"But I'd steer clear of that peasant village, if I were you."
―Han Solo[1]

Onacra was a small farming community of about 100 people on Aduba-3. It was not too far from the planet's only starport, Tun Aduban.

Most of the villages on the planet were set up by missionaries teaching the Sacred Way. Onacra was founded by a family that dissented from the missionaries' teachings. While adhering to most of the same beliefs, the citizens of the new village felt that many of the rituals of the religion were outdated.

A few years before the Battle of Yavin, Onacra began to be terrorized by Serji-X Arrogantus and his gang of Cloud-Riders. Once a year, they would stampede the town's banthas, burn its crops, and carry off its women. In 1 BBY, the Cloud-riders even crashed into some dwellings.

Eventually, the villagers worked out a deal with Arrogantus. Rather than fall victim to the Cloud-Rider's pillaging, they offered an annual tithe of 9,000 credits.

This arrangement was obviously still not satisfactory to the villagers, so they decided one year to recruit some help to rid themselves of Arrogantus once and for all. Ramiz was chosen to travel into Tun Aduban and find a champion to protect Onacra. He found Han Solo and Chewbacca, who formed the Eight for Aduba-3. The Eight, with the help of the Behemoth from the World Below, ended the Cloud-Riders' reign of terror forever.


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