to agree that they were wasting their time. Omega said that she bet Ventress did not understand any of it either. Ventress glared at her before demonstrating. Omega watched as Ventress reached out and was fascinated as luminescent green rays began to appear from the depths and circle their boat.[57]


Omega and Ventress witness the vrathean surface

Just then, the rays fled, and as Omega wondered why they had gone, a massive vrathean appeared. Ventress attempted to speed away from the beast in the boat, but the vrathean's long tentacles reached out and capsized them, sending Omega and Ventress into the water. As Omega was grabbed by another tentacle and pulled underwater, Ventress quickly swam after her, slicing the tentacle with her lightsaber and grabbing Omega and swimming to the surface. Reaching their overturned boat, they watched as the Marauder swooped in and fired on the vrathean: the rest of the squad had realized what was happening and come to help. However, Ventress said that they were only making it worse and that she could handle it. Omega contacted Hunter and told them to stop firing and to trust Ventress. When they reluctantly did, Ventress, who was being pulled towards the vrathean by its tentacled, reached out with the Force and demonstrated animal kinship, calming the beast. Omega watched in awe as the vrathean returned Ventress to the boat before swimming away. Omega and Ventress were then picked up by the Marauder. Sitting down with the others, Omega said that their adventure had been pretty fun.[57]


Ventress's results did not give Omega any more clarity on why the Empire was after her

Back on the shore, they waited while Ventress went back to her ship. When she returned, Omega asked if the tests had said she had a high M-count. Ventress said no, and Omega was confused, asking why the Empire was after her if she did not have a high M-count. Ventress said that she did not know. Omega was disappointed to not gain clarity on the situation, but Wrecker comforted her and told her to come with him to eat. Before leaving, Omega sighed and thanked Ventress for trying to help her. After Omega walked away, Crosshair accused Ventress of lying, and she smirked and asked what she had lied about. Hunter told her to tell them the truth, and Ventress said that if Omega did have a high M-count, she would have to be trained, which would mean leaving them behind. Hunter said that that would never happen, and Ventress replied that what they wanted was irrelevant and advised them to leave Pabu.[57]

Goodbye to Pabu

"You sure you wanna leave these behind?"
"Pabu was the first place that felt like a home. This way, a piece of us is still here."
"Well, I'll make sure these stay safe until you come back. Because you will come back, right?"
"I hope so."
―Lyana and Omega[58]

In wake of Ventress's visit, Hunter decided that it would be safer for everyone if the Bad Batch left Pabu. As they loaded up the Marauder, Omega, joined by Lyana and Batcher, visited the Archium to leave behind Lula as well as Tech's goggles. Lyana asked Omega if she was sure that she wanted to leave the items there, but Omega assuredly said that she wanted a piece of them to remain in the only place that had ever felt like home. Lyana asked if they would come back, and Omega said she hoped that they would. As they left the Archium, Hunter commed Omega and told her it was time to go. Omega met Hunter and Crosshair in the square and said goodbye to Shep. Omega hugged Lyana before waving goodbye and following her brothers towards the ship.[58]


Raid on pabu

The Empire arrives on Pabu

As they walked away, a massive explosion sounded from below. Omega looked out to the docks, where the Marauder had been parked, to see that their ship had been destroyed. Hunter quickly scanned for Wrecker and saw him and Gonky, who had been loading up the ship, floating in the ocean. Running to the wreckage, Omega was dismayed to see Wrecker had been pulled out of the water but remained lying on his back on the dock, not moving. She scrambled over to check on him, and Hunter told Mox, Stak, and Deke,[58] a trio of clone cadets who he and Wrecker had rescued and brought to Pabu during Omega's time on Tantiss,[59] to take Wrecker to Shep's and have AZI-3 check on him. Deke put a comforting hand on Omega's shoulder before they helped take Wrecker away. Standing in the ruins of their home, Omega then witnessed an Imperial cruiser hover over the island and deploy a division of stormtroopers. Although they did not know how the Empire had found them, it had been the clone assassin CX-2 who had discovered them by stealing intel from Phee Genoa and using it to track them to Pabu.[58]

As they ran for cover, Omega lamented that the invasion was her fault, since she was the one the Empire was after. Hunter put his hand on her shoulder and affirmed that it was the Empire's fault and not hers. As the Imperial gunships began to destroy the sea skiffs and cut off all means of escape, Hunter told Omega and Crosshair to go to Shep's home and stay with Wrecker while he stole a ship for them to escape on. With Batcher following them, Omega and Crosshair made their way towards Shep's, hiding from the stormtrooper patrols who were searching for her. As they ducked away from a patrol who were rounding up and aggressively detaining the civilians, Batcher began to growl and lunge towards the stormtroopers. Omega was unable to hold her back, and Batcher took down several troopers before being chased away. Omega wanted to follow Batcher, but Crosshair said that Batcher could take care of herself and that they needed to get to Wrecker.[58]

