Omogg was a female Drackmarian warlord. She owned the contract of Nabrun Leids, although he abandoned her.

Dathomir Sabacc

Omogg (left) playing a sabacc game with Han Solo.

Omogg's family had owned Dathomir for years, until it was taken over by Zsinj. In a sly move, Omogg used the deed to Dathomir as collateral in a sabacc game which she lost to Han Solo, leaving him owning the Nightsister-infested planet, which Solo planned to use in a bid for Leia Organa's marriage.

Ta'a Chume's guards captured Omogg after Han Solo abducted Leia Organa to Dathomir. The guards interrogated Omogg by pulling at her breathing helmet, but were stopped by Luke Skywalker, to whom a grateful Omogg revealed Dathomir's name and location through the power of the Force so that Ta'a Chume would not know its name. Unfortunately Ta'a Chume had already obtained that information.

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