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"And we are all aware that Onaconda was a flawed man. He knew better than anyone of his own mistakes, but he never compromised his principles, and what he did, he did for his people. Their needs always came first."
Silood, in a eulogy at Onaconda Farr's funeral[src]

Onaconda Farr was a male Rodian politician who served as the Senator of Rodia in the last years of the Galactic Republic. As a representative of Rodia, Farr was devoted to his planet and his people and had their priorities always at the forefront of his policies. During the Clone Wars, a pan-galactic conflict between the Republic and its splinter state, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Farr become a leading promoter of causes to end the war. Farr suffered personal crises throughout the war, and his mistakes in trying to help his people would lead to his death.

Senator Farr served in the Senate during several major crises, including the Invasion of Naboo, the Separatist Crisis, and the Clone Wars. Early into the Clone Wars, Rodia became a target of piracy and as a result faced a supply shortage. Farr accepted Confederate aid on the terms that Rodia leave the Republic and join them. Farr regretted his decision, however, and rejoined the Republic after helping his close friend, Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo, capture Separatist leader and Viceroy of the Trade Federation Nute Gunray. For the remainder of the war, Farr was a staunch loyalist and was noted for his involvement in several attempts to end the conflict. Working alongside other prominent and influential senators such as Bail Prestor Organa of Alderaan, Mon Mothma of Chandrila, and Senator Amidala, Farr fought against the Senate's attempts to further the war.

As the war progressed and the Republic faced a financial crisis, Farr and his allies became major proponents of several peace initiatives aimed at reducing war spending. During the contested and fiery debate about the Republic military enhancement bill, Farr and his allies were the primary opponents to the expensive and warmongering act. While celebrating a speech given by Amidala in opposition to the bill, Farr died of what seemed to be heart failure. A subsequent investigation revealed that his aide, Lolo Purs, had poisoned him in retaliation for his brief decision to side with the Confederacy, which had brought Rodia into the war. Although his and Amidala's attempts to keep the bill from passing failed, Farr was remembered by his colleagues and allies as a devoted, if not troubled, man who did everything he could for his people.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early years[edit | edit source]

Onaconda Farr was a male Rodian,[1] who by 32 BBY,[7] represented Rodia as a senator in the Galactic Senate of the Galactic Republic, and was accompanied by his aides Pa Dua and Tox Don.[8] He was also Ruwee Naberrie's strongest ally in the Galactic Senate, and met Naberrie's daughter, Padmé Amidala, when she was a young girl. At some point he gained the affectionate nickname of "Uncle Ono" from Padmé,[1] and Padmé would eventually become the Queen of Naboo.[8]

The invasion of Naboo[edit | edit source]

During the invasion of Naboo[8] in 32 BBY,[7] Senator Farr and others were present in the Galactic Senate Chamber when Queen Amidala arrived on Coruscant to plead for Republic aid. After several objections to solve the incident immediately, Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum sought to send a special commission to investigate the matter. Queen Amidala, however, committed to ending the conflict on her homeworld as soon as she could, sought a Vote of No Confidence in Valorum's leadership at the behest of Naboo Senator Sheev Palpatine. The vote succeeded, and by the aftermath of the Battle of Naboo Senator Palpatine had won the election and became the new Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.[8]

The Separatist Crisis[edit | edit source]

Farr serving in the Senate.

Farr continued to serve as senator during the Separatist Crisis, and by 22 BBY, he was present with his aides when the Senate agreed to grant Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers, allowing him to establish the Grand Army of the Republic.[5]

The Clone Wars[edit | edit source]

As the Clone Wars erupted into a pan-galactic conflict, Farr was present in the office of the Chancellor when Jabba Desilijic Tiure made contact with the Republic, pleading for aid in finding and rescuing his son, Rotta the Hutt.[9]

Crisis on Rodia[edit | edit source]

"You speak of friendship I have not witnessed of late. Where was the Republic when our supply ships were destroyed by pirates? Where was the Republic as my people starved? We have been stranded out here without any help at all. I know it is not your fault, but my people starve all the same."
―Onaconda Farr, to Padmé Amidala[src]

Early in the war, Senator Farr faced a serious dilemma when Rodia became a target for pirate attacks. Many of Rodia's supply ships were destroyed and ransacked, leaving Rodia with a major supply shortage that crippled the planet. The Republic did nothing to help Rodia during this time, and Farr became willing to accept help from other sources. Rodia's famine led Confederate leader, Viceroy Nute Gunray, to realize that this crisis marked a perfect opportunity to turn Rodia away from the Republic. Gunray reached out to Farr with the promise of sending immediate aid to the starving world, including food, ships, and protection from future pirate attacks. Farr, desperate to gain access to aid for his people, accepted Gunray's offer, including his one condition: capture Senator Amidala and turn her in to the Separatists. On the pretext of asking for Republic aid, Farr contacted Amidala and personally asked her to visit him on Rodia.[1]

Betraying a friend[edit | edit source]
"I'm so sorry, my sweet. I had no choice."
"There's always a choice! To live in fear is no life at all."
―Onaconda Farr and Padme Amidala[src]

Onaconda Farr reluctantly has Senator Amidala arrested.