Arriving at Shep's, they snuck inside and found Lyana and AZI-3 there, with Wrecker still unconscious. Lyana told them she had been instructed to hide there as well, and hugged Omega, saying she was very scared. Omega comforted her and apologized before talking to AZI-3, who was glad to see her. He told her that Wrecker was stable, and Omega worriedly watched Wrecker grunt and groan. Hearing noise outside, Omega and Crosshair ducked outside and saw that stormtrooper patrols were continuing to round up citizens and were working their way towards them. Then, they witnessed an Imperial gunship erratically wobble through the air. Omega asked Crosshair if that was Hunter, to which Crosshair confirmed. The vessel's pilot was then shot by CX-2, who wanted to stop Hunter by any means necessary, and Omega watched as it crashed into the ocean. She urgently asked Crosshair to look for Hunter with his macrobinoculars, and he spotted him in the water, alive and swimming towards shore. Crosshair sighed and told Omega that Hunter was fine. As a patrol approached, they hurried back inside.[58]

Omega concernedly asked Crosshair what they should do, as the patrols were drawing closer. Crosshair said that Hunter would want them to stick to the plan. Omega said that they could not hide and that the Empire would not stop until they found her. Sighing dejectedly, she said that she had to let herself be captured. Crosshair was shocked by the suggestion, but Omega frustratedly said that she could not hide and let innocent people get hurt because of her. Crosshair shook his head and said that she could not go back to Tantiss, but Omega said that it would be a way to find the base, which they had unsuccessfully been trying to do for a while. She suggested that she keep her comm on her so they could track her, but Crosshair once again shook his head and said that they would find her comm and not allow her to be tracked. Omega said that he could shoot a tracker onto the ship that took her, but Crosshair once again growled said that it was too risky. Omega said that they did not have any other options, and that it was her choice. She told Crosshair to focus on the bigger mission, which was rescuing the other clones imprisoned on Tantiss, and reminding him that she was only a small part of it.[58]


Omega turns herself in

Omega proceeded to turn herself in, surrendering to CX-2 and telling them to just take her and leave the island's residents alone. The troopers scanned her for trackers and confiscated her comm before CX-2 took her towards his ship. Crosshair stealthily followed them, preparing to fire the tracker. Omega was marched down to the docks, walking through the flames of the Marauder and the sea skiffs. CX-2 remotely brought his CX Dagger vessel and forced Omega up the boarding ramp. She could do nothing but gaze sorrowfully behind her and hope that Crosshair would be able to plant the tracker. As they took off, Crosshair misfired and watched as Omega was flown away. She sat despondently inside the ship, knowing that Tantiss awaited her but unaware that her family would have no way to track and recover her.[58]

Return to Tantiss

The rest of the puzzle


Omega was taken back to Tantiss and this time, was imprisoned in the vault

Once again embraced by the cold confines of Tantiss, Omega was handed off directly to Doctor Hemlock by CX-2. Hemlock sent Omega directly to the lab, where Omega was reunited with Emerie Karr. Hemlock left after instructing Karr to do the tests immediately, promising to return once the results were in. Omega appealed to Karr, saying she did not have to go through with it, but Karr somewhat hesitantly said that she had to do the test. Omega sat and allowed her blood to be drawn. Karr spoke, saying that for what it was worth, she was glad Omega was safe. Omega questioned that idea, asking if she truly was safe, to which Karr did not respond.[60]

Once the test had been completed, Hemlock returned and Karr told him that Omega's blood had yielded a high M-count replication, just as it had on the day of Omega's escape. When Omega asked what that meant, Hemlock said that he would show her. Omega then followed him to the vault as Hemlock elaborated on how their many experiments to replicate an individual's M-count had failed. He then told Omega that she was part of the puzzle to figuring that out. Omega was led through the vault's security and, once inside, saw what Hemlock described as the other part of the puzzle—three children who sat dejectedly at several tables inside the large room. Hemlock then told Omega that this was her new home.[60]

The vault

Omega: "Want to know a secret? I escaped from this mountain before."
Eva: "Really?"
Jax: "How?"
Omega: "I had training. And I wasn't alone. Know what else? I'm doing it again, and I'm taking you all with me."
―Omega tells Eva and Jax that she will help them escape[61]

