Onjo Fegel was an Imperial Intelligence officer during the Galactic Empire's reign. A muscular young man from the planet Tuttin IV, he was a talented kloo horn player and a member of one of the best amateur b'ssa nuuvu bands.


Fegel was a graduate of the Imperial Academy with a concentration in Intelligence, which allowed him to meet Governor Shran Etison, who shared his love for b'ssa nuuvu music.

On a mission to Six Local Systems, Fegel joined the band Far Cry, in an effort to try and ferret out the Rebel Alliance team aiding the accused spy Keth Beamis on Beltrix III. Upon arriving on Beltrix III, Fegel quit the band and set out on an attempt to catch the Holstrum Talent Agency in the act of aiding the Alliance, which in turn would garner him a posting in the Core Worlds. However, Fegel was unaware that Ryley Ancum had already sent a secret message to Beltrix III, warning the local cell of an Imperial presence; Fegel failed to uncover anything and was sent back to his homeworld without a promotion.



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