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"I would not discount Omega's insight. A state of heightened awareness is not unusual for an enhanced clone such as herself."
―Tech, in regards to Omega[1]

Omega was an unmodified, yet enhanced human female clone created from the genetic template of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett who lived in the years following the Clone Wars. Originally created as a pure genetic replication of Fett, she was a medical assistant to Nala Se and spent her days working in Tipoca City on the clone homeworld of Kamino. When the war ended, she took an interest in Clone Force 99, who had returned from a battle on Kaller. Later, when Wilhuff Tarkin arrived on Kamino to assess the clone troopers, she joined Clone Force 99 and escaped Kamino.

Omega accompanied Clone Force 99 on their subsequent visit to the Lawquane's Farm on Saleucami, which was her first time away from Kamino. There, she made friends with the Lawquane children, Shaeeah and Jek, and helped secure the family's escape by delivering forged chain codes to them so they could board a transport. She was given an opportunity to go along with them on the transport, but decided to remain with Clone Force 99.

After Omega drew the attention of the bounty hunter Fennec Shand during the Bad Batch's supply run on the moon Pantora, the group made their way to an informant named Cid, whom Echo knew that the Jedi trusted during the war. Omega was given a comlink and the group pulled off a job on Ord Mantell in exchange for information on Shand as well as credits. The Bad Batch would begin working for Cid, with the group pulling a job on Corellia shortly after their first successful work.

Omega would soon meet Captain Rex, a former soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic and associate of the Bad Batch. When Rex realized that the group still had their inhibitor chips, he implored them to get them removed. Omega and the others would join him on Bracca so the rest of the group could undergo a procedure inside a downed Venator-class Star Destroyer and get the chips removed. After Rex departed, the group would soon be discovered by the Empire. After being pursued by Crosshair and his forces, Omega was eventually kidnapped by a third party: the bounty hunter Cad Bane. She would eventually escape Bane when he landed at a facility on Bora Vio to collect his payment, and after evading Bane and the recently arrived Shand, she was rescued by the other members of the Bad Batch.

When Hunter was captured by the Empire on a mission on Daro, Omega and the others returned to Kamino to rescue him. Omega assisted in freeing him from Crosshair and his squad, but when the Batch tried to flee, Imperial Star Destroyers bombarded Tipoca City, sending it sinking to the ocean floor. The group, along with AZI-3 and Crosshair, followed Omega through the Kamino tube system back to the ship, but when the elevator was broken, the group floated to the surface in cloning pods, guided through the debris by AZI-3. When the droid sacrificed the last of his power to save Omega, she dived into the water after him and rescued him thanks to Crosshair saving them both. When the Batch offered Crosshair a place among them once again, he declined. Omega thanked him for saving her and reminded him that he was still their brother, and hers, before leaving Kamino with her squad.


Creation and the Clone Wars

Created in the private laboratory of Kaminoan scientist Nala Se on the[4] extragalactic planet Kamino in the star system of the same name,[5] Omega was an unmodified clone with enhances created from the genetic template of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. She was one of only two clones that were pure genetic copies of the original Fett template—the other being Boba Fett (Alpha)—though Omega was unaware of this until later on in her childhood.[6] Omega worked as a medical assistant to the Nala Se,[1] enabling her to be present for the creation of Clone Force 99 in Se's private laboratory. Although she was present to see their mutations enhanced, the clone commandos were soon sent to be with the other clone troopers the Kaminoans had made, leaving Omega alone once more.[4]

During the Clone Wars, Clone Force 99—who took to calling themselves "the Bad Batch"—and the other clone troopers were sent across the galaxy to fight the Confederacy of Independent Systems,[7] while Omega remained on Kamino. Nevertheless, she remembered the name of each member of the Bad Batch, even coming to learn that they had been joined by CT-1409 "Echo,"[1] a cyborg Clone Corporal who joined the squad after the Battle of Anaxes.[8] However, she was never able to meet the Bad Batch throughout the course of the war. Stuck on Kamino, she did not feel like she fit in with the standard clone troopers who were stationed there.[1]

Rise of the Empire

Meeting the Bad Batch

"I like you. You don't fit in around here either."
―Omega, to the Bad Batch[1]

Omega meets Clone Force 99

Omega finally had a chance to meet with the Bad Batch when they returned to Kamino after the Conquest of Kaller, a conflict that had been suddenly ended by the execution of Order 66 and the end of the Clone Wars. During the Proclamation of the New Order, Omega stood by Nala Se's side and briefly made eye contact with the Bad Batch's leader, Hunter, only to vanish once he was distracted. Following the assembly, Omega approached the Bad Batch and introduced herself and addressed each member of the squad by name. When they asked what she was doing on Kamino, Nala Se appeared and explained Omega's position as her medical assistant with a tendency to wander, before leading her away.[1]

Omega demands an apology for the Bad Batch

Determined to grow closer to the Bad Batch, Omega sat with them in the mess hall, which Tech noted was something that had never happened before. Unaware of her true nature as a clone, Hunter asked where her parents were. Omega barely had time to respond when another clone trooper made a passing remark, taunting the group by referring to them as the "Sad Batch." Taking offense, Omega threw food at the clone and demanded he apologize. Hunter tried to de-escalate the situation, but Wrecker threw an entire tray of food at the clone trooper and started a brawl. Omega later tried to claim responsibility for the incident when the Bad Batch were called in for punishment, but Hunter refused, giving her a warning to stay away from their squad to avoid getting herself in trouble.[1]

Omega later stood by Nala Se's side as she and Prime Minister Lama Su attempted to convince Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin to consider the Bad Batch an asset to the new Galactic Empire. However, Tarkin was more concerned about the squad's tendencies to disregard orders, especially since they had failed to comply with Order 66. Though she failed to comprehend most of what she overheard, Omega got the impression that Tarkin did not trust clones. She tried to warn Hunter as the Bad Batch was about to depart on a mission to Onderon, but he dismissed her concerns. Nonetheless, she insisted on joining them, suspecting that it was no longer safe on Kamino, but Hunter calmly replied that change took time to get used to before departing with his squad.[1]

Later, Omega and her droid companion AZI-3 entered the squad's barracks. Omega looked around in awe at their gear, especially their group photograph, but was eventually discovered by a force of clone shock troopers that had come to confiscate the squad's gear. She was incarcerated and held in a newly constructed holding cell along with the Bad Batch, who were imprisoned following their refusal to act on Admiral Tarkin's orders to take out Saw Gerrera's rebel cell on Onderon.[1]