Senator Amidala, along with Naboo Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks and protocol droid C-3PO, traveled to Rodia to meet with Farr. Amidala met with Farr alone at his palace, guided by the latter's aide, Silood. Amidala greeted Farr in Rodian, and the two shared a warm welcome. Farr expressed his concern that she would not have shown up, but Amidala told Farr that both he and Rodia were important to her, as well as the Republic and that she would not have denied helping him. Farr questioned the Republic's care for Rodia in response, however, pointedly asking where the government was when Rodia's ships were destroyed and people starved. Padme tried to ease Farr by telling him that the Republic would vote to send supplies to Rodia. Farr took this moment to tell her that he had accepted help from Nute Gunray, and explained the benefits he was getting from the deal. Amidala furiously told him that Gunray would only bring the war to Rodia, just as he had to Naboo. Farr dejectedly told Amidala that he had already agreed to do all that he could for his people, and several B1-series battle droids entered the courtyard and surrounded the senator.[1]

Farr activated a hologram of Gunray, who confronted Amidala and gloated in her capture. Amidala managed to briefly contact C-3PO, but the droids gripped her arms and destroyed her comlink before she could alert him. Farr apologized to Amidala and told her that he didn't have a choice. Amidala replied that he always had a choice and tried to appeal to him, but Farr did not answer back. Gunray thanked Farr for his work and told him that he would arrive within the hour to deliver supplies. While a squad of battle droids attempted and failed to capture Binks and C-3PO, Farr led Amidala to prison atop a tower in his palace. As they approached the tower complex, Amidala again tried to appeal to Farr and told him that it was not too late for him to change his mind. Farr again solemnly ignored her pleas. As Amidala was brought inside her cell, Farr lightly protested the battle droid's use of chains. Farr was informed that it was a request from Gunray. As her cell door closed, Amidala asked Farr whether or not his actions would be worth it, and the senator looked away in shame.[1]

Caught between two sides[edit | edit source]
"Sorry, Viceroy, She is right. I am with the Republic. And you are under arrest."
―Onaconda Farr, to Nute Gunray[src]

As Farr prepared to leave the prison, Silood arrived and informed him of Gunray's arrival. Farr asked Silood what had happened with Binks and C-3PO, who has inadvertently escaped their capture and were hiding in the wreckage of Amidala's ship. Silood told Farr that there were no signs of them. Farr was glad that there were no signs of them and assumed they had fled into the jungle. Shortly thereafter, Farr went to a hangar bay to meet Viceroy Gunray as he departed his ship. Farr and his welcoming convoy greeted Gunray and expressed gratitude for coming. Gunray, however, immediately demanded to see Senator Amidala. As Farr, Gunray, and their respective guards left the hangar and started towards the detention tower, Binks and C-3PO were spotted by a battle droid nearby. The droid mistook Binks, who was wearing a cloak, as a Jedi and the frightened Gunray ordered his droids to open fire. Binks managed to slip through a grate into the water below the palace. Gunray ordered that an alarm be sounded and that they find the Jedi. With C-3PO taken away and no sign of Binks, Farr and Gunray resumed their journey to Amidala's cell. Along the way, Farr inquired about when he could expect the supplies he was promised. Gunray informed Farr that his request for supplies would be taken into consideration after Amidala's execution. Farr was shocked by this revelation and tried to reason that because she was a prisoner of war, Amidala could not be executed. He was unable to convince Gunray, and he and Silood stayed back a few meters behind Gunray, where Farr told his aide that Amidala was right and that he had made a terrible mistake. Farr decided that he and his aides had to appease Gunray so as to try and still gain supplies from his deal but secretly hoped the Jedi would arrive to help them.[1]

Farr after Nute Gunray's arrest.

As Farr and Gunray approached the prison tower, one of the droid wardens told them that Amidala had escaped her cell. Binks, who had climbed the tower to free her, was spotted just seconds later along the walkway to the cell chamber. Gunray again ordered his droids to fire on him, but again Binks escaped. Padmé was captured shortly after, as was C-3PO. Unknown to Farr and Gunray, however, was that C-3PO had managed to contact the 41st Elite Corps and request help. Amidala and C-3PO were line up along a wall, and a trio of droidekas rolled out and formed an execution squad. Farr pleaded with Gunray to spare them, but his protests were silenced by the Viceroy. As the droidekas prepared to open fire, Farr noticed Binks in the distance and distracted Gunray by pointing him out. Gunray ordered his droids to fire at Binks, but a Kwazel Maw the Gungan had befriended underneath the palace rose up from the waters and attacked Gunray's forces. The Viceroy ran towards his ship, but the creature destroyed it before he could reach it. Binks and Amidala cornered Gunray, who ordered Farr to kill them. Farr instead aimed his blaster at Gunray. Farr revoked his decision to join the Separatists and confirmed to Amidala and to Gunray that he was loyal to the Republic, and placed Gunray under arrest. Gunray warned Farr that he would pay for what he had done. The Republic forces C-3PO had contacted arrived moments later and took Gunray into custody.[1]

With Gunray under arrest, Farr thanked Binks, who he believed was still a Jedi, for what he had done. Farr, Amidala, and her companions were contacted by Chancellor Palpatine, who told Farr that after the capture of Gunray and the testimony of Amidala, the Republic would send a convoy of supply ships to Rodia immediately. When the Chancellor's transmission ended, Farr turned to Amidala and asked if she could forgive him for his mistakes. Amidala told Farr that it was the Republic who should be thanking him for his loyalty and value as an ally.[1]

Skirmish aboard the Coronet[edit | edit source]

In 21 BBY, Farr attended a Senate meeting and after that he exited almost immediately prior to the Mission to Cato Neimoidia.[10]

Farr and the other Senators were defended by Obi-Wan Kenobi from the probe killers.