Now imprisoned inside the vault, Omega was made to wear a gray prisoner uniform and to sleep in a locked cell. In an effort to get to know the other children, Omega introduced herself to Eva, who told her about the facility. Omega noticed Eva had her old straw tooka and commented that she liked her doll. Eva replied that Doctor Karr had given it to her and that she was the only kind person in the facility. Omega continued to ask about how the facility worked, and was soon introduced to the other children, namely Jax, Sami, and Bayrn. Omega smiled at them and asked how long they had been there, but Sami was reluctant to have the conversation, saying that the Imperials did not like it when they talked to each other. Jax also added that causing problems only made it worse before walking to another table and sitting down.[61]

When Dr. Karr came to take Omega's blood sample, Omega inquired about how long the other children had been kept there. Karr said that she did not know but promised that they were well looked after. As Karr activated a panel in the cell to send the blood sample to the labs, Omega took her chance to snag one of Karr's instruments from her, stowing the pointy tool in her sleeve. Karr left without noticing, and Omega soon spotted her above in the observation deck. Sitting in the center of the vault with the other children, Omega began to formulate a plan. She asked how often the droids came to check their vitals, and Eva told her that it was twice a day, after meals. Omega asked if the troopers ever came inside, and Jax hardened and said that they only entered when there was trouble. Eva explained Jax's recent escape attempt, and Jax insisted that there was no way out and that the children were never going home. Omega told them that she had escaped before and that she could do it again, promising that she would help them all escape. Jax then joined them at their table as Omega showed them a map of the base that she had made with the toys, showing them the pneumatic tube system in the walls that the blood samples were sent through and showing them the tool she had taken, saying she was going to find out where the tubes went. Jax was concerned that she would not be able to inspect the tubes without being seen, but Omega merely smiled and said that she liked a challenge.[61]


Doctor Scalder suspected Omega was up to something

Soon after, Omega took her chance to inspect the tubes, chiseling through and opening a passage. As she inspected it, she accidentally bumped several other tiles that made up the wall, which fell to the ground in a clatter. However, she was quickly able to replace the tiles and lay down on her cot before Doctor Scalder, who had been suspicious of Omega, entered her cell. When she found nothing, Omega asked Scalder what was wrong, causing the Doctor to grunt and leave. Omega returned to the tables and told the other children that she had found a way out.[61]

Omega waited for her chance to continue to explore the passageway she had uncovered. Later, Omega was sitting with the other children when she heard the distinct boom of laser cannons and felt the room shake. The other children were concerned and asked what was going on, and Omega smiled and told them that her brothers had found her. They witnessed the Imperial scientists hurry around the observation deck as the base went into lockdown, and Omega, seeing her chance to inspect their potential escape route, told the others to cover for her. Sami asked what that meant, and Omega explained that they only had to keep the droids busy and stall them if they came to collect their samples so as to give her time to return. Although her companions did not seem confident, Omega decided to trust them and sneaked away from Scalder's watchful eye.[62]


Omega cleverly found an opportunity to attempt an escape

Once again removing the tiles, Omega climbed inside the passageway that accompanied the pneumatic tube system. She was able to climb up and around, watching lifts rattle past her at high speeds. She began to explore and, after some time, discovered a sublevel containment chamber, where a massive Zillo Beast was being held in a water-filled tank. Omega watched the beast be subjected to an ion cannon. Deciding that she had scouted enough, she quickly retraced her steps and returned to her cell, just in time for her vitals to be taken. After Scalder and the droids left, the others anxiously awaited to hear what she had discovered. Omega once again smiled confidently and said that she had an escape plan.[62]

The plan

With the promise of her brothers finding her, Omega was confident that she and the others would be able to escape, and despite the hesitation of the others, she decided that it was time to set her plan in motion. Taking their positions, Eva and Jax approached one of the medical droids and distracted it as Omega used her stolen tool to temporarily incapacitate it. Moving it to the cell, Sami sat at the center tables to be alert for danger as Omega attempted to reprogram the droid. Sami alerted them that Dr. Scalder was on the way, and as Jax and Eva told her to hurry, Omega was able to finish the job and stand at attention when Scalder arrived. The doctor accused them of plotting, but Omega insisted they were with the droid as the reprogrammed droid moved behind Scalder and injected her with sedative. As she collapsed unconscious, Omega and the others quickly made for Omega's cell, and after she opened the passageway to the pneumatic system, they set off together.[5]


Omega guided her newfound companions to safety

With the others following her the pneumatic system, Omega retraced her steps to the sublevel containment chamber. There, she instructed her companions to wait while she snuck towards the control console. Arriving undetected, she released the beast, causing chaos amongst the Imperial ranks. After the beast laid waste to the stormtroopers that had been sent to stop it, it climbed up to a hangar and broke out of the facility, escaping into the jungle. Once it was safe, Omega had the others follow her towards a ladder that she thought would lead to the exit the beast had created. Jax was nervous about the proposition of climbing, saying that he was afraid of heights and admitted that he would not make a good soldier. Omega comforted him, telling him about her brother Wrecker, who was also afraid of heights, but was one of the bravest people she knew. They then proceeded to climb, with Omega leading the way.[5]

