Onadax Droid Technologies (ODT) was a company based on the planet Onadax that specialized in creating Human replica droids (HRDs) imbued with the essence and sentience of living beings, using a distinct subform of Ssi-Ruuvi entechment. This specialized form of entechment allowed for the entechment rig to copy a being's sentience, personality, and even conscious completely from one body to a machine; electronically inscribing the data within the machine itself, thereby bypassing the complications of actual life transference. In addition to inscribing regular HRD's, ODT had also started work on new All-Species Replica Droids to replicate other species. The company was run by the HRD recreation of Stanton Rendar, whose creation had been the main goal of the company's founding by Dash Rendar and Guri.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, ODT was responsible for creating the HRD version of Prime Minister Molierre Cundertol. Jedi Knight Jaina Solo traveled to Onadax to investigate the Cundertol replica and tried to persuade Rendar to turn himself into the Galactic Alliance. He responded by unleashing the factory's droids on Solo to cover his escape. The ensuing battle led to the destruction of the factory, but Rendar managed to flee.

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The acronym ODT can stand for both Onadax Droid Technologies or the short story in which it appears, Or Die Trying. There is no way to tell, however, if the reference was intentional.

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