Escape from Kamino

Omega helping the Bad Batch fight Crosshair

Omega was instrumental in the group's escape, sneaking out to deactivate the ray shield after Wrecker damaged a wall panel to allow her to sneak out. The troopers eventually noticed that she was missing from the cell, but she then dropped down on them from the ceiling, recovering quickly to deactivate the ray shield and free her new companions. As the group planned their next move, she told Hunter that their gear was likely in the hangar. After the force geared up, one of their own, Crosshair, who had just been outfitted with new armor and had his inhibitor chip effects magnified, came to stop his former companions from leaving. After a fight that involved Omega using a blaster for the first time and shooting Crosshair's weapon, the group escaped on the Bad Batch's ship, the Marauder.[1]

As the group discussed their next move, Omega gave Wrecker his tooka doll, Lula, that she had rescued during the battle, which greatly pleased him. She then made her way to the cockpit to look out at space for the first time. Eventually, the others moved to the cockpit as well, where Hunter let her sit, telling her to strap in as they made the jump to hyperspace in order to travel to the Suolriep sector.[1] Omega's escape proved problematic for the Kaminoans, who desired access to her unaltered genetic template.[6]

Journey on Saleucami

"I know I made a mistake, and I have a lot to learn, but you don't have to get rid of me. I left Kamino with you. This is where I wanna be."
―Omega, to Hunter[9]

Omega experiences dirt for the first time

Deciding to visit an old ally, the group headed for Saleucami. The Marauder landed a short distance away from Lawquane's Farm and the Bad Batch began to walk towards their homestead. When Omega walked out into the sun, she was in awe, having never experienced any environment besides the perpetual overcast of Kamino. She was fascinated with her new surroundings, scooping some up dirt, which she had never seen before, in her hand and laughing. As the group marched on, Omega continued to marvel at her surroundings, observing plants and butterflies. When they reached the homestead, Hunter introduced Omega to Cut Lawquane, a clone who had deserted during the war, his wife Suu, and his adopted children Shaeeah and Jek, who took her outside to play while the others talked inside.[9]

Shaeeah and Jek showed Omega how to play catch, but when Omega accidentally threw the ball beyond the fence, the two children told her not to worry about it and went inside to pack, as the family was looking to leave Saleucami due to the Imperial presence. However, Omega decided to retrieve the ball anyway, at which point she drew the attention of the predatory nexu. Hunter and Suu came out to rescue her, chasing off the creature. When Hunter began to berate her for being irresponsible, Cut stepped in. As Omega tearfully apologized, Cut hugged her and brought her back inside. Eventually, Omega sat in the cockpit of the Marauder in sadness as Echo and Tech worked on forging chain codes for the Lawquanes so they could leave Saleucami in safety.[9]

When Tech communicated to Hunter about his plan to intentionally get their ship impounded so they could get inside the complex, Hunter was angry, but Omega approved of the plan. Although Tech did not plan for Omega to be onboard when they were impounded, they stayed together in the ship while Echo snuck in and stole chain codes for Tech to forge. When clone forces amassed near the ship, preventing Echo or Tech from passing the codes to Hunter, Wrecker, and the family, who had entered the spaceport and planned to pick them up before boarding the last shuttle, Omega grabbed the codes and snuck out herself to deliver them, succeeding in bringing them to the group.[9]

Hunter and Omega after the skirmish

However, when Omega noted that Tech had made an extra one, Hunter pulled her aside and told her that she would be going along with the family, as they could give her a life that he and his squad could not. Omega said that she wanted to stay with them, but Hunter told her it was for her own good before going to rendezvous with the rest of the Bad Batch, who had been discovered and were battling clone troopers. In sorrow, Omega went along through the gate with Cut and his family, but eventually decided to disobey Hunter and return to the ship. She made it back onboard as the squad escaped, and later approached Hunter to apologize but also to reaffirm her desire to be among them, to which Hunter replied that if it was what she wanted, then they would be glad to have her even if he still had much to learn about taking care of her.[9]

Crash-landing on the Ordo Moon

"I'll go with you."
"No, that thing could be dangerous."
"I'm part of this squad now too, right?"
―Omega convinces Hunter to let her come with him to reclaim their capacitor[10]

After their escape from Saleucami, the group stayed on the move. They began to ration food as their supplies ran low. At one point, Omega was sitting on the floor looking at a datapad when Hunter passed out ration bars. Omega offered hers to Wrecker when the bigger clone expressed his disappointment at the rationing, but Hunter reminded Wrecker that Omega did not even have a proper place to sleep. Just then, the Marauder dropped out of hyperspace, with Tech stating that the ship was suffering from damage sustained on Saleucami. Wrecker helped Omega strap in as the shuttle crashed on the Ordo Moon.[10]

Omega remained in the cockpit as Echo and Tech went outside to replace the capacitor. When they returned, they reported that the hull was being damaged by something outside. Omega saw a creature outside, and she yelled for the others to come. Tech deduced that the creature was an Ordo Moon Dragon, which fed on raw energy, and Echo checked the diagnostics to confirm that the capacitor had been stolen. Hunter prepared to go retrieve the device, and although he initially declined Omega's offer to join him, he relented and the pair donned breath masks and set off as Hunter tracked the creature.[10]

Omega on the Ordo Moon.