Reaching the hangar undetected, the group snuck through the wreckage that the Zillo had left in its wake until they were cornered by stormtroopers. However, Omega watched as one of the troopers fired on the other two before they could call it in, and was surprised to see Echo take off his helmet.[5] He had snuck into the facility to locate her.[62] He was also being accompanied by Karr, who had decided to turn on the Empire and help Echo rescue the children. Echo told Omega that the rest of the Batch had been captured. Locating a shuttle, Echo and Omega instructed Karr to take the shuttle and the children to safety, with Echo giving her coordinates to head for. Jax asked why Omega wasn't coming with them, and Omega responded that she could not leave without helping her squad as well as the other clones. The children hugged Omega goodbye and she promised she would see them again soon. Karr put her hand on Omega's shoulder, telling her to be safe and giving the younger clone her datapad, saying it would help them move through the facility.[5]

The mission

"You ready?"
"Let's complete the mission."
―Echo and Omega[5]

Accompanying Echo to the detention block, freeing the clones there. Omega was happily surprised to find Nala Se there as well. However, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair were nowhere to be found. As Omega helped to pass out weapons to the liberated clones, Echo spoke with one of the other prisoners about the potential whereabouts of the rest of the Batch. The clone suggested they could be in the training room, and Omega realized that she knew where to find the room. As they prepared to head there, the former Imperial Admiral Rampart, who had also been imprisoned following his role in the Bad Batch finding their way to Tantiss, declared that they had to leave and that it was foolish to stay. Echo instead appealed to the liberated clones, saying that they had every right to want their freedom, but that he and Omega needed their help to make sure the rest of their squad made it out. The clones did not hesitate in vowing to help them. As they prepared to leave, Nala Se told Omega that the only way she could be free is if Hemlock and all of his research was destroyed. Omega agreed and said that they could go to the lab right away, but Nala Se insisted that her place was with the other clones, so Omega gave her Karr's datapad before joining the others.[5]

Echo suggested that Omega use the pneumatic tube system to see inside the training room, so Omega, taking a comm, climbed inside and got into position. Spotting her three brothers, she alerted Echo, who stormed into the base of the room with the other clones. As the fighting commenced, Omega snuck into the raised center of the room to free the others. However, as she pressed the buttons on the console to release the restraints binding her brothers, she was stopped by Hemlock, who disdainfully commented that loyalty was the clone's weakness. Omega was helpless to watch as Hemlock's other clone assassins caused heavy casualties to the escaped prisoners down below, and Hemlock also released a gas that caused the clones to drop unconscious to the floor.[5]

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Omega, Nala Se had used a detonator to destroy the lab, her last action after Rampart had fatally shot her. The Kaminoan, Rampart, and all of Hemlock's work was destroyed. As Scorch alerted Hemlock of the development, Omega taunted him that his research had been lost. Hemlock retorted that they still had her, and Omega coolly replied that she had her brothers. Wrecker, who had recovered enough to finish breaking out of his restraints, roared and sent a large piece of metal flying at the group, scattering them. As Hunter and Crosshair joined the fight, Hemlock cuffed Omega to his wrist using magnetic binders and, telling his clone assassins to deal with them, left with Scorch and headed for the exit.[5]

Omega was dragged outside into the rain by Hemlock, who headed towards the end of a long bridge that housed a landing platform. As the Doctor remotely summoned a CX Dagger vessel, Hunter and Crosshair appeared, eliminating Scorch. Hemlock used Omega as a human shield, holding his blaster to her head. Omega was convinced that Hemlock would not hurt her, but Hemlock nonetheless threatened her in an attempt to get the clones to lower their weapons. Omega, still cuffed to Hemlock, flashed the stolen tool that had helped her escape the vault. Hunter, understanding her signal, told Crosshair to be ready to fire on Hemlock. Omega stabbed the tool into Hemlock's arm, and, as the Imperial scientist pulled away, Omega ducked and Crosshair fired, breaking the cuffs. They then finished off Hemlock, sending him toppling off the platform and plummeting to his death. As Hunter and Crosshair wearily collapsed, Omega ran to them, hugging them both. They then joined Echo, Wrecker, and freed clones on a Rho-class shuttle, leaving Tantiss for good.[5]

Finally free

"We've all fought enough battles for one lifetime. Now we get to choose who we want to be."
"Like what?"
"Whatever we want, kid. Whatever we want."
―Hunter and Omega[5]

