"One Battle" was a short story in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 3 featuring Plo Koon in a battle.

Plot summaryEdit

On the planet of Aridka,[1] nine clone troopers are the remainder of their force. A weakening force field is all that protects them from an army of thousands of battle droids. As the force field breaks, the droid army immediately marches in and demands surrender. The clones choose to go out fighting, and their resilience pays off when a smoking Republic gunship drops out of the air. Plo Koon jumps out, and although the clones cannot understand him, they comprehend enough to shoot a rope at a massive Separatist weapon, providing a small bridge for the Jedi Master. Koon, effortlessly wielding his lightsaber, quickly destroys the machine, and the remainder of the Separatist forces. As he leaves, he drops one last comment, which the clones understand: "One battle, one Jedi."


Behind the scenesEdit

Though the planet on which this story takes place was left unnamed in the comic, Star Wars: The Comics Companion identified it as Aridka in 2006.

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