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"One-Arm" was the appellation given to the female wampa that Luke Skywalker encountered in the ice cave on Hoth in 3 ABY.


A female[3] wampa[2] resided in the ice cave[4] on her native world Hoth[1] in which Luke Skywalker was taken to after being attacked whilst mounted atop a tauntaun by a [4]male wampa.[3] When Skywalker awoke, he was dangling from the ceiling of the cave. Attempting to gain his bearings, Luke surveyed the cave and noticed the wampa was eating the remains of a tauntaun. Luke used the Force to pull his lightsaber from the ice and cut himself free, and escaped with a facial scar and bruises. In the process, the wampa lost her arm when Skywalker used his weapon to fend it off.[4]

The wampa later became head of a band of other wampas, organizing them into a group capable of attacking the hunters who arrived on the world. They even devised how to stealthily break into Echo Base. When Skywalker returned to Hoth[2] in 12 ABY[5] with Callista Ming, the wampa recognized him, and tried to kill him again. The wampa was slain by Luke in the battle.[2]

The wampa came to be known as "One-Arm."[6]

Behind the scenes[]

The wampa who lost her arm to Luke Skywalker around the time of the Battle of Hoth came to be known as "One-Arm"

While it is often believed that the wampa that attacked Luke when he was riding his tauntaun is the same wampa in the ice cave,[source?] it is not. The book Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy labels the events before and during the Battle of Hoth and clearly describes both a male and female wampa.[3]

In Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, when One-Arm loses her arm, the severed limb appears to be too short to account for her whole arm, which she is shown missing in the very next shot.[4]

The wampa was portrayed in The Empire Strikes Back by Industrial Light & Magic employee Howie Weed.[source?]


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