"Ona Querit. The woman you left on Ylesia? Remember?"
―Ona Querit[src]

Ona Querit, also known as The Menace, was a Human female bounty hunter who lived during the time of the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. She was the daughter of Senator Querit and was seduced to leave Coruscant to live a life of adventure among the galaxy's criminal elements by Kaliyo Djannis. Her father didn't freeze her account because he believed she was kidnapped. However, Kaliyo left her on Ylesia, and while on Alderaan she learned to duel. She became the bounty hunter known as the "Menace", and hunted Kaliyo not only for her bounty, but also to show her how strong she became. Kaliyo only knew the Menace was after her and was unaware of Ona's alter ego so she made the bounty hunter a target of Imperial Intelligence.

Cipher Nine and Kaliyo tracked her down to Tatooine and assassinated her.


Ona Querit had used a red and green color set of armor that was similar that of Mandalorian armor commonly used by Mandalorians such as Ironfist. She used an blaster pistol and used weapons equip to her armor that she used against the Imperial agent and Kaliyo Djannis.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the agent player chooses a light side option, he/she can avoid violence by persuading Ona to abandon her quest for vengeance and let Kaliyo go.


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