Omega followed Hunter as he used his enhanced senses to follow the creature. He eventually located it, but as he tried to grab the part, the dragon attacked him and knocked off his breath mask. Omega grabbed his mask for him and put it back on his face, but not before Hunter fell unconscious. Omega contacted the others with a comlink, but then decided to take Hunter's blaster pistol and flashlight and set off down the tunnels where the dragon disappeared. After some crawling, she located its den and the capacitor. When she returned to the surface, Hunter was worried for her safety, but Omega proudly displayed the part and reassured him that she was fine and said that she had completed their mission. Back onboard the ship, Wrecker showed her the room he had set up for her in the gunner's nest. Omega expressed excitement and gratitude to Wrecker, telling the squad she had never had her own room before. Hunter then told her that she was now part of the squad.[10]

Pursued by dangerous foes

Supply run on Pantora

As the Bad Batch discussed their next move, Omega was puzzled as to why Hunter suggested they go to the uninhabited Idaflor, saying that they should explore and reminding them that she has never seen the galaxy like they had. After the group remembered they were out of rations and low on fuel, Echo noted that he had overheard comm chatter that had their ship on the wanted list. The group decided to stop at Pantora to resupply, which Omega was happy to visit.[11]

Omega initially trusted the deceitful Shand

Upon landing, Wrecker and Tech stayed behind to scramble the ship's signature and refuel, while Omega joined Hunter and Echo on a quick supply run. As they made their way around Ro Station, Omega was again fascinated by a great variety of things she had never seen before. As Hunter bartered with a trader, Omega looked at a clone trooper doll in the store. After she knocked over a container of them and was reprimanded by the merchant, she picked one up and showed it to Echo. When Hunter called Echo over to discuss selling him to the trader, who thought Echo was a droid due to his disguise, Omega noticed several voorpaks being transported along the street. She ran over to them, and when one of them grabbed the doll out of her hands with its mouth, Omega chased after them. However, she quickly became lost, an in a very unfamiliar environment, was frightened until a woman approached her. Unaware that the newcomer was a bounty hunter named Fennec Shand,[11] who had been hired by Nala Se to capture her and bring her back to Kamino,[6] Omega gratefully accepted her help as Shand feigned compassion and promised to help her find her friends.[11]

Hunter, having deceived the merchant and made 3,000 credits by selling Echo, eventually caught up to Omega. Sensing danger, he engaged Shand, telling Omega to run before he was headbutted and stunned. Shand gave chase, and as Omega made it into the maintenance tunnels, she ran in to Wrecker, whom Hunter had dispatched to locate her. When Shand caught up, Omega climbed a ladder to the surface as Wrecker fought Shand. However, Wrecker was quickly defeated, and as Omega found herself on a tower next to heavy speeder traffic, Shand had her cornered. As Omega ended up hanging off of the tower, Tech directed Hunter, who was riding a stolen speeder bike, towards her. Shand caught Omega as she fell and dropped her onto a transport before jumping on herself. After a fight with Hunter, the speeder Shand had commandeered was destroyed by Hunter's pyro denton explosive, and Hunter grabbed Omega before the group met up back at the ship and left Pantora. Identifying Shand as a bounty hunter, the Bad Batch realized someone had hired Shand to capture Omega.[11]

Searching for answers

The Bad Batch meet Cid

In the aftermath of their ordeal with the bounty hunter, Echo suggested they go to an old informant trusted by the Jedi, Cid, to find out information on their pursuer. Onboard the Marauder, Omega was given a comlink and taught how to use it. Omega initially playfully used it to communicate to the squad despite being right next to each other, but by the time they arrived on Ord Mantell to find Cid, she had become more serious, reciting the rules she had been given: don't wander off, pay attention to her surroundings, and use the comlink to contact them if she got into trouble. The group entered a run-down parlor in search of Cid, and while the squad was initially told to get lost by a Trandoshan woman, Omega deduced that the woman was actually Cid while the others discussed, an observation that Cid noticed and complemented.[12]

Hunter quickly agreed to carry out a mission to rescue a child named Muchi from a group of Zygerrian slavers on the other side of the planet. As they traveled there, Omega asked Echo about slavery. As Echo told her what it was, she frowned and said that she did not feel like that was right, to which Echo voiced his agreement. When they landed outside of Old Ord Mantell City, where the slavers were based, Omega was excited for their new mission, and was thus dejected when Hunter told her to stay with the ship as the squad moved in. Omega sat in the ship's cockpit and played with her doll, coloring it to resemble the Bad Batch's armor. As she showed her work to Gonky, she heard voices outside. She grabbed a backpack and escaped the ship as a pair of Zygerrians searched inside. Looking through a pair of macrobinoculars, she realized that her companions had been captured.[12]

Omega snuck around the Zygerrian's camp and quickly made a plan, unlocking a cage that housed a rancor. Although she was captured, she successfully set the beast loose, which caused havoc and gave Wrecker time to free the squad. Omega joined Echo in escorting the Zygerrians' three other prisoners, two Falleen and a human, away while Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech went after the rancor, whom they had realized was Muchi. As they helped the others escape, Omega claimed a Zygerrian energy bow off of the ground. Their mission successful, the team left to return to Cid, with Omega riding on top of Muchi. Once the rancor was taken away by the majordomo Bib Fortuna, who was representing Muchi's rightful owner, the crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Cid paid Hunter what she owed the squad and informed him about Shand, understanding that there had to be a reason a bounty hunter like her was chasing them.[12]

First job for Cid

After their successful mission, Omega practiced shooting with her new bow in Cid's Parlor. Omega was proud to hit three out of twelve shots, which Echo said was just luck and that she needed to keep practicing. Omega was not strong enough to aim accurately on a consistent basis, and her efforts were not benefitted by two other patrons, Ketch and Bolo, who began gambling on her success. After missing two more times, Cid arrived, and after booting the two other aliens out of the parlor, briefed the group on their first mission for her: stealing a tactical droid head on Corellia, which had valuable information for Cid to sell.[13]

Omega stops Rafa Martez from escaping with the tactical droid head.

The group landed and infiltrated a facility that was scrapping battle droids. Once they snuck past the police droids and got inside, Hunter stationed Omega and Wrecker as lookouts while he, Echo, and Tech moved in. Echo accessed a computer to discover that there was only one tactical droid inside, which Omega was able to spot on the conveyor belt. However, another individual disguised as a worker went in and stole the head. Omega alerted the others of this development before she found herself face-to-face with another person, Rafa Martez. Omega quickly drew her bow, causing Rafa to freeze and put her hands up. However, Rafa convinced her to lower the bow and talk it out, and when Omega did, Rafa knocked the bow out of her hands. The bow managed to discharge a single bolt that ruptured a steam pipe, alerting the facility workers to their presence. Rafa communicated with her sister Trace, who had the droid head, and as she went to meet up with her, Omega gave chase and told Hunter she was in pursuit. Meanwhile, the rest of the Bad Batch fought back against the police droids that began advancing on them.[13]