Omega and her squad at peace

The clones returned to Pabu, where the island community was recovering from the Imperial incursion. There, the clones were fed and offered the chance to stay on Pabu if they wanted to. Under the shining sun, Omega and Hunter sat beneath the weeping maya tree, watching Eva, Jax, Sami, and Baryn walk with Deke, Mox, and Stak. Omega asked how long it would take to find their families, and Hunter promised that he and Rex were working on it. Omega wondered about what the clones would do, and Hunter told her that some would stay on Pabu, and others would choose their own path elsewhere. Echo would help settle several of them on Pantora, and also offered Emerie Karr the opportunity to help the Clone Underground, which she accepted. As Echo prepared the group to leave, he acknowledged Omega and Hunter before boarding the ship. Hunter concluded his thoughts by saying that the clones, including them, had fought enough battles and could now choose what they wanted to be. Omega asked what they would choose, and Hunter smiled and said they could choose whatever they wanted. Joined by Wrecker and Crosshair, Omega closed her eyes and rested her head on Hunter's shoulder, free and safe at last.[5]

A new calling

"The Rebellion needs pilots now more than ever. I made my choice, Hunter. I want to do more."
"And we want to keep you safe."
"You have. But I'm not a kid anymore. You don't have to worry about me."
"You're our kid, Omega. You always will be."
―Omega and Hunter[5]

Omega was ready to leave Pabu and embark on her own galactic adventures

Omega and her family resided on Pabu. As Omega grew to be an adult, she learned of the Rebel Alliance's fight against the Empire.[5] At some point between 2 BBY and 4 ABY,[63] she decided to answer the Rebellion's calls for new fighter pilots. One night, she prepared to leave Pabu, sneaking down to the cavern where her ship was docked. As she turned on the lamps that illuminated the cavern, she was surprised to see Hunter and Batcher waiting for her. Hunter smiled at her and told her that despite his aging, he could sense that she was trying to sneak off. Omega smiled, saying that he should not be surprised and that she needed to do more to help. Hunter countered that they wanted to keep her safe, and Omega said that they had already done that, reminding him that she was not a kid anymore. Hunter smiled sadly and said that she would always be their kid, and that even if she was ready, he was not. The two embraced, with Omega telling him to keep an eye on Wrecker and Crosshair while she was gone. As Omega also said goodbye to Batcher, Hunter told her that they would always be there for her if she needed them. As she powered up her ship, with Gonky in tow. Preparing for takeoff, Omega saluted to Hunter, who returned the gesture before Omega flew off to join the Rebellion.[5]


The pirate Hondo Ohnaka recounted Omega's role in the battle between Bane and Shand in his book The Secrets of the Bounty Hunters, mentioning the young girl whose bounty the two hunters were fighting over.[64]

Personality and traits

"She is my medical assistant. One with a curious mind that causes her to wander."
―Nala Se[1]

Omega was an unmodified clone who had a curious mind.

Aside from her gender, Omega was an unmodified clone, a pure replica of the original clone template Jango Fett,[2] who had spent her entire life on Kamino until she joined the Bad Batch and escaped. Although she was a child, Tech noted that she had a heightened state of awareness.[1] According to her, she had no behavioral modification biochip.[23] Nala Se was very protective of her, often telling her to stay close by.[1] However, she was not a rule follower and was very curious, investigating the Bad Batch's quarters when they left on a mission.[1]

Omega was compassionate, empathetic,[1] optimistic, and determinedly positive.[57] She quickly took a liking to the Bad Batch, looking up to the squad and even copied some of their mannerisms. On Kamino, she repeating Hunter's gestures while sitting next to him[1] and, onboard the Marauder, tried using one of Crosshair's toothpicks like him.[54] During the Bad Batch's brief imprisonment, she consoled Crosshair even though he had made a snide remark about her earlier. As the group tried to make its escape, she saved Wrecker's tooka doll Lula for him amidst the battle. Although she had no combat experience,[1] Omega was a fast learner, quickly becoming skilled with blasters,[1][49] an energy bow, which was her weapon of choice,[17] and hand-to-hand combat.[48] Through her time with the Bad Batch, she became a skilled combatant[65] and picked up a lot of skills from them. Wrecker instructed her on how to disassemble and defuse explosives.[24] After being instructed by Tech, she became a capable pilot.[45] Tech also made her memorize the Bad Batch's various battle plans, which Omega was able to do.[49] Hunter and Tech both made her study every ship in the Imperial fleet, with Hunter personally quizzing her and Tech making sure she remained diligent with her studies.[31] She was capable with tools, able to perform maintenance on Gonky.[29] Coupled with her intelligence,[65] resourcefulness,[25] determination, bravery, and strategic thinking, she was a formidable member of the squad.[65]


