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"Onca, you and your brother have been a legendary team. This challenge may prove difficult with you alone."
―Dooku, to Onca, after Bulduga's death[src]

Onca was a male Ithorian bounty hunter from the planet Ithor in operation during the Clone Wars. He primarily worked with his brother, Bulduga, in their legendary bounty hunting team. Onca and his brother traveled to Serenno to take part in a contest within The Box, though Bulduga never took part in the competition because he was killed by bounty hunter Cad Bane. Onca also perished, but in the second challenge from an electrified laser blade.


Onca and his brother formed a legendary duo throughout their bounty hunting careers.[2] Eventually, their many successes caught the attention of Count Dooku, who invited them to compete with several other bounty hunters in The Box, a death machine that tested the skill and mind of each person who entered it's deadly grasp. The Box was designed by Moralo Eval, a Phindian mastermind who was behind the plot to capture Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The contest was held on Serenno, Count Dooku's homeworld. The five contestants that survived The Box, would win the honor of kidnapping Chancellor Palpatine to use as leverage to free all captured Separatist leaders from the Republic.[2]


Onca, and his brother, Bulduga

Unfortunately, Bulduga did not live to take part in the competition. Another participant, Cad Bane, fancied Bulduga's hat and asked how got it. Bulduga, recognizing the tension of the conversation, responded by drawing out his pistols. He wasn't fast enough. Bane drew his blaster first, shot Buldaga and took his hat while Onca looked on. Onca was not a fool and did not face off against Cad Bane, though he did secretly mourn for his brother.[2]

All contestant were required to give up their weapons before entering The Box. The contestants were herded onto an elevator and escorted by magnaguards into a pristine white chamber that sported square paneling on all sides. As the contestants regarded their surroundings, a panel in the middle of the floor sank, creating a small shaft which released dioxis gas into the room. Onca and the other bounty hunters retreated from the gas, heading toward the outer edges of the chamber. As the gas progressed it's way into the room, several panels began to slowly ascend from the floor, providing platforms for the competitors to perch on above the gas. Despite his sluggish maneuverability, Onca managed to obtain a foothold on one of the rising platforms. Though, as the platforms continued to rise, it became clear that the exit was not up but down. Rako Hardeen, secretly Obi-Wan Kenobi, scouted out the floor of the chamber and discovered that the shaft that released gas into the room had a secret tunnel at it's bottom. Onca was the last to drop down into the gas to follow Hardeen and survived the first challenge.[2]


Onca is impaled by an electrified laser blade in the second test.

The room they entered into from the tunnel was very dark and cubical in shape. A panel, tipped with an electrified laser blade, slid forward across the room and would have impaled Onca if he had not dodged it. Several more panels, also tipped with the same deadly weapon as the first, slid across the room. Onca became suddenly boxed in by several panels and was forced to stand perfectly still as a panel slid towards him. The blade stopped inches short from slicing into Onca's head, much to Onca's relief. Though Onca was caught off guard and impaled through the back by an electrified laser blade that sprouted out of the panel behind him.[2]

The five contestants that escaped The Box in the end were Derrown, Twazzi, Cad Bane, Rako Hardeen and Embo. They went on to kidnap the Chancellor at the Festival of Light on Naboo.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Onca was a naturally slow and not very agile Ithorian with a steadfast and wise attitude. Although Cad Bane killed his brother, Bulduga, for his hat, Onca did not seek vengeance because he knew that he was out matched and would die if he tried.[3]


Unlike Bulduga, Onca prioritized firepower over his brother's more stealthy and quick maneuvers, thus his weapons of choice were a pair of heavy blasters.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Onca's first and only appearance was in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, episode The Box.[3]

Onca and Bulduga are not to be confused with Del and Dob Moomo created by John Jackson Miller.



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