Omega followed Rafa, who eventually got the head from Trace, but ended up losing it onto another conveyor belt. Omega and Trace raced for it, with Omega taking an alternate route that allowed her to get to it first. As she fled from Trace, Echo shut down the power and caused the conveyor belt to stop, which made Omega trip and lose the head. As she became pinned underneath debris, Trace swooped in and reclaimed the head. However, as Omega remained trapped and neared the edge of the conveyor that would tip her into a fire, Trace and Hunter came to save her.[13]

The two groups decided to join forces to escape the growing number of police droids, with Trace and Tech using the tactical droid head to command the other droids that were going to be scrapped into an army to fight the police droids. However, as the group fled the building, the head was destroyed. The groups parted ways, with Omega telling the sisters that they could visit them on Ord Mantell.[13]

Adventure on Bracca

Meeting Rex
"I've met many clones in my time, but never one like you."
―Rex, upon meeting Omega[14]

The Bad Batch continued doing missions for Cid and earned enough credits to get by. Omega and Wrecker formed a tradition of purchasing and eating Mantell Mix after their missions. After a mission stealing a lizard from the Rhokai gang, the pair went out for Mantell Mix as per usual, but when they returned, the former Clone Captain Rex was seated with the others at the bar. Omega curiously took a close look at Rex when introduced, recognizing that he was a first generation clone and telling him as much. Rex was confused on how she knew, and she quickly responded that she could tell by the lines on his face.[14]

As the group continued talking, Wrecker asked Tech for treatment for his headache, a problem that had been ailing him for some time. When Rex learned that the squad had not had their inhibitor chips removed, he quickly stood up and backed away, placing Omega behind him and putting his hand on his blaster. Omega was distressed when Rex said that the four clones were a danger to themselves and to her. Hunter eventually got Rex to calm down and agreed to Rex's plan to remove their chips. Omega and the others met Rex on the planet Bracca. As they overlooked a downed Venator-class Star Destroyer, Rex explained his plan to find the ship's medical bay and remove their inhibitor chips there.[14]

Omega tries to hide from Wrecker

Omega followed as Rex led the group inside the ship, avoiding the patrols of the local group in power, the Scrapper Guild. They eventually located the medbay, but as Wrecker prepared to be the first to be treated, his chip activated. After knocking out Tech, he chased Rex, Echo, and Hunter out of the room, with Omega staying as instructed to look after Tech. However, Omega decided to grab Wrecker's blaster and fire at him. As Wrecker had incapacitated the other three, he chased after Omega. She slipped underneath a door, but Wrecker forced the door open with ease. Omega tried to hide, but she was discovered. However, she was saved by Rex, who stunned Wrecker just as she was discovered.[14]

As Wrecker was prepared for the chip removal once again, the procedure finished, but Wrecker did not immediately wake up. Rex suggested Hunter take Omega topside to get some air, but Omega firmly said that she would stay with Wrecker. The group sat around waiting, with Omega falling asleep, but she was wakened by Wrecker's gentle hand on her head. Omega excitedly welcomed him back, and as the others prepared to have their chips removed, Wrecker pulled Omega aside and apologized for what he had done, feeling bad that he was unable to control himself against the chip's effects. Omega told him that she didn't blame him, and pulled out some leftover Mantell Mix, telling Wrecker that their mission was a success and that they couldn't break their tradition.[14]

Omega would later travel with Echo and Wrecker back to the surface, where Wrecker began to teach her how to disarm bombs. Omega initially felt good about her ability to do so, but when Wrecker handed her a pair of cutters and told her to disarm the bomb that he had just activated and would detonate in the next ten seconds, Omega panicked and failed to do so, running before it exploded. However, it turned out to be a prank from Wrecker, who had only let her try on a smoke bomb. The pair met up with Echo to return to the group, but Echo noticed that they were being watched by the Scrapper Guild. He and Wrecker attacked the trio of scavengers, eventually stunning all three of them. When the Batch met up, Echo suggested they leave, but Tech and Hunter decided that the group would go to salvage weapons from the armory and data from the bridge that would settle their debt with Cid. Omega asked what to do with their three prisoners, but Hunter promised that they would be in and out before they even woke up.[15]

In the artillery bay, Omega found a chest of explosives while Wrecker found several proton torpedoes. Omega asked if he would teach her how to arm one of the torpedoes, but Wrecker smiled and said that they were all his. Then, Tech, who was on the bridge, commed Omega to come to him, and she arrived to help Tech copy the master drive. As Omega looked out the viewport at the wreckage of several Republic ships, she asked Tech what the war was like. When Tech gave a straightforward technical answer, Omega asked him what the war was really like. Tech did not elaborate, but when Omega asked why a button was blinking, Tech got up and told her it was the proximity sensor. While Tech guessed it was a malfunction, a trio of Imperial shuttles flew by and landed. Tech warned Hunter, who joined them on the bridge. Seeing Crosshair, Omega followed Hunter and Tech back down to Echo and Wrecker as they worked out a plan to escape.[15]


The Bad Batch sneak through the ship with their new supplies

Carrying the minimal supplies they had taken, the Bad Batch moved through the corridors towards the hangar. However, when Tech patched into their comm systems and realized that the Empire's plan was to push them towards the hangar, they changed course towards the artillery deck. However, there, they were nonetheless surrounded. Crosshair told his men to aim at Omega, and while she hid behind Hunter, Tech fired the cannons, destabilizing the deck and sending debris crashing down around them. The group escaped to the ion engine chamber, but they were eventually pinned down there as well, with one of Crosshair's men starting the engines while the main force trapped them inside. Tech came up with a quick plan to plant the explosives they had, and Omega reached one of the higher points on the cylinder, sending the part of the engine they were occupying crashing to the ground so they avoided being incinerated. There, Hunter and Omega were separated from the others, but Hunter told the group to meet back at the ship.[15]

Back at the ship, Omega and Hunter found a group of clone troopers had been killed. Hunter examined the bodies and determined there was someone else there, and the pair watched as the bounty hunter Cad Bane, who was interested in the reward the Kaminoans were offering for Omega, emerged from their ship. Hiding behind Hunter, Omega listened as Bane said that, after killing so many clones over the years, it had become easy for him. Omega deduced that Bane was a bounty hunter, and as Bane demanded that she be turned over, Hunter refused. After the two engaged in a standoff, Omega watched in horror as Hunter was defeated and shot in the chest. Omega tried to fight back, but was quickly disarmed by Bane's droid companion Todo 360 and she was stunned by the bounty hunter before being taken.[15]

