The Onderon Royalists were people and factions on the Inner rim planet of Onderon that supported Queen Talia over her cousin, General Vaklu, during the Onderon Civil War. The exact nature of Royalist sentiment varied. Some favored Talia personally, were loyal to her out of a sense of duty to the reigning monarch, or backed her position of keeping Onderon within the Republic. Terlyn's husband was such a passionate royalist that he attempted to assassinate Vaklu.[1]

Once the Onderon Civil War broke out, the Royalists managed a narrow victory in the Second Battle of Onderon. The Royalist cause emerged victorious thanks to Meetra Surik and some quiet backing from the Galactic Republic and even a surprise ally, the Mandalorians of Onderon's moon, Dxun.[1]

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Terlyn appeared in the 2004[2] roleplaying game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords,[1] developed by Obsidian Entertainment.[2] The game was a sequel to the 2003[3] game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,[4] developed by BioWare[5]

The Royalists are defeated in the Onderon Civil War if Meetra Surik sides with the Onderon separatists, and Onderon secedes from the Republic soon after.

If Surik helps Queen Talia, she either orders Vaklu to be executed on the spot for treason upon his surrender, or spares him to be jailed awaiting trial if Surik convinces her. If left to decide for herself, she will have him shot.

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