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The being only known as Omwat shaman was an Omwati from the Outer Rim world of Omwat. He was the leader of a smuggler gang on the planet Naboo during the Galactic Civil War and was also involved in other crimes.

The shaman and his organization didn't smuggle usual contrabands like spice or weaponry, he smuggled odd ceremonial medicines—Nabooian herbs and organs of local animals. He sold them to savage cultures of the Outer Rim who believed that organs of creatures like the Nabooian tusk cat had mystical medicinal properties.

In 1.5 ABY the portmaster of Kwilaan Starport hired a seasoned strike team to attack a fortified base after his operatives had spotted the shaman entering that location. Later the Royal Naboo Security Forces learned that he had moved from organ smuggling into kidnapping. After he had abducted a child in a rural settlement, the girl's community and the local police forces started an extensive search. Additionally, the Royal Security Force contracted with independent strike teams to assault fortified smuggler lairs associated with the shaman.

Behind the scenes[]

The shaman is mentioned in the missions "Naboo tusk-cat medicine smuggling" and "Girl abducted by Omwat shaman" that are available at Mission Terminals on Naboo in Star Wars Galaxies. In both missions the player has to destroy a small random base and kill several enemy NPCs.