Escape on Bora Vio

Omega was placed in a cell on Bane's ship with a ray shield blocking her exit. However, she was able to escape when she tricked Todo 360 into letting her out to help him repair his leg. Omega searched for her comm device as Bane's ship landed at a facility on Bora Vio, fleeing the ship after Bane went into the hold to look for Todo, who had been unresponsive. Omega contacted the Bad Batch, but she did not know where she was and the group could not pinpoint her location. Tech tried to talk her through how to help them find her, but Bane caught up to her and cuffed her, stomping on and destroying her comm device.[6]

As Omega was forcefully dragged by Bane, he spotted Taun We's corpse, the Kaminoan who was supposed to meet him and deliver his payment. Omega recognized her and was horrified. Taking cover, Omega watched as Bane and Fennec Shand, the bounty hunter who had pursued her on Pantora, face off. As the two fought, Omega fled, finding herself in a room with several clones in tubes. She was able to access a computer to send out a signal that her team would eventually recognize, but Shand soon caught up to her. Shand told her that she was trying to help her, but Omega pointed out that she had said the same thing on Pantora. They were interrupted by Todo, who Shand quickly smashed against one of the tubes and incapacitated. Returning to the computer, Omega caused the tube to crack and eventually spilled its contents onto Shand, giving Omega time to escape.[6]

Omega trying to evade Bane and Shand

Omega tried to descend a ladder, but she was hampered by her handcuffs and eventually hounded by Todo. Omega ended up jumping on top of the butler droid and descending rapidly to a platform. Omega noticed several Kaminoan flight pods and used one to escape the facility. Just as the engines began to fail, the Marauder located her and picked her up, and Omega was reunited with the team. A tearful Omega hugged her companions, asking why the Kaminoans were sending so many hunters after her. Echo told Hunter that he had to tell her what they had learned about her, and he explained she was an unmodified clone, making her important to the Kaminoans. That night, Omega and Hunter sat in the cockpit. Omega said that she could not sleep because she was thinking about the Kaminoans and how they could not fight off all of the hunters that would always be after her. Hunter reassured her and promised that she would never go back to Kamino, making her smile.[6]

Part of the squad

Left out

"But th-the mission. I'm part of the squad too."
"Then following orders shouldn't be a problem."
―Omega and Hunter[16]

Omega happily returned to Ord Mantell with the rest of the Bad Batch, eating Mantell Mix while riding on Wrecker's shoulders. As they made their way back to Cid's, Tech announced that they should try to lay low since Omega had two bounty hunters after her. She offered some of the snacks to Echo while Hunter whispered to Wrecker that he thought Omega needed a break after what she had been through. Speaking with Cid, the group was offered a job to help rescue Senator Avi Singh from Imperial prison on his planet, Raxus Secundus. Hunter refused the job, saying they would not help a former Separatist, but his main rationale was that he did not want to endanger Omega's safety on an Imperial-occupied planet. Hunter begrudgingly decided to accept the job and leave Omega behind with Cid. Omega was enthusiastic about their new mission, and was saddened when Hunter notified her that she would not be coming with them. Omega pleaded her case, saying that she was a part of the squad too, but Hunter told her that she was, and she should have no problem following orders. Omega groaned but complied, and as soon as the others departed on their mission, Cid put her to work cleaning her parlor.[16]

As Omega moped around the parlor, Cid eventually came over and, after telling her to stop dampening the mood in the parlor, asked her what was wrong. Omega told her that she was worried about her friends before stating that it was not fair that she couldn't go on the mission with them. Cid responded that life was not fair and that maybe if she wasn't so helpless she wouldn't have been left behind in her care. Omega was hurt by her words and stalked away.[16]

Omega playing Dejarik with Cid

Later, Omega watched as Cid squared off against Ketch and Bolo in a game of dejarik. Omega raised her opinion on what move Cid should play, and was promptly ignored, which allowed her opponents to capitalize. Cid groaned and asked Omega what move she should play now, and after she listened to her, pulled out the victory. Cid asked her how she knew what to do, and Omega responded by saying that she was good at strategy games. Cid asked if she was good enough to make her some money, offering her thirty percent of the cut, but Omega smirked and replied that she wanted sixty. Eventually, the two faced several other opponents, winning games and drawing a large crowd of various aliens to the parlor to watch. By the time Hunter, Wrecker, Echo, and Tech returned with the rescued Senator Singh and his droid, Omega had made enough money to pay off the Batch's debt to Cid. Although Hunter was not happy that Omega drew so much attention to herself, he was pleased by her earnings and challenged her to a game, saying that if she won, she would not be left out of any other missions. Omega excitedly took her seat, and when Hunter asked her if she was ready for it, she confidently responded by asking him if he was ready to face her.[16]

Delivering weapons

"Make a new friend?"
"She's kinda strange.... I like her. Did you know flying's about a feeling?"
―Omega and Hunter, regarding Hera Syndulla[17]

Omega meeting Hera Syndulla

Omega and the crew would soon take the Marauder to deliver weapons to a group of Twi'leks on behalf of Cid. While the others made the deal, Omega gave the young Twi'lek girl Hera Syndulla a tour of the ship. Omega showed her the cockpit, where she learned that Hera wanted to become a pilot. Omega was fascinated by her ambitions to fly, and after showing the other girl her room in the gunner's nest, waved goodbye as the group of Twi'leks departed.[17]

Returning to Ryloth

Shortly after departing from the weapons deal, the Batch received a transmission from Hera, who told them that her parents had been captured by the Empire and she needed their help, saying she will send them coordinates. Hunter, surprised Hera had their comm channel to contact them, questioned Omega as to why she gave it to her, but Omega simply said that it was for emergencies and that they needed to help her. Hunter shook his head and said that they could not help everyone, but Omega pointed out that, in fact, that was what soldiers do. The group reluctantly decided to meet Hera on Ryloth.[18]

