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The Onderonian separatists were a group of Onderonians before and during the Onderon Civil War who supported the overthrow of Queen Talia and her subsequent replacement with her cousin, General Vaklu, who allied himself with Darth Nihilus. The informal name for the group comes from their second major goal- for Onderon to secede from the Galactic Republic, which it had been a part of for only fifty years, and return to independence.

The separatists saw their chance to fulfill their goals when General Vaklu pronounced Queen Talia guilty of treason, starting the Onderon Civil War. They were defeated at the Second Battle of Onderon by the Onderon Royalists, commanded by Meetra Surik and supported by the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorians.

Separatist classes[]

Behind the scenes[]

If Meetra Surik chooses to support the separatists, they win the Onderon Civil War and fulfill their goal of overthrowing Talia and seceding from the Republic.



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