Ongree were vaguely-humanoid amphibious beings native to the planet Skustell in the Skustell Cluster.

Biology and appearance


Pablo-Jill, an Ongree Jedi.

The Ongree were characterized by yellowish or brownish skin and elongated, tapering heads. Two flexible eyestalks protruded from either side of an Ongree's head, allowing them to see an object from many angles.

Their fanged, lipless mouths were located above four nostrils and above their other facial features (giving them an "upside-down" facial appearance), and they had two thick fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand. Despite the apparent lack of dexterity inherent in their makeup, Ongree were nevertheless able to hold even small objects with ease. Their natural agility was belied by their humpbacked, awkward appearances.

Society and culture

The Ongree were commonly seen as a diplomatic, measured species. This opinion was fostered by the arrangement of their eyestalks; since Ongree could see an object from multiple angles, it was thought that this ability gave the species a particular mindset, allowing them to examine a situation from all possible perspectives. It was believed that their literal and figurative outlooks were linked by a psychological trait.

Ongree in the galaxy

Many members of the species were adept negotiators, diplomats, and politicians, though this characteristic was also exploited for less wholesome activities, and some were known to consort with crime lords and gangsters. While Jedi Masters Pablo-Jill and Coleman Kcaj were prime examples of the former, the corrupt Uscru Entertainment District Mayor Acros-Krik turned his attention to more criminal opportunities. During the Cold War, there was a cult of Ongree who worshiped Revan on Nar Shaddaa, to which Azraj-Nug belonged.



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