After hearing Hera's plan, listening to her offer to pay them, and scouting out the enemy forces, Hunter decided that he did not want to go about helping her. Omega was angered by Hunter's choice, saying that they needed to help her. Hunter said that he was being strategic and that he was not going to risk the squad, but Omega pleaded with him, saying that Hera was just trying to protect her family, just as she would do for any of them. As Hunter pondered, Omega consulted Hera, telling her that Hunter meant well and would come around. Hera asked why she trusted him, to which Omega said that he, as well as the others, were all her brothers. Finally, Omega said that if Hera could use her local knowledge to form a plan, they might be able to convince Hunter to help her. Omega and Hera concocted a strategy and introduced it to the squad: they proposed they split up to attack the refinery to draw away Imperial reinforcements away while the others infiltrated the city to rescue Hera's parents. Hunter decided to follow Hera's lead, ordering Tech and Wrecker to mount the attack on the refinery while he and Echo snuck into the city.[18]

Omega and Hera getting in position at the refinery

Omega and Hera arrived at the refinery and ordered Chopper to shut down the control console that was controlling its cannons. However, Chopper was captured by two clone troopers, resulting in Omega and Hera stealing a shuttle to destroy the control console. Thus, the two managed to shut down the cannons, giving Tech and Wrecker the chance to destroy them. Meanwhile, Hunter and Echo snuck into the capital and rescued Cham Syndulla, his wife, and several others. The group made it back to Cham's old outpost, where Hera said goodbye to Omega and thanked her for helping rescue her parents. She also told her to look after her brothers, believing they needed her.[18]

Sabotaging Roland's deal

A little while later, the Bad Batch completed a mission for Cid that involved a nest of gundarks at the drop zone. Upon returning to Cid's parlor, the Batch noticed far more people inside than usual. They attempted to enter Cid's office, forcing their way past a guard. In Cid's place sat a Devaronian named Roland Durand, the owner of Ruby, the creature the Batch had obtained on a previous mission. Roland explained to the group that he had taken the parlor and that Cid was "out." He offered them work, but Hunter only told him that they'd think about it before leaving the parlor. Outside, the group planned to leave Ord Mantell, but Omega was worried about Cid. Cid, who had gone to the Marauder with Bolo and Ketch, overheard Omega's pleas to help her and offered the Batch a new mission. Cid explained that Durand was part of a crime family, and she planned to get her parlor back with the Batch's help. After hearing Omega's reasoning, Hunter decided to help Cid.[19]

Omega used her energy bow to help fend off swarming irlings

Cid planned to sabotage Durand's deal with the Pyke Syndicate by stealing his sansanna spice from her office using the mines underneath Ord Mantell City. They found the rail system and took the carts to get to Cid's parlor, but Cid prevented them from using the cart's motors, as any loud noise would awaken a large hive of irlings, nocturnal ptero-creatures with a sensitivity to thermal registers. Making it to the parlor, and Cid contacted Bolo and Ketch to distract Durand by stealing Ruby. The distraction worked, and the Batch successfully recovered every crate of spice. Durand returned after having found Ruby, but noticed the missing spice. He found the sewer that led to the mine and ordered his guards to go after the thieves. The guards discovered the Batch and chased them through the tunnel. The blaster shots exchanged by both parties awakened the irling hive, which attacked the intruders. The Batch defeated the guards and escaped the irlings, but lost the spice.[19]

The group returned to the parlor to find Pykes with a captured Durand. The Pykes demanded the return on the spice and requested Omega as a hostage until it could be found. Reluctant but unwilling to start something with the large crime syndicate, the Batch handed her over and left for the tunnel to secure the spices. Omega was tied up with Durand and thought to use a discarded blaster to escape, but Durand told her not to try it. They both chastised each other, with Roland telling Omega not to mess with other people's business and Omega reminding him that he had done exactly that when he stole Cid's parlor. As Durand further lamented their situation, Omega comforted Ruby and told her it would be alright. Meanwhile, the Batch succeeded in their mission and returned the spice. The Pykes released Omega, but stated that their business with Durand hadn't ended. Omega pleaded for the Pykes not to kill him, but they still sliced off one of his horns before telling him that their business together was over. Omega gave Ruby back to Durand, who told the group that he would be leaving. Hunter asked Omega why she had stood up for him, and Omega explained that if Ruby liked him, he couldn't be all bad. The group then headed back to the parlor for a free round of drinks from Cid.[19]

Saving her family

Extraction on Daro

While on another mission for Cid, the Batch were contacted by Captain Rex, who needed their help rescuing a clone on the planet Daro. The Batch were torn: Hunter and Tech believed the risk to be too great, but Echo and Omega believed that they needed to help. After hearing everyone's side, Hunter decided that they would rescue the clone. The group arrived on Daro, and after using his senses to track the clone, Hunter ordered Wrecker and Omega back to the ship. Omega was disappointed, but followed his order and went back with Wrecker. The two returned to the Marauder and played a game on top of Gonky. They received a message from Hunter telling them that about a facility that housed clone commandos and new units of troopers. Omega was eager to help, but was again told to stay in the ship as backup.[20]

Omega flying the Marauder

Later, Omega, holding Lula, was worried about the Batch as they hadn't called in a while. She then questioned why Wrecker was so relaxed in the cockpit. He replied to her by stating he was "charging up" before he "charges in," adding that their companions had everything under control. Soon after, while Omega waited outside the ship, a message came in from Hunter, telling them that they had found their target—a clone commando named Gregor—and that they needed a pickup. Omega and Wrecker took the Marauder and flew to their coordinates. Omega hovered the Marauder near the others while Wrecker got Tech and Gregor aboard. However, V-wings attacked the shuttle, forcing them to fly off and deal with them. The shuttle's shields failed under fire, but Omega, who had been working on Gonky for some time, plugged him in the ship and restored the shields. The shuttle destroyed the remaining V-wings and flew back for Echo and Hunter. Echo got aboard, but several more V-wings arrived and prevented Hunter from jumping on the ship. Hunter fell down the mountain, but survived and ordered the group to leave without him. Omega protested against the command and told Hunter to order the Batch to pick him up. Hunter declined, and as he was surrounded by Imperial forces, and Omega and the others jumped into hyperspace without their leader.[20]

Return to Kamino

After arriving back on Ord Mantell, the Bad Batch dropped Gregor off at Cid's while they repaired their ship. While Echo fixed the outer hull, Omega assisted him but began to become worried, telling him that she couldn't focus due to Hunter being captured. Echo reassured her that they would rescue him, but they needed the ship to be fixed before they could do anything about it. After fixing the hull, they met up with Tech who is fixing the ship's systems and Wrecker who reported Cid's feeling on leaving Gregor in her parlor. Tech finished his work, but then received a transmission from Hunter's comm, learning that he was not on Daro, but on Kamino.[4]

