"I could really use your skills for a raid we're planning. If you don't join, I declare war. And you'll be the ones to deliver the news to old Ompiach."
―Safonne Pendon, to Denuab and Dorin Venithon[src]

Ompiach was an infamous Nalroni male pirate and the leader of the Hy'thor pirate group[1] by 2 ABY.[2] Operating solely in the[1] Outer Rim's[3] Mieru'kar sector, Ompiach created a leadership council to manage certain affairs in his rigidly hierarchical organization, designing it so that the council would submit to his laws. Even so, many council members were also manipulated by the Ithorian Venithon Twins, Denuab and Dorin, both of whom held considerable sway in the group—and also harbored resentment toward their leader due to his threats and stinginess. When Ompiach sent them to negotiate a treaty with his main rival, the Rodian Safonne Pendon, the Twins were tempted to abandon the Hy'thor pirate group when Pendon offered them more than what Ompiach was paying them. Furthermore, the Rodian threatened a war with Ompiach if they refused to join him.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ompiach was mentioned in the 1995 book Alliance Intelligence Reports, which serves as a supplement to West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Even though the events of Alliance Intelligence Reports are set[1] in 2 ABY,[2] which falls in the Rebellion era,[4] the book also states that Ompiach can be used as a character in roleplaying games set during the New Republic era.[1]

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