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"One-Arm"[5] was the appellation given to the wampa that Luke Skywalker encountered in the ice cave on Hoth in 3 ABY.



One-Arm after losing her arm

This wampa may have been the mate of the wampa that attacked Luke Skywalker earlier. When Luke awoke, he was dangling from the ceiling of the ice cave. Attempting to gain his bearings, Luke surveyed the cave and noticed the wampa was eating the remains of a Tauntaun, more than likely his own. Luke used the Force to pull his lightsaber from the ice and cut himself free, and escaped with a facial scar and bruises, while the wampa had lost her arm.

The wampa appeared to be sentient, as in the succeeding years she became head of a band of other wampas, organizing them into a group capable of attacking the hunters who arrived on the world, even devising how to stealthily break into Echo Base. When Skywalker returned to Hoth in 12 ABY with Callista Ming, the wampa recognized him, and tried to kill him again. The wampa was slain by Luke in the battle.

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While it is often believed that the wampa that attacked Luke when he was riding his tauntaun is the same wampa in the ice cave, it is not. The book Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy labels the events before and during the Battle of Hoth and clearly describes both a male and female wampa.

When One-Arm loses her arm, the severed limb appears to be too short to account for the whole arm, which she is shown missing in the very next shot.

She was portrayed by ILM employee Howie Weed in The Empire Strikes Back.


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