The Bad Batch use the tube system

As the Batch traveled through hyperspace, Tech told them that the Empire was trying to lure them in with Hunter's comm, but Wrecker told him that there no going back and that they had to try to save Hunter regardless. Tech asked Omega about the specific coordinates she gave him and she explained that they led to a secret landing pad that they could use to get into Tipoca City without being spotted. They soon arrived on the planet and Tech flew them toward the coordinates that took them to the middle of the ocean. Omega explained that they had to fly lower to activate the platform, and they were soon able to land on a underwater platform. Omega led them to the underwater tunnel system that took them to Nala Se's secret underwater facility, a facility that Omega explained as a private research laboratory that was kept secret from most people on Kamino. Sensing Omega's anxiousness, Echo asked if she was alright, but Omega stated that her feelings did not matter, only saving Hunter.[4]

The group arrived at Nala Se's laboratory and Wrecked questioned what was so special about this place, and Omega stated that this was where she was created. She explained that Experimental Unit 99's mutations were enhanced in this room and that she was there to witness it before the Bad Batch left to join the other clones. The group heard movement, and Omega spotted her friend AZI-3 is revealed to have been hiding. He told them about soldiers deactivating droids and forcing key Kaminoan medical personnel onto transports, with those who resisted being eliminated. He explained that all clone troopers were being reassigned and transported offworld with the exception of Crosshair. Tech managed to track Hunter's comm and they left to find him.[4]

The group made it underneath the training room and realized that Hunter's signal was above them. Tech, Wrecker, and Echo decided to go through the lift and not the entrance to catch Crosshair off guard. Echo ordered Omega to return to the lab and contact Rex. When the three clones ascended to the top and were surrounded by Crosshair and his squad, Echo contacted Omega to let her know the situation. However, Omega was determined to help and decided to activate several training droids. However, just as she did so, she was spotted by ES-02. Fortunately, AZI-3 activated a control panel that struck ES-02 and knocked her out. Meanwhile, Crosshair, in a effort to prove his loyalty to the Bad Batch, eliminated his own squad. He attempted to convince Hunter to let go of Omega and that Clone Force 99's true purpose was to use their gifts to serve the Empire. Hunter replied that Crosshair did not know who they really were, causing Crosshair to state that he shouldn't make the same mistake twice. Suddenly, the training droids Omega turned on were unleashed on the group, causing them to work together to fight them off. After defeating the training droids, Hunter pulled a blaster on Crosshair and told him that the inhibitor chip was causing him to act loyal to the Empire and that they could help him. Crosshair responded that he was wrong and that he took out his chip a long time ago, stating this was who he is. Before Crosshair could fire, he was stunned by Hunter.[4]

Omega embraced Hunter, who apologized about bringing her back to Kamino after he had promised she would never return there. However, Omega smiled and said that he would have done the same for her. Tech explained to the group that Star Destroyers were descending on Tipoca City, telling them they needed to leave quickly. Hunter, after pondering, decided to take Crosshair with them, which earned him an approving nod from Omega. The group attempted to run out of the empty facility, but Imperial ships began to fire upon the city. They tried to make their way outside, but were forced back inside after seeing a large bombardment destroying the facility.[4]

Escaping Kamino

"You're still their brother Crosshair... You're my brother too."
―Omega, to Crosshair[21]

Omega rescuing Crosshair

The Bad Batch made their way back inside and ran down the halls of Tipoca City as the city was being bombarded. However, a nearby explosion caused the main facility to start to sink below the waves, forcing the group to slide downward. Omega, AZI-3, and Crosshair became separated from the group as a nearby door malfunctioned and closed and trapped them in a room. Omega fell unconscious but was reawakened by AZI-3. The droid told Omega that they needed to leave as the room began to flood. She spotted Crosshair trapped underneath the wreckage and tried to get him out with little success. She then contacted the Batch and told them about her predicament, causing them to try and get the door open. Meanwhile, with the room still flooding, Omega ordered AZI-3 to use his boosters to lift the wreckage while she used her bow to break it apart. The two managed to get Crosshair free and, with help from Wrecker, were able to escape the flooding room. A now awakened Crosshair asked Hunter what he did, and Hunter informed him about the Empire opening fire on Tipoca City. He went on to state that if he wanted to stay and die, that was up to him, before leading the squad out of the room. Crosshair reluctantly decided to follow them.[21]

The group ran down a hallway and Omega observed the many empty cloning pods being consumed by the ocean, becoming grief-stricken. Wrecker told Omega that they needed to keep moving. However, the main facility started to tilt as it sunk further beneath the water, causing the group to start to fall. Hunter ordered the group to grab onto something, holding onto pieces of the destroyed hallway. AZI-3, who got hit by debris and shut off, fell down but was caught by Omega. The main facility finally reached the bottom of the ocean and Tech led them to a safe location. The group followed Tech except for Crosshair, who was still hesitant on joining them. Omega stopped and sadly looked at Crosshair before going after the others. Crosshair, although conflicted, followed the group as they made for a more secure location. Tech led the team to their old barracks, stating that this was one of the most secure places for now. Wrecker is shocked about the emptiness of the room but is glad that their scoreboard is still up. Crosshair questioned the point of all their missions together due to Hunter abandoning the Empire. Hunter and Crosshair got into a debate with Hunter stating that blindly following orders made someone a pawn and that a real leader looked after their squad. Crosshair countered by stating that his squad was going to die due to his poor leadership. Omega interjected, saying that they weren't going to die and could escape using the tube system. Having no other ideas, the group agreed to her plan.[21]

Running away from a saberjowl

The group walked through the tube system but noticed it being vulnerable and fragile. Crosshair suggested to go back but AZI-3 told him that this was the only way out. Wrecker became annoyed with Crosshair and stated that he never went looking for them and that they would have welcomed him back to the squad. Tech replied that it was Crosshair's nature to be strict and harsh and that no one could change that. The group continued on and came face-to-face with a sea monster. AZI-3 went to turn on the power to scare the creature off and managed to overload the electricity. The group eventually made it to Nala Se's lab, but discovered that the tube system was broken, preventing them from escaping. Crosshair angrily responded that this was what happened when you let a kid take charge, wounding Omega and angering her squad-mates. Hunter replied that she saved his life, unlike the Empire that had almost killed him. Crosshair told Hunter that he made the wrong choice and that he wanted to be a part of something bigger. He went off to sit alone and Omega followed him. She told him that she was alone on Kamino before the Batch came along and knew she had to be with them. Crosshair coldly told her that she'll never be one of them and Omega responded that she thought the inhibitor chip made him a bad person but that she was wrong.[21]