Omega was dazzled when experiencing hyperspace for the first time

Having spent her entire life in Kamino, Omega had never known anything but the facilities of the Kaminoans and the oceans of Kamino. She was naïve to many of the galaxy's intricacies. She was quick to trust strangers, which got her into some trouble on Pantora when she trusted Fennec Shand,[16] although this friendliness was also helpful during the Bad Batch's mission to Corellia, when Omega quickly became friendly with Trace Martez.[21] As the group traveled the galaxy to various planets, she was new to many of the things she saw, from the markets on Ord Mantell[17] and Pantora[16] to even simple things like sunshine and dirt. She was excited by seeing and experiencing new things, becoming fascinated by the soil, plants, and butterflies on Saleucami[12] and insisting on accompanying Hunter to the central marketplace when they stopped on Pantora for a resupply so she could see the city.[16] She was unaware of the phenomenon of slavery until educated on the subject by Tech and Echo.[17] She was very skilled with strategy games, helping Cid make money playing dejarik while the other members of the Bad Batch carried out a mission to Raxus.[25] While on the run with Crosshair, she was able to hustle over thirty-thousand credits off of various opponents by beating them in balaans.[50]

As Omega became accustomed to her new life with the Bad Batch, she proved eager to be involved and be a contributing member of the group. She would adopt the action-oriented style of her brothers as well as the clipped and direct ways of speaking that reflected a regimented soldier.[66] As her sense of wonder grew, so did her capabilities.[66] Despite her initial inexperience, her enthusiasm proved useful as she learned to carry out missions with the squad.[15][17] She felt a sense of duty to help others around them.[27] When she was left behind when the rest of the Bad Batch traveled to Raxus, she was visibly disappointed to be left out.[25] She always spoke up when Hunter wanted to leave her out of missions in an effort to protect her.[53][56]


Omega and Wrecker snacked together after every mission

Omega grew very close to each of her brothers in the squad. Although they were a team of soldiers, they were also Omega's family,[40] with the Marauder being their home.[41] Although she once teased Crosshair about being her "little brother," she looked up to all of them.[53] Wrecker's fun-loving personality[29] and big heart[66] gave her a playful companion. During their time on Ord Mantell, she and Wrecker formed a tradition where they snacked on Mantell Mix after every mission.[23] The two also played board games together during down time.[29] She shared a close bond with Hunter, the first member of the squad to really connect with her,[15] and who acted as a parental guardian towards her.[24] She admired Echo and was very sorrowful when he left to join Rex's operation.[39] She struggled with his departure and was both frustrated and saddened by the changes going on around her, not understanding how the other members of the squad, especially Tech, seemed so unbothered by his absence. She eventually had a conversation with Tech and came to understand that they all felt the weight of their changing circumstances, but processed and expressed that differently.[40] When Crosshair returned to the squad following his time with the Imperial Army, Omega was intentional about looking out for him. Although she was grateful to be back with Hunter and Wrecker, she took time to try and help Crosshair readjust. Hunter in particular did not fully trust Crosshair upon his return, but Omega was much more trusting and tried to encourage Crosshair to talk to Hunter so they could become on better terms. When Crosshair and Hunter argued, Omega wanted to step in and help, although Echo told her to stay back and let the two clones work it out.[53] Her bond and loyalty to her brothers only grew over time.[66] As much as each member of her squad were her brothers, they were also parental figures to her.[5]


Omega was a friendly and positive person

Before joining the Bad Batch, Omega's constant companion was Nala Se. She had a special relationship with the Kaminoan, who always tried to take care of her. Even as the Empire held them hostage on Tantiss, Nala Se looked out for Omega, trying to prevent her involvement in the Empire's research[48] and helping her escape when she was in trouble.[49] During her many adventures with the Bad Batch, Omega enjoyed meeting new people. She enjoyed the company of other young people like herself, getting along with Shaeeah and Jek Lawquane,[12] bonding with Lyana Hazard,[44] and quickly developing a friendship with the young pilot Hera Syndulla, enjoying her appreciation for flying.[26] She was fascinated by Phee Genoa's stories and tales,[36] being very excited by treasure.[33][36] When Omega was detained in Tantiss for a second time, she was quick to care for the fellow child prisoners, Eva, Jax, Sami, and Bayrn. She was supportive, kind, and helped to inspire hope that they could escape together.[61] In general, Omega understood people[66] and saw the best in them.[21] She was quick to trust, forming a rapport with Trace and Rafa Martez almost right away[21] and trying to see the good in Emerie Karr even though Karr was helping oversee her imprisonment.[49] She was also very forgiving. Even as Crosshair became their enemy, Omega still treated him as her brother and wanted him to come home.[30] Although Crosshair saw her optimism as misguided and Royce Hemlock considered her idealism to be a weakness,[48] Omega used her compassionate traits to help wherever she could.[65]

