"Warning! Illegal cargo located on one of the freighters."
Outpost D-34 to Imperial starfighters.[src]

Onece 3 was one of five BFF-1 bulk freighters in the Onece flight group. Along with the other ships in the flight group, attempted to pass Imperial Outpost D-34 in the Anoat sector. It claimed it was carrying foodstuffs just as the other ships were. However it was inspected by Maarek Stele who managed to identify its cargo of smuggling Rebel fugitives fleeing Hoth following the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth. Maarek Stele then attacked the freighter reducing the ship's shields to minimum, allowing transport Sigma to disable and capture the freighter. Despite Rebel intervention in the form of shuttles the freighter was successfully captured and sent to an Imperial shipyard. The rest of the ships were allowed to pass and they entered hyperspace bound for parts unknown.



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