"Ahh, you refer to my…enhancements? Necessary, I'm afraid. My body has worn a way, it seems. This metal exoskeleton is all that keeps my aged bones from collapsing."
―King Ommin[src]

King Ommin's mechanical exoskeleton was a metal armature used by King Ommin, ruler of the planet Onderon. The exoskeleton supported Ommin's entire physical body, having developed the need for it after years of relentless studies into the dark side of the Force withered his bones and decayed his body.



Closeup side-view of Ommin's exoskeleton.

In his youth, Ommin had all the faculties of a normal man, being to move about freely and as he chose. However, as he engrossed himself more and more in the Sith arts, the dark side power began to twist him, and corrupt his flesh. King Ommin's body had over time become decayed and brittle. His bones became weak, and before long he was unable to sustain movement of his limbs and flesh.[2] As a result, Ommin had constructed for himself a durasteel harness to support his physical body. This "metal exoskeleton" was attached to the King from his head to toe, to the tips of each finger even. Because the girth of the machinery rendered it virtually stationary, Ommin was restricted to confinement in his underground lair.[1] From here he would receive reports of the state of affairs above ground, and through his servant Novar, direct the course of battle.[3]

He was not entirely immobile, however. The exoskeleton offered him some movement, such as being able to fully operate his arms and legs, albeit still within the confines of his lair. The exoskeleton also provided the King with amplified measure of strength. He was able to lift Arca Jeth off the ground while holding the Jedi Master by his neck, and then retreated deeper into the caverns with Arca's body. When the exoskeleton was destroyed by Ulic Qel-Droma, King Ommin collapsed to the ground like an Arkanian jellyfish.[1]



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