Later, he was at Sundari's spaceport and spoke with Senator Kin Robb.[6] Duchess Satine Kryze invited Farr to join her on a voyage on the Coronet. On the Coronet, he was present when Kryze and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi argued over Mandalore's neutrality. At dinner that very night, SD-K4 assassin droids started attacking the cruiser. After hearing the news, the dinner guests and Kryze herself stood up. Jedi General Kenobi defended them. At some point, he fell on the ground. After he got up and they were safe everyone had dinner again. But Kenobi decided to test the guests and see who was responsible for bring the droids aboard. The Jedi had one of the SD-K4a mini-assassin droids in a jar and said it would try to kill everyone except its master. They realized it was Tal Merrik. Merrik immediately flicked the jar and it tried to attack Kryze but Kenobi knocked it to the floor. It then tried to attack Farr but Kenobi destroyed it. Eventually, Merrik was killed by Jedi Knight and General Anakin Skywalker, and the Coronet docked at its station and all of its guests left.[11] After that, he walked down the halls after a Senate meeting.[12]

Held Hostage[edit | edit source]

Eventually, Farr attended Senator Philo's meeting about the Enhanced Privacy Invasion Bill. Unfortunately he become a hostage with other senators by bounty hunters under Cad Bane. When the bounty hunters left the senators with bombs around them, Farr thought they should wait. However, Skywalker knew that it was bad idea. Farr and the others Senators were saved from the explosion after Skywalker made a hole in the floor.[13]

The Peace Initiative[edit | edit source]

When Amidala suggested the Senate discuss attaining peace with the Separatists instead of Senator Gume Saam's Republic financial reform bill, Farr sided with Amidala as the peace initiative began. After Amidala and Separatist Senator Mina Bonteri convinced both sides to engage in peace talks, the Senate convened to vote on the initiative. Farr and the other Senators were voting in the Senate Building when the electricity went out as a result of the bombing of Coruscant's Central power distribution grid, an attack that ended all peace talks.[14] Onaconda was present in a Senate meeting and witnessed Padmé announcing that not all Separatists are evil but all the other senators disagree. After the meeting, he accompanied Padmé and said he was sorry for her disgrace at the Senate. He, Bail Organa and Amidala decide that they should take a loan for more logistic supplies in order to gain some means of fighting the deregulation bill. But however Amidala and Farr learned that not only that the Clan is charging the Republic an extraordinarily high interest rate of 25 percent, which by itself would drain public funds for many of their social programs, but also that they are financing more than three million Separatist battle droids as well.[15]

That night, Farr was beaten up by bounty hunters Robonino and Chata Hyoki and got a broken arm in the incident, but he assures Amidala that no matter what, he'd always vote to reject the bill. Later, he congratulated Amidala on her speech.[15] Later, they lost one vote for no more clone troopers in the Senate. Later, Padmé gave another speech. After that, Farr greeted her.[3]

Death[edit | edit source]

Farr lying dead after being poisoned.

Mon Mothma, Purs, Farr, Organa and Amidala decided to have drinks in honor of the speech. While they were talking a private conversation, Halle Burtoni came in and started saying that for once, Amidala actually made sense. She insisted that it was private and Burtoni asked if it was Separatist conspiracy. Farr then told her to leave and as Burtoni left, she told everyone that the war won't end soon. Mothma said he's doing a great job supporting them. Farr said he's only trying to do what's right and he wished he did that long ago. But Mothma insisted he was doing it now. When Senator Organa did a toast for victory, everyone, except Purs, drank their drinks. However, after Farr drank, he started complaining about his heart while Amidala asked what was wrong. Farr then dropped his drink to the floor and fell down dead. Amidala held Farr while she frantically screamed for help.[3]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Following Farr's death, a funeral ceremony was conducted, and was attended by fellow senators, Jedi Council members, Chancellor Palpatine and Honor Guards. In Silood's eulogy, he mentioned that Farr was a flawed man, but had never compromised his principles and always acted with his people's needs in mind. Following the funeral, Senator Amidala and Purs were summoned to the Chancellor's office and were informed by Lieutenant Tan Divo that Farr was murdered by poison. During the course of Divo's official investigation, and Amidala's covert investigation, it was discovered that Purs was the assassin and was subsequently arrested after a struggle.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Onaconda Farr was first introduced as the senator of Rodia in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, released May 16, 2002 and was portrayed by Zuraya Hamilton, who was also the department coordinator for Attack of the Clones. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series.

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