When Asajj Ventress located Omega on Pabu, she wanted to trust the former Sith apprentice despite her brothers told her about her actions during the Clone Wars. She felt strongly about taking the opportunity to try and discover if she had a high M-count, saying that she had to know what she was. Crosshair thought her trusting Ventress was naive, but Omega convinced the others to give Ventress a chance when she reminded them that people could change, and that she had never given up on Crosshair. She was excited by the notion that she could be a Force-sensitive, but was frustrated by the fact that she did not know how to approach the abstract nature of the tests.[57]

As Omega reached adulthood, she felt the need to join the Rebel Alliance, wanting to do more to help the galaxy. Although the rest of her squad were done fighting, having survived through the Clone Wars and made peace with leaving the life of a soldier behind, Omega wanted to choose her own cause to fight for. Although Hunter did not want to leave, he ultimately let her go to and allowed her to make her own path through life, giving to Omega something he and the clones of the Grand Army of the Republic had never had during the war and still had trouble with even after the end of the conflict.[5]


"I get my own comm device?"
"Technically, it was Crosshair's, but he doesn't appear to be needing it."
―Omega expressed excitement as Tech outfits her with a comlink[17]

Omega practicing with the bow.

During her time on Kamino, Omega wore a white tunic with red-and-blue sleeves, black pants, and black boots. She had a Kaminoan-style forehead pendant which she wore in her hair,[1] although she removed it and altered her hairstyle after escaping Saleucami.[12] Her overall outfit reflected that of Nala Se. During the mission to Ord Mantell, Tech provided her with a wrist-mounted communicator, which had formerly been Crosshair's. When the wrist comm was destroyed by Cad Bane on Bora Vio[2] she was provided with a standard comlink.[27] On the same mission she had been given the wrist comm, she acquired a retractable Zygerrian energy bow[17] that she went on to use in combat.[67] However, she was quite ineffective using the weapon at first due to not being practiced or strong enough to shoot straight.[21] In time, she became skilled with the weapon.[47] Echo later gifted her a modified energy crossbow on Teth, which Omega was thankful to receive.[54]


Omega's regular outfit during her adventures

Omega would eventually leave behind the simple tunic of Kamino and wear a red shirt, a blue jacket, a brown bandolier and belt, gray pants, and brown boots. During missions, she frequently wore a helmet and sometimes carried a backpack.[31] As Omega's hair grew out, she wore a small ponytail.[48] After being rescued from Tantiss Base and returning to Pabu, Omega was outfitted with a pale green shirt, a knit green sweater vest, and a simple necklace.[53] She later wore a white shirt with a brown jacket.[56] As an adult, Omega had a gray and yellow jacket that included a patch on the jacket's right shoulder depicting the black and red Bad Batch emblem. She wore blue pants and carried a brown bag.[5]

During her time on Pantora, Omega ended up taking a clone trooper doll without paying for it.[16] She considered the toy trooper to be a female like herself, painting its armor black to make the doll a member of the Bad Batch.[17] For Omega, the doll was not only one of her only playthings and a comfort to her when she was scared, but a connection to her past life on Kamino as well as her new life with the Bad Batch.[68] She also co-owned Wrecker's tooka doll, Lula,[15] sleeping with it on occasion.[53]

By the time she wanted to join the Rebellion, Omega had her own ship, which included several mementos of her squad aboard. Tech's goggles sat in the cockpit, while Lula sat in a seat located in the ship's cabin.[5]

Behind the scenes


"The interesting challenge was: How do you challenge a super soldier? And what can you throw at them that's something that they're not equipped to deal with? That's how the idea of Omega came to be. Soldiers can figure things out, but what they've never had to deal with is a young kid. And that completely changes how they relate to one another and changes their perspective on the galaxy... You drop them into a Separatist battlefront and they're going to be fine no matter what. But having to be guardians and be responsible for the upbringing and rearing of a child is something totally different."
―Jennifer Corbett, The Bad Batch head writer[69]

Omega was created for the 2021 Disney+ series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. She was first revealed on March 30 of that year in a trailer for the show which gave the character's name in the closed captioning.[67] Her first appearance was in the series premiere, "Aftermath." She is voiced by Michelle Ang,[1] who was delighted to be a part of the Star Wars universe. She had originally auditioned for a role in the 2017 film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, the second installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. and was heartbroken when she did not get the part. Admittedly, she did not realize she was auditioning for a Star Wars project when she tried out, but was delighted when she learned she was finally entering the Star Wars universe, and felt the satisfaction of having come full circle. When recording her lines, Ang did much of the work from her own home as opposed to being in the recording studio, noting that it was much more comfortable that way and that it allowed her to be more physical in her performance.[70] For the final recording session, Ang joined her co-star Dee Bradley Baker in the studio at Lucasfilm headquarters. Ang felt lucky to be working alongside Baker, saying she felt that they both agreed on morality being important to their characters and to the show overall. Baker agreed, asserting Omega was the moral compass and the character that powered the story.[71]


Michelle Ang, who voices Omega.