The group decided to use the pods in the laboratory to get to the surface despite not being able to control their ascent once they got in the water. Crosshair suggested using AZI-3 to guide them and the droid agreed to his plan despite his power running low. The group planted bombs along the glass wall and got inside the tubes. Then, Omega pushed the button to detonate the explosives. The group rushed out and AZI-3 guided them toward the surface. However, Omega got caught by some debris and sunk downward, causing AZI-3 to break it apart to rescue her. He managed to do so and pushed her pod upward but ran out of energy and shut off, sinking down. Omega, heartbroken, recklessly went after AZI-3 and almost ended up almost drowning. Fortunately, Crosshair, using his sniper, managed to save both of them by firing a grappling hook and pulling them up.[21]

Omega and her brothers look out at the smoking remains of Tipoca City

The group made it back to the Marauder and gazed out at the remains of Tipoca City. The group then told Crosshair that he could choose to come with them, but he declined, stating that this changed nothing. The group went back to the ship to take off but Omega stopped and turned back to Crosshair. She thanked him for saving AZI-3's life, to which Crosshair stated that they were now even. Omega then told him that he was still their brother, as well as hers, despite everything. She then departed with the Batch and they flew away from Kamino, leaving Crosshair behind for the second time.[21]

Personality and traits

"She is my medical assistant. One with a curious mind that causes her to wander."
―Nala Se[1]

Omega was an unmodified clone who had a curious mind.

Omega was an unmodified clone, a pure replica of the original clone template Jango Fett,[6] who had spent her entire life on Kamino until she joined the Bad Batch and escaped. Although she was a child, Tech noted that she had a heightened state of awareness.[1] According to her, she had no behavioral modification biochip.[14] Nala Se was very protective of her, often telling her to stay close by. However, she was not a rule follower and was very curious, investigating the Bad Batch's quarters when they left on a mission.[1]

Omega was compassionate and empathetic, quickly taking a liking to the Bad Batch. She looked up to the squad, and even copied Hunter's mannerisms while sitting next to him. During the Bad Batch's brief imprisonment, she consoled Crosshair even though he had made a snide remark about her earlier. As the group tried to make its escape, she saved Wrecker's tooka doll Lula for him amidst the battle. Although she had no combat experience, she proved fairly capable with a blaster during a battle against Crosshair and a squad of clone shock troopers.[1] Although she was not the most skilled fighter, she was smart as well as resourceful. She was very skilled with strategy games, helping Cid make money playing dejarik while the other members of the Bad Batch carried out a mission to Raxus.[16]

Omega was dazzled when experiencing hyperspace for the first time

Having spent her entire life in Kamino, Omega had never known anything but the facilities of the Kaminoans and the oceans of Kamino. She was naïve to many of the galaxy's intricacies. She was quick to trust strangers, which got her into some trouble on Pantora when she trusted Fennec Shand,[11] although this friendliness was also helpful during the Bad Batch's mission to Corellia, when Omega quickly became friendly with Trace Martez.[13] As the group traveled the galaxy to various planets, she was new to many of the things she saw, from the markets on Ord Mantell[12] and Pantora[11] to even simple things like sunshine and dirt. She was excited by seeing and experiencing new things, becoming fascinated by the soil, plants, and butterflies on Saleucami[9] and insisting on accompanying Hunter to the central marketplace when they stopped on Pantora for a resupply so she could see the city.[11] She was unaware of the phenomenon of slavery until educated on the subject by Tech and Echo.[12]

As Omega became accustomed to her new life with the Bad Batch, she proved eager to be involved and be a contributing member of the group. Despite her inexperience, her enthusiasm proved useful as she learned to carry out missions with the squad.[10][12] When she was left behind when the rest of the Bad Batch traveled to Raxus, she was visibly disappointed to be left out.[16] She particularly enjoyed the company of people who were not considered "normal"; she quickly developed a friendship with the young pilot Hera Syndulla, enjoying her appreciation for flying.[17]


"I get my own comm device?"
"Technically, it was Crosshair's, but he doesn't appear to be needing it."
―Omega expressed excitement as Tech outfits her with a comlink[12]

Omega practicing with the bow.

Omega wore a white tunic with red-and-blue sleeves, black pants, and black boots. She had a Kaminoan-style forehead pendant which she wore in her hair,[1] although she removed it and altered her hairstyle after escaping Saleucami.[9] Her overall outfit reflected that of Nala Se. During the mission to Ord Mantell, Tech provided her with a wrist-mounted communicator (formerly Crosshair's). On the same mission, she acquired a retractable Zygerrian energy bow[12] that she went on to use in combat.[22] However, she was quite ineffective using the weapon at first due to not being practiced or strong enough to shoot straight.[13] The wrist comm was destroyed by Cad Bane on Bora Vio[6] and she was provided with a standard comlink.[18]

During her time on Pantora, Omega ended up taking a clone trooper doll without paying.[11] She considered the toy trooper to be a female like herself, painting her armor black to make the doll a member of the Bad Batch.[12] For Omega, the doll was not only one of her only playthings and a comfort to her when she was scared, but a connection to her past life on Kamino as well as her new life with the Bad Batch.[23] She also co-owned Wrecker's tooka doll, Lula.[10]

Behind the scenes

"The interesting challenge was: How do you challenge a super soldier? And what can you throw at them that's something that they're not equipped to deal with? That's how the idea of Omega came to be. Soldiers can figure things out, but what they've never had to deal with is a young kid. And that completely changes how they relate to one another and changes their perspective on the galaxy... You drop them into a Separatist battlefront and they're going to be fine no matter what. But having to be guardians and be responsible for the upbringing and rearing of a child is something totally different."
Jennifer Corbett, The Bad Batch head writer[src]

Omega was created for the 2021 Disney+ series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. She was first revealed on March 30 of that year in a trailer for the show which gave the character's name in the closed captioning.[22] Her first appearance was in the series premiere, "Aftermath." She is voiced by Michelle Ang.[1]



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