Throughout the series, Ang's approach to Omega evolved. In later seasons, Ang did not pitch her voice up as much to reflect Omega's growing maturity, which she felt was also complemented by thoughtfulness from the writers when constructing her dialogue.[72] In season one, she was not shy about suggesting changes to the script during script-readings, wanting to emphasize Omega's child-like perspective whenever possible. Many conversations were had about how to balance Omega's cheeky or sassy sides with her "grown-upness."[70] In season two, Ang and director Brad Rau described the evolution of Omega's personality as growing into "Good Soldier Omega," which entailed more clipped, direct ways of speaking and less of the excessive expressiveness. Ang also noted that as much as she drew on her own life experiences in the recording booth, her son was also a big inspiration to her portrayal of Omega's youthful confidence and newfound audaciousness.[72] Although she did not feel like her son was old enough to enjoy or appreciate the show in the beginning, when he was only four years old,[70] as he grew, they began to watch the episodes together each week.[72]

The music that became Omega's Theme was originally written by Sean Kiner, who collaborated with Kevin and Deana Kiner on the show's score. Kiner noted that he was inspired by the birth of his daughter, a moment that he drew from to create the sense of hope and optimism in the theme. The track's original B section eventually became the main A section.[73]

Season three finale

"We weren't set on exactly how it was going to end. There were sort of some exploration, but as an actor, an emotional moment was the ending we landed on. It was like the culmination of my journey as a performer and Omega's journey as a character all consolidated into, two lines."
―Michelle Ang[74]

Due to her history with the show and her character, it was difficult for Ang to even open the script for the series finale.[74] Ang promised the series finale would be very sentimental[74] and satisfying.[75] She further promised that Omega's final moments on screen had a great gravity to them, thereby culminating "everything" at play in a bittersweet ending. In one interview, she also revealed Omega originally had a different ending, which would have opened the door for her to have a very important future in the overall Star Wars galaxy, but it was changed "from there" into the bittersweet ending.[74] All the same, she expressed in another interview her hopes that Omega's story would have larger ramifications on the Star Wars galaxy and even open a door for her to appear in a live action production, which was where she mainly did acting work.[75]


The final Bad Batch character poster, released the same day as the series finale

Rau noted that Omega's role in the series finale was comparable to Hunter's role in the Bad Batch—explaining that "Hunter-Omega" was forced to lead, be calm, and take charge in order to help the other imprisoned children. Rau felt it was a full-circle moment for the character and was impressed by Ang's ability to portray Omega in these scenes. The show's co-creator and head writer Jennifer Corbett felt that it was a good parallel to the first episode of the show, where the Bad Batch had to rescue Omega themselves. In this episode, Omega, using all her training, was able to break out and help the other children escape without needing help from her squad.[76]

While the epilogue scene was always in the minds of the show's creators, the actual events of the scene were always in flux. Corbett noted discussions about the epilogue happened as early as Season 1, but the final version of the scene was not nailed down until Season 3. Each member of the team felt they had a certain connection to the scene, with Corbett noting how personal it felt as a parallel to her own choice to join the military and Rau comparing it to the bittersweet emotions of sending two kids off to college.[76] Ang also felt that Omega's journey was a reflection of her own personal journey. She felt it was important for Omega to emerge from the story as resilient and ready to start a new chapter, choosing a life that she felt compelled to live.[71]

Ang ultimately used something closer to her normal voice for the epilogue scene.[71]


StarWarsKids 8 of the Best Buddies in Star Wars | Star Wars: List It! on the official Star Wars Kids YouTube channel (backup link) states that Omega is around the same age as Shaeeah and Jek Lawquane. StarWars The Clone Wars Episode Guide: The Deserter on StarWars.com (content now obsolete; backup link) states that Jek was four and Shaeeah was five years old during the events of "The Deserter." Star Wars: Timelines dates the events of "The Deserter" to 21 BBY. However, as the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, the second installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, establishes that the clones of Jango Fett required a decade of growth to reach adulthood, and Star Wars: The Bad Batch portrays Omega as being older than the other members of Clone Force 99, who were adults by 19 BBY, this seems to be in conflict with previous sources. Moreover, the statement regarding Omega's age may not have been intended literally, and the Star Wars: List It! series of videos has since been removed from StarWarsKids.com. Therefore, this article does not assume the statement to establish an exact year of Omega's birth.


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